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ISSUE No.18 Summer 2012

Hino 300 Hybrid Delivers THE RENTAL CHOICE Hino a hit with Hertz WA

DAKAR DOMINANCE Hino wins class for third year in a row

British racing driver Sir Stirling Moss always said that whenever he saw a crash he put his foot down and went faster. “It was an opportunity for me because I knew my competitors would be slowing down,” he said. There are those who say 2012 is going to be a year of consolidation – where everyone slows down. Some, however, will see it as an opportunity. In the transport and logistics industry, and in the industries they serve, there’s been at least two years of rightsizing going on. In the hard times just about everyone has put off making major capex decisions, but there were also those who used the downturn to gear up. At Hino, for example, 2011 was our biggest ever year in terms of new model introductions and upgrades. For the first time in its class the all-new 300 Series light duty range is fitted with vehicle stability control, offering an additional layer of safety that helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle. Our 300 Series launch created a lot of positive interest in 2011, but it is appropriate to also draw attention to the 500 Series which renewed itself in a progressive way. A series of specification upgrades last year means that the 500 Series enters this year in good shape. A new Euro V engine, new ISRI driver’s seat, advanced cabin suspension and a heap more detailed upgrades have made the 500 Series a much-improved truck.

In March Hino’s best-selling FD upgrades from 10.4 to 11-tonne GVM with a new front axle. And there’s more to come progressively throughout the year. Supply, which was so constrained by the Japanese natural disasters a year ago, has now been restored. Hino is so convinced that technological breakthroughs are the future of the industry that we are starting the new year with a huge offer. From February through April every 300 series we sell will be equipped with free satellite navigation and free reversing camera. I suggest you visit the Hino website to check the details of this offer. For our customers 2012 comes with a lot of positives. Across the board the commercial vehicle industry, Hino included, has passed through a major model cycle in the last two years. Buyers are going to be able to make their decisions based on technology and price in the knowledge that they are investing with long-term certainty. That means that those customers who’ve deferred purchases in the last few years have every reason to return with a high degree of confidence. Hino has spent its time wisely. Like Stirling, we’ve already put our foot down. Steve Lotter President Hino Motor Sales Australia

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winning 06 Hino’s Dakar Habit Hino finished first in its class at one of the world’s toughest motorsport events

300 Hybrid 08 Hino delivers

We take a look at the efficiency gains and emissions reductions in the allnew Hino 300 Series Hybrid truck

Top technician Hino 300 Series the Learning on a Hino 12 14 17 wins national rental choice skills contest Hino’s annual skills contest means better customer service

Hertz WA bolsters its Hino fleet after positive customer feedback


Extended warranty gives extra benefit Customers get greater peace of mind with Hino’s extended powertrain warranty

A truck driver training operation keeps an all-Hino fleet

gets trucking 18 ATA with Hino

Hino took to the stand at Australian Trucking Association’s annual conference

19 Hino dealer list

Find your nearest Hino dealer

Hino supports 16 world solar challenge A Hino 500 Series truck supported the winning team in the Australian outback

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Trade Ace & FE Popular At Brunswick Show Hino Trade Ace and the low-chassisheight FE 1426 were the star attractions on the Bunbury Trucks display at one of Western Australia’s leading agricultural shows. The annual Brunswick Agricultural Show, 160km south of Perth, was held on October 27.

Bunbury Trucks sales consultant Torren Pyke said a Hino FM 2628 Auto tilt and slide also created plenty of interest with show patrons. “The Trade Ace had good interest from potential customers on the day, and is a common general-purpose truck around Bunbury,” he said.

The Hino FE 1426 is very popular, thanks to its 14,000kg GVM and low chassis height. “This is a truck that will be well received down here in Bunbury and we have a number to quote on at the moment. My feeling is that we will need to keep them in stock.”

Bunbury Trucks has also been busy of late delivering 300 Series Hino trucks to a major grocery chain’s home-delivery service. Each truck has a name – as part of a strategy so children will better recall the visit of the grocery truck to their home.

