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• The Response to Intervention

st akeholders in ways in which

their actions, to assure students’

(RtI) behavioral component is

they are likely to be supportive, as

constitutional and civil rights

research based, and staff are well

opposed to being critics, of the dis-

are met.)

trained in how to implement it.

cipline program. The techniques

• Employ school personnel rep-

• An ongoing staff development

listed here will aid in the reduction

resentative of the diversity of

on student misbehaviors.

the student body in all job

program is established in the areas of effective classroom

• Make sure the student handbook

management techniques and

(code of conduct) is written in

• Have an information technolo-

effective school practices.

language easy to understand and

gy system that provides specif-

gives examples.

ic data on suspensions by race,

• All staff development training


grade, gender, source of referral, length of time, and other variables that will help profile

“Paramount to the principal’s responsibility is a human relations approach that informs and involves stakeholders in ways in which they are likely to be supportive ...”

suspension problems. • Coordinate the services of the counselor, school psychologist, and social worker to identify and treat possible home problems that contribute to behavioral problems at school. • Work with the police and other

is permeated with the theme of

• Be certain that all personnel

public agencies to gain insights

being sensitive to the unique indi-

and students have easy access

into how to minimize gang activ-

vidual differences of children.

to the student handbook (hard

ity at school, while also noting

• Staff development training is

and electronic copies). Stress

which students are going to,

established that addresses the

to everyone the importance of

and returning from, school in

needs of at-risk students and

understanding its content.

groups and the groups in which

includes solutions that will help

• Furnish parents/guardians with a copy of the student handbook,

• Establish a preventative coun-

• Staff development takes place

and communicate to the media,

seling program with the guid-

annually for all building personnel

in a positive manner, the pur-

ance and counseling staff to

to review the student handbook

pose, intent, and content of the

work pro-actively to reduce the

and effective practices for prevent-

document. (Parent/guardian

negative behaviors of problem

ing undesirable student behavior.

needs to sign off regarding receiv-

students. (It may be helpful to

ing the student handbook.)

include the school psychologist.)

meet these needs.

• Use social media if it is deemed

• Establish a tutorial program for

as an effective means to commu-

students with academic needs

nicate with parents/guardians,

along with a program designed

managing all aspects of the school’s

students, and the general public.

to augment their coping abilities

discipline program and being able

• Make sure the student handbook

to see the “big picture” of its effec-

includes proper due process for

• Establish a study and academic

tiveness and areas for needed adjust-

students and protects their con-

skills center where students can

ments. Paramount to the principal’s

stitutional and civil rights. (Also

receive individual assistance

responsibility is a human relations

stress to all school employees

during the school day and after

approach that informs and involves

their responsibilities, through


Administration and human relations Principals are responsible for


they travel.

in school.


The Illinois School Board Journal, January/February 2017  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.

The Illinois School Board Journal, January/February 2017  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.