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2012 - 2013 CALENDAR Save the Dates!

December 1

Name of State Member of the Year Recipient due to National 2 Name of Entrepreneur of the Year Recipient due to National 25 Merry Christmas

January 1 Happy New Year 1 State Member of the Year & Entrepreneur of the year to National

15 Meetings & Programs Announced to All Members 23-27 WCR/FAR Renaissance , Orlando, FL

April 9&10 Great American Realtor Days Tallahassee, FL

May 15-19 National Mid-Year Conference, DC August 2-4 Leadership Academy Chicago, IL 14-18 WCR/FR Convention Orlando, FL November 6-11 National Convention SanFrancisco, CA EVENTS, ARTICLES & INFORMATION FOR THE NEWSLETTER CONTACT:

Hello Women’s Council Members, As I traveled the state this year and attended our Florida Women’s Council District Conferences I was amazed at the talent of our members and their generosity to share their knowledge. We support and mentor each other and we continue to grow and I am so happy and proud to be a part of our Council. Our November Convention had so much to offer, starting with our Meet & Greet. We had so many opportunities to network with members from all over the country. The education was in abundance and the Installation of Anita Davis our 2013 National Women’s Council President was really nice. The Social Media session was great as we heard from Kristina Wise a Broker in Austin Texas that took us through using our Ipad to do a complete Listing Agreement and Sales Contract with no need to print any paper, as well as gave us all the apps needed to do this and some extra apps! I especially want to remind you that our Chapters can now have a free website through National Women’s Council. If your Chapter currently has a website you can also have one with National and link the two together. Visit for more details. Also, Congratulations to all of our members who were presented their PMN Certification! It is truly rewarding seeing our members continue to get education to further their profession. This year has been a year of change and growth for our State Chapter. We’ve learned a lot and we continue to grow. I would like to thank all of you for your participation in your Chapter’s, in the State Chapter and at National Women’s Council. Thank you to all of our Local Chapter President’s, District Vice President’s, Governor’s, Committee Chairs, Strategic Forums & Task Forces and everyone serving. Also, Thank You to Kim Slade for putting together our Newsletter this year. A very special Thank You to the Leadership Team, Amy Worth-Paul, Penny Ericksen, Pamela Banks and Audrey Lackie in making this year a smooth transition for our Members and for all you do! Congratulations to all of our 2013 Leaders! We look forward to your Leadership! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Warm regards,


Please submit articles by the 15 of each month, in a Word document (if possible) and Arial font

Women’s Council President, Diane McCombs

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Beware, Tech Dinosaurs “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.� Tim O'Reilly (b. 1954) CEO O'Reilly Media & supporter of the free software and open source movements

Tech in real estate is an interesting mix of innovation and resistance to change. On one hand, a wide array of apps, SMS systems, and social platforms seem to be on the cutting edge of disruptive new models in real estate. On the other, some real estate pundits claim that new media and mobile technology can never adequately replace the "belly to belly" business of selling homes. It's true that rapidly changing technology can be a distraction. You can waste a lot of time chasing the newest real estate gadget or platform while neglecting the basics of sensible client service and traditional business acumen.

But adopting the opposite stance is perhaps more dangerous. Loudly and proudly announcing your resistance to tech and/or maintaining that you don't need to update your methods and systems can no longer pass. The only agents with the luxury of decrying changes in real estate tech are those who will be retiring in the next few years. As for the rest of us? There's no hiding behind "I'm not that tech savvy." Here's the thing: Your client base is going to be increasingly fluent in tech. New platforms for communication aren't going to be supplemental for them-- they'll be the norm. It won't be long until a greater percentage of your tech-fluent prospects will quickly be able to whiff out that you're a tech dinosaur. When they do? They'll move on. It's not that they think Facebook or a new Android app will be the key to selling their home. It's that they'll see your mindset as inflexible and unaware of what's current. It nothing else, from a marketing and professional image perspective, you cannot afford to fly your anti-tech banner. This doesn't mean you have to adopt every new flashing light that comes along. In face, there's real wisdom in honing your focus to a small, flexible suite of new tools that work and regularly evaluating your choices. But if you think "I'm not that tech-focused!" is an acceptable excuse, your future in real estate is going to be increasingly difficult. Ask yourself: What are you really resisting? Is it fear of making mistakes? Do you think the world will one day abandon these devices that are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives? Do you have the sense you'll just "never catch up"? Does your ego prevent you from learning from your competitors? Just pick one area and begin learning. Experiment. You don't have to adopt it all at once. Remember: When the trusty ship you've sailed on for years sinks, "I'm not that great with water!" won't save you. Start swimming.