FRM spreads STC HOSTS NEW 300 SERIES word on NEW CUSTOMER DAYS 300 SERIES Hino’s Tasmanian dealership has also been spreading the good word on the new 300 Series, with customer days held across the Island State. FRM Hino sales manager Andrew Spencer said the dealership conducted three customer drive days.

Queanbeyan-based Southern Truck Centre has led the way in promoting the new Hino 300 Series range of diesel and hybrid light-duty trucks. Steve Barlow and his team at Southern Truck Centre dovetailed the Hino marketing effort with his own innovative marketing plan. The dealership generated a mailout to 2000 potential 4 | Torque

customers and held two customer demonstration days. The customer days included test drives, hands-on examination of the new trucks and their features, and a barbecue at the dealership. In addition, Southern Truck Centre has made the effort to keep demonstrator trucks available for the foreseeable future.

“We created a 300 Series road show and took it to the three branches – Hobart, Launceston and Devonport. “It attracted strong interest from both returning and potential conquest buyers,” he said.

Prestige Celebrates Hino with Style Prestige Hino in Melbourne marked the launch of the all-new Hino 300 Series with a number of customer events. The dealership hosted a golf day at the Sandhurst Club which raised $8,650 for local charity Windermere. “Our objectives were to not only launch the new Hino 300 series but to raise money for Windermere – a charity supporting children and families in need across south-east Melbourne,” dealer principal Anthony Long said. “After lunch we showed a short video of the new 300 Series vehicle stability control system in action on the skid pan at the recent customer event at Mt Cotton. “The reaction was fantastic, with customers saying that this safety feature gives us a unique point of difference and that they would promote it in their businesses,” he said.

A speaker from Windermere shared an insight into the valuable work that this charity does in the local community. On the golf course there were ‘charity holes’ in order to raise some extra funds on the day, which consisted of a chipping challenge and magic rope which allowed competitors to get their ball six metres closer to the hole. Prestige Hino also had two new 300 series trucks on display at the Dandenong Show – a 617 and 716 – as well as two 500 series, a 1022 dump and 1728 fitted with a curtainsider. It was the first time Prestige Hino had attended what is one of the biggest regional shows in the southeast of Melbourne. Mr Long said Prestige Hino received a lot of positive feedback about the trucks on display and they plan to attend again in 2012.

Felicia Shea (left) and Carina Tomietto from Windermere with Prestige Hino’s Anthony Long.

Hino group visits tokyo show Hino Australia hosted a number of customers and dealers on a trip to Japan and Thailand last December. While in Tokyo the group visited Hino’s head office and factory, as well as the manufacturing facility at Hamura. They also visited the Tokyo Motor Show and the Hino stand, where they spent some time taking in the various displays. Hybrid technology was a major focus on the Hino stand with the Hino eZ-CARGO (a light duty concept van) receiving plenty of attention.

The eZ-CARGO is extremely quiet and produces zero emissions. “The customers thoroughly enjoyed the different culture and the experience of seeing the inside of Hino manufacturing,” Scifleet dealer principal Craig Andersson said. Hino’s national fleet sales manager Warwick Rissler said the next generation of Hybrid vehicles on the Hino stand was a major point of interest. The group also spent time at the Thai island resort of Phuket before returning home.

Two New 2S Dealers Appointed Hino Australia has added two new 2S dealers to its national network. 2S dealers provide servicing and sell spare parts, but do not sell trucks. Northpoint Toyota in Roxby Downs was appointed as a 2S dealer for Northpoint Hino, located in the South

Australian town of Port Augusta. The appointment is a good fit for Northpoint as it wanted to expand the service capabilities of its existing workshop in Olympic Dam, which currently services all vehicles for BHP, local contractors and the general public.

Truck Works from Victoria’s Latrobe Valley was appointed as a 2S dealer as the Traralgon area does not have any Hino representation. Prestige Hino was eager to appoint a 2S dealer in the region as there is an opportunity for growth in this area, with the added potential

to win more fleet business with parts and service facilities. Hino Australia has an expanding network of eight 2S dealers helping to keep its customers’ trucks on the road and provide access to services and spare parts across both regional and metropolitan areas.

