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HIS & HERS FRAGRANCES Woody/spicy: warm, often with cool overtones, and natural

Classic floral: soft, sometimes fresh, usually feminine


Fragrance Notes Decoded Have you ever read a perfume description and been puzzled by some of the terminology? This glossary can help you understand what they’re talking about.

01 FLORA BY GUCCI 110016 This new fragrance is rooted in a floral olfactory world, yet its unique construction offers something unusual and compelling. The complexity of this fragrance begins at its core, which is composed of both Rose and Osmanthus flower. The result, sensual and sophisticated, offers an unconventional signature that differentiates it from most florals. Atomizador EDT Spray 50ml. Retail Price* US $65


Note: A component of a fragrance’s formula. Notes are classified according to their volatility as top, middle or bottom notes (see below). Notes are also sometimes categorized as floral, fresh/green, oriental, woody or fougêre (a combination of all the others). A fragrance may be composed of an incredibly complex “harmony” of notes, or just a few, or — as in the case of essential oils — one single note. Top Note: The first scent perceived upon application, and for about ten minutes thereafter. Usually fresh or sharp in nature, its small, light molecules evaporate quickly. Head Note: The same as Top Note. Middle Note: The aroma that emerges after the top notes dissipate. It predominates for about half an hour. Middle notes are typically full, warm and soft; many florals fall into this category. Heart: Another name for Middle Note.


120119 Gucci by GUCCI Pour Homme is the new signature for the modern male icon – sensual, elegant and masculine. A modernized woody chypre with a smooth, crisp freshness in the top note and a unique heart that intensifies the scent with warm incense and a leathery accord, Gucci by GUCCI Pour Homme culminates both vision and tradition. EDT Spray 50ml. Retail Price* US $55


Base Note: The last fragrance to be noticed, from half an hour to one hour after the initial application. With the slowest evaporation rate, these rich and deep notes — like musk — can be unpleasant when first exposed to air and therefore are purposely masked by the middle notes until they mellow into their true character. Accord: A cocktail of notes that is perceived as a single note. For example, natural amber does not have a scent; what perfumers call amber could include a dozen different natural and synthetic compounds.

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