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This is Faye Murman.

She is a photographer. (As you can see from her cameras.)

Today, she is working freelance for the Northeast Times. She has to photograph WRTI host Dave Conant.

After arriving at the studio, Faye wastes no time in getting to work taking photos.

She moves quickly and unintrusively through the room, setting up her shots and capturing them with ease without disturbing the interview.

After finishing there, Faye moves to her next assignmentcovering a memorial.

Photographing memorials and other events dealing with loss can be difficult. Faye makes sure to only document the flowers and photos of the deceased woman, as not to offend or single out anyone in the grieving group.

Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication somewhere along the way, and after a small exchange with a friend and a member of the grieving family, she is asked to leave. She does so respecfully.

Faye calls the photo editor to update her as to what happened, and then we drive back to Temple.

Sometimes, things don’t go the way you want them to. Covering a memorial is certainly something no-one wants to do. However, being able to handle the curve-balls that get thrown at you is what separates a great photojournalist from a mediocre one, and Faye certainly is a great photojournalist. And so ends her work for today. When will she shoot an assignment next? What paper or organization will it be for? Will it be journalistic or for a wedding? The downside of being freelance is not quite knowing what will come your way next. However, Faye has proven to be more than capable over the years, and she will certainly rise to the occasion to handle whatever event she needs to cover next, whenever it may be.

A day in the life of Faye Murman  

Faye Murman's day, April 20th, 2011

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