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HINO'S WINNING DAKAR HABIT Hino’s appetite for winning and breaking records in the Dakar Rally, arguably the world’s toughest motorsport event, just keeps growing. In the 2012 edition – held in South America across Argentina, Chile and Peru – Hino Team Sugawara finished first in the under-10 litre truck class for a top 10 finish in the overall truck rankings. This was the 12th time overall and the third year in a row Hino had won the under-10 litre class. Just as impressively, 2012 marked the 21st consecutive time a Hino started and finished the Dakar Rally, which improves on Hino’s own record. No other single manufacturer can match this record, which validates the 6 | Torque

extensive work put into the development of the new 500 Series race truck. “That our race trucks were so competitive while offering such unimpeachable reliability in such tough conditions over a 9000km route speaks volumes about the work done behind the scenes,” said Hino divisional manager product strategy, marketing and dealer development, Alex Stewart. Hino Australia proudly carried out some of that work, which earned it a ‘Hino Australia’ decal on the flanks of both 500 Series Team Hino Sugawara entries.

Prior to its transformation into a race vehicle, the winning Hino 500 Series truck operated in Australia as a testing platform for new medium-duty truck technologies, such as a limited slip differential specifically for fourwheel drives. Alex Stewart said customers would benefit as a result of Hino Australia’s involvement with Hino’s motorsport department. “Many of the aspects we tested will shortly make their way to the showroom floor,” he said. “The other advantage of Hino’s

success in motorsport is that it proves Hinos at all levels are a tough, dependable vehicle ready to work in any conditions.” The 500 Series was particularly competitive in the rally’s unforgiving sand dunes, an area where many competitors came unstuck and lost significant time. Hino Team Sugawara came to the fore during the final fullyblown special stage in Peru on the penultimate day of competition, which featured a string of tricky, soft-sand dunes.

In fact, Teruhito Sugawara and co-driver Seiichi Suzuki in the first of the 500 Series trucks moved from 11th to ninth in the truck class and consolidated their top-ranking position in the under-10 litre class. “That stage was a lot like it is in Africa,” Mr Sugawara said. “We came across many series of small dunes, and there was lots of powder sand. “But our truck performed brilliantly and we pulled through without getting stuck. “I actually wish there were more of these types of special stages as they really work in our favour!” Sugawara’s father Yoshimasa, the 70-year-old Dakar legend, used his experience and guile to take third position in the under-10 litre class on his way to 24th overall in the truck class aboard the second of the team’s entries. This year also marked the 30th

“The advantage of Hino’s success in motorsport is that it proves Hinos are a tough, dependable vehicle – ready to work in any conditions.” consecutive appearance by Yoshimasa at the Dakar Rally. He praised the faultless performance of the 500 Series race truck after the rally’s conclusion. “Our truck performed perfectly all the way through the rally,” Yoshimasa said. Alex Stewart said he was encouraged that Hino’s core qualities once again contributed to another highly successful Dakar campaign for the manufacturer. “We are proud that Hino has upheld its reputation for quality, durability and reliability in the world’s hardest motorsport event,” he said. “We look forward to a lot more success in the future, particularly in the dunes!” Torque | 7

8 | Torque

Hino 300 Hybrid Delivers Hybrid truck pioneer Hino has redesigned its 300 Series Hybrid range for outstanding performance, improved fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Introduced late in 2011, Hino’s all-new 300 Series Hybrid range has once again set the environmental standard for light and medium duty trucks in Australia. The Hino 300 Hybrid range uses a new parallel Hybrid system and an all-new transmission. The range has been expanded from two to eight models to give customers greater choice of cabin width, wheelbase, front suspension type and payload to better suit their operational needs. The layout of the major components – engine, clutch, electric motor and transmission – has been changed in order to convert and utilise a greater amount of kinetic energy, thereby saving on diesel fuel. Hybrid delivers fuel savings Hino’s Hybrid system does not have (or require) a conventional starter motor or alternator. Instead, it uses the electric drive motor as a diesel-engine starter motor and has a DC/DC converter to create 24-volt power for the lights, electronics and cabin functions. Depending on the operation, the new Hybrid range can offer significant fuel savings compared with a conventional diesel truck. The new-generation Hybrid model’s Hino N04C-UR 4.0-litre diesel engine and combined electric-drive motor deliver 10 per cent more power and 19 per cent more torque, both at lower engine rpm. While the previous model made its significant fuel savings in startstop city operations, local testing of the new 300 Series Hybrid range has highlighted the added benefit of real fuel savings when driving on undulating country roads. In these situations the use of the electric motor as a supplementary power source is further enhanced by the disengagement of the clutch during downhill running, which creates electricity by gathering kinetic energy when the truck decelerates. This ‘free’ energy is then reused when tackling the next hill or starting off from a set of traffic lights. The engine has a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), an oxidation catalyst and Hino’s marketleading Diesel Particulate Reduction Filter (DPR) which automatically eliminates particulate matter while the vehicle is driving. Torque | 9

