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Passport Origin and distribution: rare variety, it’s not present in Zellah and Al Fugha Productive area in Al Jufrah Oasis: 0,5 % Mean Production in Al Jufrah Oasis: 60 Kg/tree Agronomic characteristics: reasonable offshoots capacity Flowering period: March Commercial maturity stage: Rutab and Tamar Harvest period: October by removing of bunches Fruit and trade characteristics: because of its hard skin it’s usually used for the livestock (animal feed). Same people use it in Rutab stage Quality


TREE Trunk shape Foliage shape Crown shape FRUIT Shape Apex Base Color Skin appearance Alteration of skin colour Fruit texture Perianth Flesh texture SEED Shape Colour Surface Presence of mucro or fibrous type Micropyle position Ventral furrow shape INFLORESCENCE Spathe Shape Spathe length Spathe width

cylindrical Bunch type spherical Bunch density moderately dense - dense Bunch colour sub-cylindrical oval flat - oval honey - dark brown pleated - blistered no soft - half-soft prominent (usually absent) firm (honeyed)

Flesh thickness Presence of fibres Flesh to seed adhesion Length Width Length/width ratio Main weight of 20 fruits (g)

sub-cylindrical brown - beige smooth - bumpy

Length Width Length/width ratio

medium narrow medium

usually mucro

Main weight of 20 seeds (g)


towards the apex not prominent

Seed/Fruit length ratio Seed/Fruit weight ratio

medium medium

lanceolate medium large

N° of spathes/tree N° of spikelets in the spike N° of flowers in one spikelet

medium medium medium

Main flesh weight of 20 fruits (g)

QUALITATIVE PARAMETERS Total sugar content (%) Fructose (%) Glucose (%) Sucrose (%)

oblique - falling dense – very dense yellow-orange - orange


Magnesium (mg/kg) Potassium (mg/kg) Zinc (mg/kg) Iron (mg/kg)

medium much not much short large medium 167 145

Libya Al Jufrah Palm Date Cv ZEBUR pomological card  
Libya Al Jufrah Palm Date Cv ZEBUR pomological card  

The present study has been conducted in the framework of the Italy - Lybia bilateral cooperation project "Improvement and Valorisation of Da...