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to close its enrollment gap, and the

As part of Glenbard South’s

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work, to increase the number of

outreach plan, Coughlin and her

students and staff.”

under-represented students enrolled

team looked at student data and

in AP classes in all four high schools,

then selected students to recruit.


“We spoke with students and had

Last year, Glenbard South was one of seven high schools in Illinois

them explore AP courses they were interested in and had them enroll,” Coughlin said. “As part of our outreach programming to support students, we conducted team-building OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Roger L. Eddy, Executive Director Benjamin S. Schwarm, Deputy Executive Director Meetings Management Carla S. Bolt, Director Office of General Counsel Kimberly Small, General Counsel Maryam Brotine, Assistant General Counsel Debra Jacobson, Assistant General Counsel Executive Searches Thomas Leahy, Director Jim Helton, Consultant Dave Love, Consultant Alan Molby, Consultant Catherine Finger, Consultant ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Jennifer Feld, Associate Executive Director/ Chief Financial Officer ADVOCACY/GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS Benjamin S. Schwarm, Deputy Executive Director Deanna L. Sullivan, Director Susan Hilton, Director Zach Messersmith, Director Shanell Bowden, Assistant Director

BOARD DEVELOPMENT Dean Langdon, Associate Executive Director Sandra Kwasa, Director Nesa Brauer, Trainer Angie Peifer, Consultant COMMUNICATIONS/ PRODUCTION SERVICES Kara Kienzler, Associate Executive Director Gary W. Adkins, Director/Editorial Services Jennifer Nelson, Director/Information Services Theresa Kelly Gegen, Director/Editorial Services Heath Hendren, Assistant Director/Communications Katie Grant, Assistant Director/Production Services FIELD SERVICES/POLICY SERVICES Cathy A. Talbert, Associate Executive Director Field Services Larry Dirks, Director Perry Hill IV, Director Laura Martinez, Director Dee Molinare, Director Reatha Owen, Director Patrick Rice, Director Policy Services Ken Carter, Consultant Boyd Fergurson, Consultant Angie Powell, Consultant Brian Zumpf, Consultant

activities to be sure students had a sense of belonging and belief in themselves.” The following are additional outreach activities that proved successful: • A P student break fast or lunch with an exit slip indicating which AP class students are interested in • AP night for families • Letter mailed home with a recommendation for an AP course • College night for minority students and families • College visits for minority students In September 2016, the White House and U.S. Department of Education recognized Glenbard District 87 for committing to closing the enrollment gap in AP courses. Glenbard South was honored for being among the less than 1 percent of high schools nationally that have closed their Advanced Placement enrollment gap. We are proud of how our instructors have changed the life trajectories of hundreds of students by intention-

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ally setting a goal to close the enrollment gap in AP courses by race and income.


The Illinois School Board Journal, March/April 2018  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.

The Illinois School Board Journal, March/April 2018  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.