More power The 300 Series diesel engine produces 110kW of power and 420Nm of torque, while the new Hybrid system’s electric motor produces 36kW and 333Nm of supplementary power and torque. The Hybrid truck’s full 110kW of

power and class-leading 420Nm of torque are available 100 per cent of the time. The Hybrid system constantly monitors driving conditions and determines when to reduce diesel fuel injections and introduce the gathered electrical power in the Hybrid batteries.

Efficiency is further enhanced by the ability to take off from a standing start in electric-drive only mode (subject to the level of battery charge) which contributes to diesel fuel savings. The electrical components – including the motor, inverter and

nickel-metal hydride battery – have been redesigned to reduce weight and size, and to increase efficiency. The new water-cooled AC/DC inverter, for example, has twice the power and less than half the weight of the previous unit. The 40-module (240 cells) 288-volt Hybrid battery is the same base as that used in other Toyota group Hybrid vehicles, such as the Lexus RX 400h luxury SUV. Improved transmission The previous Hybrid range comprised just two models, with the choice of a manual or torque convertor type automatic transmission. The new model utilises the ProShift 5 transmission which is Hino’s own M550 five-speed automated manual transmission (AMT), combining the ease of two-pedal automatic transmission operation with the mechanical efficiency of a manual transmission. It can be driven in ‘D’ range as an automatic or ‘S’ range with sequential shifting.

Early adopter embraces new hybrid truck A refrigerated transport company in Sydney has become the first Australian customer to take delivery of an all-new Hino 300 Series Hybrid truck, adding a new 916 medium Hybrid to its fleet. Darius Transport owner Darius Crisan has been interested in green technology and was in the market for a hybrid truck for some time, after building up his transport business delivering food products around Sydney over the last 10–12 years. Darius said he has been driving the new truck himself to monitor the fuel consumption and review its new features before handing it over to his employees. City Hino’s Christian Geadah said it was

10 | Torque

exciting to be able to deliver this first Hybrid truck from Hino’s new light duty range to a customer who was passionate about Hybrid technology. “This is Darius Transport’s second Hino truck and so far his feedback has been that the fuel consumption is impressive,” he said. The entire 300 Series model range has been redesigned outside and inside, and was subject to record levels of Australian development input. Eight individual Hybrid models were launched within the wider 300 Series range during the second half of 2011. The new Hino 300 Series has an impressive list of both active and passive safety features to complement the world-class Hybrid drivetrain.

The exhaust emissions also easily meet the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle standard, regarded as the cleanest available in the market.

Greater efficiency, reduced emissions Hino Australia divisional manager, product strategy, marketing and dealer development, Alex Stewart, said the new Hino parallel Hybrid system offered significant fuel and greenhouse gas emissions savings across all areas of operation. “The high efficiency of the Hino diesel engine has a low impact on payload capacity and offers outstanding durability and driving performance,” he said. “It does not use diesel power to create electricity and the diesel engine returns to idle whenever it is not required to power the truck, thereby saving more fuel. The truck can also

“The high efficiency of the Hino diesel engine has a low impact on payload capacity and offers outstanding durability and driving performance” take off using the electric motor only with the diesel engine idling. “When accelerating or climbing a hill, the new Hybrid uses electric power to supplement diesel power, so the diesel engine operates with reduced load. “And the sequential shift on the automated manual transmission makes driving less of a chore, reducing driver fatigue.

