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Don’t Let Your Direct Mail Promotions Fall into that Junk Mail Pile Use the Power of Properly Planned, Targeted, Executed and Tracked Direct Marketing to Generate Leads True direct marketers will tell you and prove to you that there is no better media to specifically target your ideal audience within a 20-mile radius of your office than Direct Mail. Think about it, homeowners go to their mailbox an average of 6 times a week. The odds are that you will only have to compete with 3 to 5 other messages and offers on any given day that your mail arrives at their home. In comparison, with Radio, TV, social media, and the Internet, you compete with hundreds of ads, messages, and offers that bombard your audience all at one time. Those also don’t have the ability to really target certain demographics that are available on very sophisticated mailing lists. Yes, I mention the word sophisticated because the abundance of information that is now available at the homeowner level is daunting. The Internet has generated an enormous amount of data that is being willingly entered into sites by millions of people on a daily basis. The data companies now have better access than ever to valuable demographic details that will help you reach your ideal audience. Now, about the junk mail topic of this article... with all that being said above, you now also have to “sophisticate” your message and the mail packaging. Those are two critical components to generate the maximum response. You have 6 seconds to get your audiences’ attention and it starts with the look and feel of your envelope and letter. Notice I didn’t say postcard or flyer, I will explain why later. Your package better have impact and relevance or it’s going in the trash immediately because it will be perceived as the proverbial ”junk mail”. Let me explain my “3 pile theory.” When all of us sort our mail at home on the kitchen counter, on the sofa or at a desk, we first separate the bills, invoices, and notices to stack them in the 1st pile. Then, we separate all of the shiny, slick, advertising flyers, postcards, and coupons The Register | September-October 2017

to stack them in a 2nd pile, the junk mail pile. Finally, we notice those pieces that look different, personalized, intriguing, interesting, relevant, but don’t really reveal much until we open them. That is the 3rd pile, the more sophisticated pile that you want your mailing to land on. That is the pile that will get the most attention because it stood out and caused further interest. There are several tested and proven techniques that you can use to create that type of package. The printing industry today has converted to digital technology so there are amazing things you can do now to generate action and involvement with the looks, message and your offer. Oh yeah, about your offer, it better be relevant and valuable to

your audience. If it makes sense they will respond favorably. If not, you will find out within days of your mail hitting the homes — crickets!! So when all combined, the list quality, the overall look and feel of the envelope and letter, the messaging and the offer have to be aligned to create favorable outcomes and maximize your response. Easier said than done right? Here is your huge advantage... very few in your industry even take the time to contract or use those techniques and resources. Instead they fall victims to saving a few pennies by using printers or mail houses that are not experienced in direct marketing Page 11

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It is hard to believe there are only four months left in this year. Already we are well underway with the collegiate 2018 National Financial...

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