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The Raven

By: Ian Uccelli, Rafael Navarro, and Emilio Rico

One night the moon shines bright and a little raven came to a nice mans house. The Man was quiet, lonely and was hoping for some company.

He was nearly asleep. When he heard a knocking at his door he said to him, “Who would be here at this time?�

As the man walked closer to the door he asked, “Hello, who is here at my house.

He didn’t know if he should open the door because he didn’t know if it was a stranger. He was scared of opening the door to a person who is trying to rob him.

So he went to a photo of his wife who was traveling and prayed that it was just the wind and no stranger looking for trouble.But in the inside he felt like getting in his car and driving way.

The tapping came again and at this point he was so scared he went and hid behind his chair. At this point he was shaking and was praying it was just a cute little bird.

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He decided to go open the chamber door. The door opens and no one is there. He went back to his chair because he thought it was just the wind.

But then as he was about to fall asleep again there ended up being a tapping at the window. He was so scared on what to do he was lost in his thoughts.

The tapping wouldn’t go away. The man was getting more scared after every tap.

He got up and slowly moved slowly towards the window...

He decides to open the curtains and a Raven flies through. The raven sits on the door and does not do anything.

The guy says to the raven , “What are you doing here.” The raven replies,”Nevermore.”

The man was getting mad and yelled, “God has sent down angels as memories of Lenore!” “Nevermore,” the Raven replied

“ You evil bird, you are the devil,” they guy exclaimed. All the Raven said was,”Nevermore.”

“Get out of my house and back to where you came from and don’t leave a single feather behind,’’ the man yelled. “Nevermore,” the Raven said.

The Raven not leaving the chamber sat there as the man stared at the eyes looking at the eyes of the devil.

The Raven  
The Raven