“The flat torque curve from the combination of diesel and electric power enabled Hino to use a five-speed transmission to save on gear changes, which can result in loss of momentum and increased fuel use,” he said. When descending hills and braking, a clutch disconnects the diesel engine from the motor so the motor can act as a generator, maximising the amount of electricity gathered.

“In Hino's new Hybrid system, the accelerator pedal is a potentiometer: if the driver requests, say, 280Nm of torque, the electronic control units for the engine and Hybrid system network provide the ideal split of diesel and electric power,” Mr Stewart said. “That split is infinitely variable, to optimise fuel savings while delivering the required torque.” The Hino 300 Series Hybrid features an auto stop-start system to shut down the engine when the vehicle is stationary and hence save fuel. The auto stop-start can be switched off if the driver so desires. A green ECO indicator lamp in the instrument panel also helps the driver achieve optimum fuel savings.

Torque | 11

Top Technician Wins National Skills Contest Hino Australia conducted its third National Skills Contest in November following five months of preparation and preliminary questionnaires. Each year the contest has become increasingly popular with Hino’s dealership technicians, resulting in a record number of participants in 2011. Prestige Hino’s John Elliot won the 2011 event at the final held in Sydney on 3 November. Matthew Johnson from WA Hino and Scifleet Hino’s Trent Bowyer took out the minor places. The Hino Technician Development Program ran from May to September 2011. Monthly challenges and prizes culminated in the final where the top eight technicians met to decide the winner. The top prize of $3000 was awarded to John after competing in both a written and practical assessment. “I really enjoyed and felt rewarded by this year’s skills contest,” John said. “I’ve been working at Hino Prestige in service for just over two years, and this is the first time I’ve competed. “The skills contest is a good way to challenge yourself and also see how you measure up against other people in the industry from around the country.” The written assessment tested the contestants’ diagnostic skills, while the practical assessment rated the participants on real-life situations they can face in the workplace.

Prestige Hino’s John Elliot took out the 2011 National Skills Contest.

John with runners up Trent Bowyer (centre) and Matthew Johnson.

12 | Torque

The eight finalists were scored on their electrical skills, ABS and mechanical skills, engine management and diagnostic skills, as well as their knowledge of workplace safety. Technical training manager Sergio Bonvini said the calibre of the competing technicians was extremely high, with only a handful of points separating the top 15. Senior executives from Hino Motors Limited Japan attended the final. Mr Takeshi Yasuda, general manger overseas service division, Mr Tsugio Kameda, manager technical service division, and Mr Kouichi Katou, manager overseas service division, were all impressed by the calibre of the finalists. Greg Bleasel, divisional manager product support and business development, said the Skills Contest has contributed to a steady rise in technical ability across Hino’s dealer network. “Hino places great emphasis on the importance of customer service. This is equally true in the workshop as it is in the sale of a new truck. “The National Skills Contest not only focuses on improving the participants’ technical skills, it reinforces the importance of providing outstanding customer service. “Workplace safety is also an integral part of the program,” said Greg. The winner was announced at a gala dinner attended by all finalists and senior Hino management.

Hino Australia president Steve Lotter (2nd from left), Chairman and CEO Ken Sekine (3rd from left) and Greg Bleasel (2nd from right) with the Hino Motors executives from Japan who attended the final.

Torque | 13


The Rental Choice

Client reports of cheaper running costs, lower emissions and ease of use have backed up Hertz Rental and Leasing WA’s decision to acquire twenty new Hino 300 Series trucks for its fleet. After careful consideration of the light-duty truck market, Hertz last year acquired fifteen Hino 300 Series 716 autos and five Hino 716 Hybrids to a favourable reception from its leasing partners, including major national transport providers. “We considered other makes but couldn’t go past what Hino was offering in that package,” said Kevin Terry, general manager WA Hertz rental and leasing. “The big freight forwarders in 14 | Torque

particular have appreciated the 300 Series’ features. “The deal-breaker for them is covering the big distances of WA and hauling their cargo without it costing them the earth in running costs. “The 300 Series Hybrid in particular has been well received in helping to reduce fuel bills.” Hertz’ 300 Series trucks are also getting to their destinations cleaner, thanks to Hino’s Diesel Particulate Active Reduction System on its Euro5 emissions standard 2011-built trucks. This exhaust after-treatment system meets the Australian Design Rule 80/03 emissions standards that came into force in January 2011.

