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• Establish a systematic and

chronic behavior problems. The tech-

ongoing race relations pro-

niques listed here will aid in reducing

gram for students, staff, par-

undesirable student behaviors.

ents /guardians, and at times the community at large.

• Establish appropriate academic assignments for students. • Create a drop-in time-out area for


students with behavioral prob-

areas to be available and identify students in need of counseling. • Interface the social worker’s efforts and knowledge with the information base in school and with other school personnel and resources.

A counseling program that meets

lems so they can be proactive in

• Utilize the school psychologist

the needs of the student population

avoiding unacceptable behavior.

to help identify the causes for

can prevent many undesirable behav-

• Encourage students to partake

unacceptable student behaviors

iors from initially occurring. Further,

in extracurricular activities and

and possible corrective actions.

an effective counseling program coor-

give them follow-up support.

dinates services to address causes for

• Establish a peer support group or

munity mental health agencies.

unacceptable student behaviors and

“buddy” system for students with

• Work with special education

coordinates interventions to elimi-

potential behavioral problems.

• Develop partnerships with com-

staff to conduct a “Functional

nate these behaviors. This is espe-

• Utilize “walking” or “roving”

Behavioral Assessment” (FBA)

cially important for students with

counselors in non-classroom

analysis to hone in on what behaviors are specifically interfering with the student’s school performance. In conclusion Being proactive and preventive regarding what might go wrong, before it goes wrong, is paramount

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to effective discipline — on both an

The IASB executive searches department is just one component of the IASB team that provides services to your district every week, every year of your term as a board member. The IASB team continues to support your district long after the search is completed. Field services, policy services, board development, and communications provide you year-round services.

student s from misbehav ior, as

individual student and group basis. It is important school personnel view effective discipline as preventing opposed to using the number of students caught misbehaving as the measure of effectiveness. Safe and orderliness are keystones to effective schools. These factors need to be at the forefront as school personnel address Senate Bill 100. Lastly, it is paramount that school personnel establishing positive relationships and truly caring about each student as a human being.

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November/December 2016 THE ILLINOIS

This article is based in part on previous work presented in Urban Education, Strategies for Reducing Suspension. Volume 24, Number 2, p.p. 163-176, July 1989.


The Illinois School Board Journal, January/February 2017  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.

The Illinois School Board Journal, January/February 2017  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.