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n the last issue of The Illinois

active shooter … you are more likely

change how communities work

School Board Journal, we fea-

to have an active shooter event. And

together.” Explore Harwood’s “The

tured several takes on school safety

if you have one, your response will

Ripple Effect: How change spreads

and security, from the practical and

probably be worse than if you focus

in communities,” starting on page 6.

personal perspectives of climate and

more broadly.”

Leaning a little more towards

culture, facilities, and safety plans.

Dorn said, “School has to be a

practical, Illinois ASBO has devel-

This was in anticipation of the new

harmonious balance between the data

oped a professional development

School Safety and Security Seminar,

that we give you, and the heartfelt

designation program for school dis-

held prior to the 2016 Joint Annual

passion that you bring to your work.”

trict facilities professionals. Learn

Many moments at the 2016 Joint

more starting on page 25 with “Safe,

Placing an exclamation mark to

Annual Conference evidenced the

clean, functional, and beyond” by

that vital information was Michael

heartfelt passion that school board

Ken Roiland, director of buildings

Dorn, the final keynote speaker at

members have for their service to

and grounds for Woodstock Commu-

the Conference. Dorn is executive

public education. This issue of the

nity Unit School District 200.

director of Safe Havens International,

Journal features a review of the

Speaking of practical, planning

a non-profit campus safety organiza-

Conference and a scrapbook from

has begun for the 2017 Joint Annual

tion that offers planning and training

this year’s event. Our Conference

Conference, which will take place

for a wide range of school crisis situa-

photographer, Robert Levy, reached

November 17-19, 2017 in Chicago.

tions. His presentation – practical yet

new heights in capturing the prac-

Mark your calendars now, and let us

personal; alarming yet hopeful – told

tical and personal aspects of Con-

know what you would like to see at

that the public perception of school

ference. Many thanks to Bob for his

your Conference.

safety is “out of whack” from where

excellent work.


we really are. Despite increased risks

This Journal also offers a fol-

in some areas, school leaders and law

low-up to our previous work on new

enforcement have made enormous

directions in student discipline.

progress in keeping students and

David E. Bartz, professor emeritus

staff safe. He exhorted his listeners

in the Department of Educational

to take an “all-hazards” approach, and

Leadership at Eastern Illinois Univer-

to frame the school safety discussion

sity, offers ideas both personal and

based on likelihood of events, rather

practical in “Strategies for reducing

than magnitude of outcomes.

suspensions,” starting on page 20.

“It is extremely important that

We also offer perspective on

we focus much broader than cata-

community engagement from Rich

strophic, frightening, but extraor-

Harwood, founder of the Harwood

dinarily rare events,” Dorn advised.

Institute, a “nonpartisan, indepen-

“Be mindful of events that are more

dent nonprofit that teaches, coaches

likely to happen on your campus. …

and inspires people and organiza-

If you focus your efforts largely on

tions to solve pressing problems and

— Theresa Kelly Gegen, Editor

The Illinois School Board Journal, January/February 2017  

A bimonthly magazine for public school board members and administrators highlighting issues in education.

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