“This system has worked flawlessly on 2011-delivered Hino 300 Series trucks,” said Bruno Cirillo, WA Hino sales manager. “We have not had one single report of a problem. “The fact it works so well is a big benefit to carbon tax-conscious operators here in WA.” The Hino 300 Series has generated a following for its userfriendly dynamics. “The customer response has been great and we have had many requests for Hino trucks, particularly the 300 Series for customers who need a dependable companion for light to medium duty,” Mr Terry added.

The recent success of the 300 Series strengthens a 30-year partnership between Hino and Hertz, with Hinos making up 125 of the 1200 trucks on its fleet. “We have maintained a fantastic relationship over that time,” Mr Cirillo said. “Customers know when they rent or lease a Hino they are getting a quality, dependable vehicle that won’t let them down.” Kevin Terry said that by running Hinos he has a dependable vehicle that can retain its value. “Hinos are reliable, cost-effective to run and they have a strong resale value, which is important to our business,” he said.

Extended Warranty Gives Extra Benefit The extended warranty covers Hino 700 Series models for 60 months or 800,000km.

Hino Australia recently relaunched its extended powertrain warranty, offering customers greater peace of mind when it comes to the operation of their vehicles. In addition to the current light and medium duty vehicles that could be covered by this warranty, Hino has also added its hybrid and heavy duty vehicles to the line-up. Coverage ranges from five years or 200,000km on the 300 Series, up to five years or 800,000km on 700 Series models. Hino Australia technical and service support manager Gus Belanszky said the extended powertrain warranty essentially covers the engine and driveline of the vehicle.

Any part of the truck that is lubricated by oil, with the addition of the hybrid motor and hybrid battery, is now covered by the extended warranty. “We found many customers were looking for the benefits of an additional warranty and the peace of mind it offers,” Mr Belanszky said. “In providing this product, any warrantable issues with the powertrain will be repaired by a Hino service and parts dealer.” Mr Belanszky said the extended powertrain warranty is also now

transferable if the vehicle is sold during the warranty coverage period, adding value to the resale price of the truck. Customers are only required to complete the change of address/ ownership form in the extended powertrain warranty booklet to effect the transfer. The engine components covered in the extended powertrain warranty include the cylinder block, cylinder head and all internal parts of the engine, injection pump, turbo charger, water pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, as well as the hybrid electric motor and

hybrid nickel metal hydride battery. The clutch components that form part of the extended warranty include the flywheel, flywheel housing, clutch housing and pressure plate assembly, and clutch throw-out bearing. In addition, the transmission case and all internal parts, the propeller shaft assembly, the rear axle housing and rear axle shaft and differential assembly, are also covered. The extended powertrain warranty can only be taken up at the time of a new vehicle purchase from your local Hino dealer.

300 Series Hybrid models are now covered for 60 months or 200,000km with Hino's extended powertrain warranty.

“The extended powertrain warranty essentially covers the engine and driveline of the vehicle.”

Torque | 15

Hino Supports

World Solar Challenge The winner of the 2011 World Solar Challenge was supported by a Hino truck driven by Kenjiro Shinozuka, one of Japan’s best-known rally drivers.

