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Titanium Niobium FA is an innovative new arch wire designed for precision, tooth-to-tooth finishing. The unique metallurgical properties of Titanium Niobium FA make it the most precise intra oral detailing option available today. At 80% of the stiffness of TMA, it is perfect for holding bends, yet light enough not to over ride the arch-to-arch relationship that you work so hard to achieve. It is recommended for use with finishing elastics and even though it feels soft and pliable, it possesses a resiliency after bending that is equal to stainless steel. Esthetic Arch Wires There are two types of Esthetic Arch Wires: Coated and Composite. Coated Archwires These are stainless steel/NiTi Wires coated with Teflon/4META/Tooth colored epoxy resins (Figure 6a and 6b). Composite Archwires Optiflex:31 A composite structure formed by top-coating optical glass fibers which are pure silicon dioxide with a hot melt adhesive

and a nylon skin. The result is a 17 mil wire with an 8 mil glass core. Optiflex is a new orthodontic archwire that is: 1. Made of clear optical fiber, it comprises three layers. 2. A silicon dioxide core that provides the force for moving teeth. 3. A silicon resin middle layer that protects the core from moisture and adds strength. 4. A strain-resistant nylon outer layer that prevents damage to the wire and further increases its strength. The wire can be either round or rectangular and is manufactured in various sizes. Its mechanical properties include a wide range of action and the ability to apply light, continuous force. Sharp bends must be avoided, since they could fracture the core. Otherwise, optiflex has practically no deformation. It is a highly resilient arch wire that is especially effective in the alignment of crowded teeth and has excellent esthetics. Marsenol: Tooth colored nickel titanium wire manufactured by glenroe technologies.It is E.T.E. coated nickel titanium. (Elastomeric poly tetra flor ethylene emulsion). Marsenol exhibits all same working characteristics of an uncoated super elastic nickel titanium wire. Lee white wire: These are Stainless steel or nickel titanium archwire bonded to tooth colored epoxy coating. Organic polymer retainer wire It is made from 1.6mm diameter round polytheline terephthalate. This material can be bent with a plier, but will return to its original shape if it is not heat–treated for a few seconds at temperature less than 230°C (melting point).

Figure 6A: Tooth Color Coated Archwire.

Figure 6B: Gold Coated Archwires.

Figure 7: Azuralloy.


Other Newer Archwires Azurloy (preformed and straight) Azurloy (Figure 7) is a heat-treatable alloy with excellent formability in its non-treated form. Applications that take advantage of this formability, followed by heat-treating to increase the spring rate, might include: • Multiple-loop systems • Utility arches • Overlay intrusion or Base Arches Dual Flex Arch Wires Dual flex arch has its anterior segment made up of 0.016” or .0016” x 0.022” titanol. It is a Nickel Titanium alloy manufactured by Lancer pacific, the posterior segment is made up of 0.016” or 0.018” Stainless Steel thus combining anterior and posterior segments of different stiffness Graded Thermodynamic/Tri Force Arch Wire It has been pre programmed to deliver the right amount of force for each area of the mouth (Figure 8). Strongest to more deeply rooted molars, medium at the bicuspids and gentle at the anteriors. It is an Austenitic wire delivering force constantly. It prevents dumping of molars and unwanted rotation of premolar and gentle force to anterior teeth causing no discomfort. It gives three dimensional control early in the treatment. IJO

VOL. 25

NO. 3

FALL 2014

International Journal of Orthodontics  
International Journal of Orthodontics