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Nick Royer, RFC® Taking Financial Planning Into the Future

Our editorial theme for this issue of the Register is the Future of the Industry. It features Nick Royer, of Group 10 Financial — an RFC® and IARFC Board Director. Nick is poised to continue a successful long-term family business while embracing the changes that come with an ever evolving industry. In his interview, Nick relates how a trip to Hawaii changed his early career perspective and what he considers are the keys to his success. Page 12

Sharing a Practice… I learned the value of a dollar at the early age of eight. Each Saturday, I would walk into a financial planning office with a can of Pledge and an old sock. I would go room-to-room and clean off the desks until they were perfect. Then, I would go to all of the mirrors and clean them until they were streak-free. Eventually, I moved up the employment ladder, which landed me in the file room. Now, my Saturdays were spent filing

hundreds of documents from work that had been completed from the prior week. I started noticing right away something pretty spectacular. There were a lot of last names that were the same. When I asked about it, I learned that these families were all clients of the firm. The parents were clients, and now their children and other family members were clients as well. This business had become one big family of families, and my father, Jerry Royer, RFC® The Register | July-August 2014

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Taking Financial Planning Into the Future cover story Nicholas Royer

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