The Tokai Challenger solar car, which arrived at Adelaide’s Victoria Square on October 20 2011 to win the event, completed the 3,000 kilometre trek from Darwin in five days with an average speed of 91.5km/h. The winning team from Japan's Tokai University was also the winner of the 2009 World Solar Challenge and the champion team at 2010’s FIA Solar Rally Challenge in South Africa. The Hino 500 Series GH8J model support truck was fitted with a tail-gate lifter to carry the team’s solar car and various parts. Eleven World Solar Challenges have been held since the event began in 1987. Teams from around the world came to Australia with the aim of being the first to cross the continent in a car powered only by sunlight. There were a handful of rules that teams had to follow, including: limiting the surface area of the solar collector to six square metres; limiting energy storage to five kilowatt hours (enough energy to run a hair dryer for three hours); teams could drive for 16 | Torque

only nine hours each day; and the first team to reach Adelaide would be the winner. The 2011 event was particularly gruelling. On the second day bushfires near Barrow Creek, 1,200 kilometres south of Darwin, closed the Stuart Highway and delayed the cars by almost four hours. When the highway reopened smoke, dust, strong winds, heavy cloud and rain continued to hamper the cars. As a result 30 of them failed to make it to Adelaide. Since 1987 the performance of the leading cars has increased steadily. In that first year the GM Sunraycer completed the event with an average speed of 66.9km/h – nearly 25km/h slower than the 2011 winner. Recent changes to race regulations – designed to keep the cars below the highway speed limit – have reduced the allowable area of solar collectors from eight square metres to six. The new regulations also require a more upright seating position for the driver, increasing aerodynamic drag. Despite these changes, the top cars can still drive over 700 kilometres per day at speeds approaching highway speed limits.

The Tokai Challenger took out the 2011 event with an average speed of 91.5km/h.

earning on a Hino A Sunshine Coast heavy vehicle driver training operation has moved into the heavy-duty sector – and simultaneously maintained an all-Hino fleet. AETECH Driver Training was formed in 2006 and has been a leading facilitator of truck driver training ever since. It recently acquired a new Hino 500 Series truck for its Heavy Rigid driver training program from the Hi-Way 1 Hino dealership in Gympie. Most recently, however, AETECH purchased a brand new Hino 700 Series to cater for training Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination, and Multi Combination licence classes. The new Hino 700 features a 480 horsepower engine, an 18-speed Eaton transmission, and is B-Double rated to 26 metres. With the addition of the new truck AETECH now covers all synchromesh and non-synchromesh licence classes, providing a full range of options to its clients. AETECH’s founder and CEO, Brian Lamb, said it is important for the company to be able to offer the kind of modern vehicles that new drivers will find themselves in once they are licensed. “We usually like to turn our trucks over every three or four years,” he said.

“That way we can keep our trucks up to date with the latest technology, providing the industry with the best and most current training. “We like the Hino trucks because hey are very solid and reliable, plus their aftersales care is top-notch – the warranty is good and the service and support is the best.” Heavy vehicle driver training is another of the industries that has seen growth as a result of Australia’s booming mining industry. “A lot of our clients, both male and female, are looking for work in the mining industry, which requires the Heavy Rigid licence that the new Hino 700 will cater to,” said Mr Lamb. “The synchromesh gearbox is a popular choice as the large dump trucks on mining sites are automatic.” AETECH offers one-day courses for its Light Rigid, Medium Rigid and Heavy Rigid courses (synchromesh), while the Heavy Rigid (crash box) and Heavy Combination training programs are held over two days. All photos Nicola Brander / APN. Torque | 17

ATA Gets Trucking with Hino Hino Australia participated in the Australian Trucking Association’s annual Technical and Maintenance Conference, held in October at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. The ATA’s Technical and Maintenance Conference is Australia’s most important road freight technology and maintenance event. The event includes the yearly TruckSafe Forum for members of the ATA’s TruckSafe accreditation program, and the presentation of the Craig Roseneder Award for technical and maintenance excellence in the workshop. Hino Australia displayed the allnew 300 Series 716 and a 500 Series FD 1024. Hino Australia national government sales manager Tom Ayrton said being involved at the ATA conference provided invaluable exposure and the opportunity to meet with major

customers and key industry suppliers. Tom added that he was impressed by the continued high standard of the event and encourages all fleet owners and managers to attend the conference each year. With over 300 attendees, the agenda for the 2011 conference focused on maintenance and innovation, including practical sessions and forums on topics including: • making your fleet safer • tyre selection and management • maintenance scheduling and cost-tracking systems • 10 ways to improve fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the sessions at the TruckSafe Forum included: • reaping the benefits of continuous driver training • putting to bed the myths of sleep apnoea • how to manage business growth.