Handy YouTube Shortcuts Did you know that you can use your keyboard to control how YouTube videos play in your browser? It's true. There are lots of shortcuts you can use to skip, pause, play, and scan through a video. Once you've selected the video you want to watch (and usually this means clicking on the "Seek Bar" below the video that controls the playback), you can use all of these shortcuts to navigate the video:  Left / Right arrow: Jump back / ahead 5 seconds in the current video

   

Home / End: Seek to the beginning / last seconds of the video Spacebar: Play / Pause Numbers 1 to 9: Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video Number 0: Seek to the beginning of the video There are others, too, plus information available on how to disable these features on your own videos if you don't want visitors to be able to use these shortcuts. For a more detailed look at YouTube shortcuts, check out this article on the website "Make Use Of":

LEARNING FROM THE LOW-BALL OFFER Is a low-ball offer a good chance to see things with fresh eyes? The low-ball offer is hardly uncommon, especially with the number of all-cash "let's make a deal" buyers who feel that a "bad news economy" gives them purchasing leverage in any market. Now, obviously you have an obligation to present all offers. And yes, your seller might be insulted at first, but a low-ball offer is a good time to reflect on the listing, your buyer, and possibly see things with fresh eyes. Here are a handful of things to consider: 1. What's your seller's position? Are they facing foreclosure? Are they facing other personal or professional deadlines? 2. Are there any cosmetic or physical reasons the listing might be encouraging low-ball offers? Is this a wake-up call? 3. How close do you think the offer is to a likely appraisal? Will the appraisal strengthen or weaken your negotiating position? 4. Do you think the buyer is legitimately open to negotiation, or is this a "see if it sticks" pitch? Are they serious buyers? 5. Are there recent comps which suggest this "low-ball" isn't as low as it seems? How confident are you of the pricing? 6. Finally (and most importantly): Is this low-ball offer a great opportunity to have a difficult conversation with your seller regarding any/all the above issues?

THE CHRISTMAS CLOSING ‘Twas an hour before closing and the agents were tense, To close Christmas Eve just didn’t make sense. But the seller was booked on the 6 o’clock flight and had warned “THERE WILL BE A CLOSING TONIGHT!” The agents agreed because business was dead, And visions of commission checks danced in their heads. The loan was approved by the lender’s good grace, Everyone knew ’twas a borderline case.

The buyers divorced, remarried again, Divorced once more, and now were just friends. The loan package complete to the closer was carried, With instructions to close before they remarried. The title policy arrived via UPS, From page One through Sixteen, a terrible MESS! An improper legal, 3 judgments, a lien, But a few lines on page seven, looked pretty clean. The title was cleared and the closing was set, But to finish today was not a sure bet. The closer dashed in waving her HUD, It was covered with whiteout, coffee and crud. But down in the corner you barely could see, That the buyer still owed a buck thirty-three. So the closer extracted a bill from her compact, And the agents agreed to the rest on the contract. To add some interest, the seller revealed, To everyone’s horror – the well wasn’t sealed. And, oh yes, he wanted to change the disclosure, His mother just died of RADON EXPOSURE! Everything else in his house was O.K. (His cracked floors and walls were always that way) About that time the buyer chimed in, “We’d like to continue, but before we begin, I noticed these papers – I’m likely to blame, But I gave my agents the wrong legal name, And one more thing I had hoped to avoid, Does it really matter if I’m self-employed?” About this time the closer exploded. She pulled out a gun and said it was loaded. Everyone froze and sat there amazed, She frothed at the mouth and her eyes were both glazed. More rapid than eagles, her curses they came; She bristled and spouted and called them BAD names. “THE CLOSING IS OFF, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL NOW GET OUT OF HERE!” From “MY FAMILY” to yours, may you have a safe, Holiday Season, with family and friends! Oh, and don’t let me forget a prosperous, New Year, too!


Special thanks to our Strategic Business Affiliates for their generous support OUR 2012 FLORIDA STATE CHAPTER WOMEN'S COUNCIL OF REALTORS SPONSORS:

Refer to them often! PLATINUM: HomeTeam Inspection Service, North American Title Company, Two Men and a Truck & Wells Fargo Home Mortgage SILVER: Audrey Lackie/Watson Realty, Jacksonville Chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors, Arrow/Hughes Pest Control, Gia and Scott Arvin/Matchmaker Realty, Naples-on-the Gulf Chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors, Anita Colletti/John R Wood Realtor, Housemaster Home Inspection, The Russell Hampton Company

If you or someone you know would like to become a Florida State Sponsor please contact Penny Ericksen -

Mission of Women’s Council of Realtors We are a network of successful REALTORS® empowering women to exercise their potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Vision of Women’s Council of Realtors

Through our influence as successful business professionals, women will effect positive change in the profession and in the broader community.

2012 Women’s Council of Realtors Line Officers



Penny Ericksen



Pamela Banks

Audrey Lackie

REMINDER: Check to make sure your information is correct on the website Log onto often to stay updated on what is going on in other Chapters in Florida.

Newsletter compiled, edited and formatted by Kimberlie Slade, Venice Chapter & Governor District V & XIII

Women's Council of Realtors - 2012 Holiday Edition Florida Communicator  

Women's Council of Realtors - 2012 Holiday Edition Florida Communicator

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