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Principles of Sufism

Nahid Angha, Ph.D. The pursuit of happiness and peace is a universal quest. We have been seeking “happiness” throughout the duration of our history; we analyze and describe what constitutes happiness and peace through philosophy, science, psychology and religion. Motivational talks have mesmerized us; selfhealing practices have opened doors of

The Pursuit of Happiness and Peace The Mirror of your own Heart possibilities; and soul-searching reflections have helped us to overcome what is undesirable. Yet, in the world governed by technology, where “feeling better” is sought in consumption of more goods, and richness is defined in the language of material possession, somehow we are not happier, more at peace, or less lonely than past generations. Technology has helped us connect to the world, and advancements in science and medicine have given us unprecedented possibilities; yet, such globalization, somehow, has not offered us leisure time, hope for the health and survival of our communities, our cultures, our traditions and our planet. The face of technology is becoming more familiar than recognizing the face of our human neighbor. Somehow, the great gift of the universe within is overshadowed by the world of material accumulation; somehow the


Sufism: An Inquiry Vol XVI, No. 2

an Inner Journey to Eternity

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol16.2  

A journal for people of the heart.

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