Not faster 18 | Torque

The new generation Hino 300 Series was the focus for Hino’s participation in the fifth annual Local Government Procurement Conference held on 17–18 November at the Sydney Masonic Centre. With its 2011 theme of ‘Smarter not Faster’, the conference showcased an array of technology available to assist council staff in carrying out their daily tasks more efficiently. The conference provided a unique opportunity for suppliers to display their goods and services to a broad crosssection of local government procurement

professionals from across NSW. The conference was coordinated by Local Government Procurement on behalf of the 152 councils in the state. Hino Australia national government sales manager Tom Ayrton said participating in this conference was a great opportunity to showcase the new 300 Series technology and explain its benefits to local government. “The new 300 Series Hinos bring extra cost-efficiencies and greater safety plus improved driveability, comfort and convenience for drivers.”



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Gympie Hi-Way 1 Truck & Tractor ............................(07) 5480 5000

Moree Tait Motors ..................................................... (02) 6750 7400 Muswellbrook Widelands Hino ...............................(02) 6543 3066 Orange West Orange Motors ...................................(02) 6361 1000 Queanbeyan Southern Truck Centre.......................(02) 6299 6433 Smeaton Grange Adtrans Hino (Narellan) ............. (02) 4655 5755 South Grafton Black Hino ......................................(02) 6644 3000 Tamworth Widelands Hino....................................... (02) 6765 5552 Wagga Wagga Wagga Trucks Hino .........................(02) 6971 8000 Wyoming Adtrans Hino (Gosford) ............................(02) 4323 3879

Kedron Sci-Fleet Hino ..............................................(07) 3361 0024 Mackay Carlisle Hino ................................................(07) 4952 1088 Maryborough Hi-Way 1 Truck & Tractor ..................(07) 4190 4190 Mount Isa Bell & Moir Hino ..................................... (07) 4743 3066 Nerang Vanderfield Hino ..........................................(07) 5596 3599 Rockhampton Ian Weigh Motors ............................(07) 4924 5200 Toowoomba Vanderfield Hino..................................(07) 4633 4822



Bunbury Bunbury Truck Sales & Service ...............(08) 9725 6880

Dandenong Prestige Hino ........................................ (03) 9212 5555

Welshpool WA Hino Sales & Service .......................(08) 9351 2000

Golden Square Bendigo Truck Centre ................... (03) 5440 9111 Laverton North CMI Hino (Melbourne) ...................(03) 9931 6500


Mildura Sunraysia Hino ............................................(03) 5021 2999

Mt Gambier Barry Maney Group .............................(08) 8721 3400

North Geelong ISR Truck City.................................(03) 5278 9844

Port Augusta Northpoint Hino ................................(08) 8642 3433

Warrnambool Barry Maney Group ..........................(03) 5560 5477

Regency Park CMI Hino (Adelaide) ......................... (08) 8243 8100

Wodonga Jacob Hino ...............................................(03) 6055 9800


Derwent Park FRM Hino (Hobart) ...........................(03) 6272 3822

Alice Springs Peter Kittle Motors............................(08) 8952 5500

Devonport FRM Hino ...............................................(03) 6424 9855

Pinelands Vanderfield Hino (Darwin) .......................(08) 8932 4200

Invermay FRM Hino (Launceston)............................(03) 6334 5877

HMS00101 Torque | 19

HINO INTRODUCES A WHOLE NEW CLASS OF TRUCK. The new Hino 300 Series leads its class in safety, performance, efficiency and comfort. With the cleanest diesel engine in its class, it combines common rail fuel injection and variable geometry turbo technology for improved performance and fuel economy. As for safety, Vehicle Stability Control and dual SRS airbags are standard and the interior is ergonomic and comfortable. So step up to a better class of truck. Step up to the new Hino 300 Series.


See your Hino Dealer toDay anD aSk about tHe new 300 SerieS.

Hino Torque Summer 2012  
Hino Torque Summer 2012  

Hino Torque Summer 2012