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Impact Orthodontics introduces the new TnL® Bracket System. It’s your light at the end of the tunnel. Discover how our new bracket system eliminates all torque loss concerns. When the nickel titanium wire is threaded through the patented tunnel located lingual to the archwire slot, the fully prescribed torque value is achieved with no loss.

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Tunnel Technology™ Nickel Titanium

A. Mini twin TnL bracket with undersized archwire in .022” slot. Note torque slop and nickel titanium wire just inserted through tunnel.


B. Four to six months later... zero torque slop and 100% preadjusted torque.


Preadjusted .022” maxillary right canine TnL bracket. Hooks are optional on all canines and premolars.

Nickel Titanium

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Main Archwire

Main Archwire

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