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a weekend at chateau rigaud france

the indian summer of 2013

the howdens’ look book


sarah & nigel



photo credit goes to vinyet, me, little phil (a photo of his polaroid at least), possibly large phil (see shot of him taking a photo - it may have made the cut) and possibly several others with much camera stealing and sharing delightfully going on. a few of the shots you may notice are, seemingly, strangely, connected in pairs. seemingly randomly so. it is a lovely quirk of using an Olympus PEN-EE2 camera which shoots 72 on a 36 film, thus ‘sharing’ each normal size frame. strange but true. sorry for the dull bit, but some may find it vaguely interesting. the geeks out there. me anyway. design credit, well, that is a strong term as it was really just cobbled together by the cobbler, me. overall feel-good-feel credit goes to, principally, sarah and nigel for creating this spectacular weekend. but also to the many old and new family and friends who made the happiness and love in these photos possible. the memories that this little look book tries to capture are far more vivid and amazing than can possbily be expressed by film the film they were shot on. thank you sarah, nigel and everyone from that indian summer weekend in gironde. nigel, i am very proud of you my man and very happy for you. sarah, thanks for waiting for him to get around to making this happen, back in the day, many years ago when you first got together. so happy my best mate managed to get together with such a lovely girl.

as we know, it could have gone either way (Šlittlephilcomedyclub), thankfully it went this way!

the howdens' look book  
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