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The School of Creative Arts

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BA New Media Production BA Film and Visual Culture




mewn partneriaeth â in partnership with


About the School The School of Creative Arts (Film and Media) is based on the

We encourage our students to analyse and create. By forging

Carmarthen campus of our university. Our Programme of

strong links with the Creative Industries our students find

Study has been designed to enable you to get the best from

employment in these areas and beyond. We believe that

your studies. Whether you have an academic, practical or

we give our students a lead over other institutions in this

vocational outlook we will be able to offer you the best options

respect, and former students have worked on films such as

for your degree scheme.

Clash of the Titans and Avatar. We are also proud to have our students go on to become Film and TV producers, editors,

There are two main degree pathways of study that you can

photographers, academics, teachers and writers.

choose from, and these are outlined further in this booklet. They are: Film and Visual Culture and New Media Production.

Various Creative Industries bodies have welcomed our

Each of these pathways offers you the chance to hone

approach to learning and teaching. Many of our students find

your already existing skills and talent to a high degree of

work placements or employment with these companies due to

professionalism. All the modules have academic and critical

us providing you with the expertise you need to have to get

knowledge at their centre which enables you to further

into those areas.

enhance your studies and outlook on your chosen subject.

We have a policy of investing in you and your degree. Our

The School of Creative Arts offers you the chance to be at the

newly-refurbished campus will boast state-of-the-art facilities

forefront of academic learning and practice. We believe that

for you to use, with Apple Macs, Digital Cameras and TV

by working with media industries and creative communities,

studio equipment available to help your design work and

by analysing and creating, and by being able to develop


yourselves as individuals, you will be contributors and not followers.

Our lecturers are leading experts in their field and their work is held as exemplars in their subject areas. They have created numerous links to the creative industries and academic arenas that support their lecturing. They have also had their work published, either in print or online and all hope that you could do the same.

BA Film and Visual Culture The BA Film and Visual Culture is an innovative degree

This degree offers students the opportunity to gain insight into

programme, which combines the academic study of film and

working in the industries related to filmmaking, and to gain

other visual media with the creative production of individual

the skills needed to work as entrepreneurs or as freelancers

pieces of work in specialised areas. By combining theory

in this field. There will be extensive academic study of visual

and practice, students are encouraged to enhance their

media, and this theoretical work will be directly linked to

understanding of cinema as a medium through the creation

practical and business applications throughout the programme.

of practical work. The programme has been conceived with

Practitioners from industry and local entrepreneurs with film

an emphasis upon vocational skills and employability; over

businesses will be regular contributors to modules across

the course of their studies, students will assemble a portfolio

the programme. Students will be given the skills to express

of work to enable them to compete for employment in their

themselves professionally through their academic and practical

chosen field of the film industry. Emphasis has been given to

work, and to develop confident, independent and creative

entrepreneurial skills, and to the skills required to publish and

approaches to projects.

exhibit work to audiences beyond the university.

Students will be invited to engage with a broad range of

Teaching is delivered via lectures and seminars, along with

contemporary media (such as film, television, graphic novels

workshops and demonstrations. As they grow in confidence,

and comics, internet and mobile publishing, interactive media

students will work more independently culminating in a

and gaming), and to focus their major projects upon the

major creative project in their final year where they can fully

areas of their choice. Over the course of the programme,

express their understanding and skills.

students will be able to combine the theoretical and academic analysis of film and visual media, with practical and creative approaches. Students will have the opportunity to engage in all stages of filmmaking, from conception, through preproduction and production, and on to publication and/or exhibition.

Key features

Awards available

A wide-ranging programme covering cinema from its

BA Honours (360 credits)

origins to the latest developments of the art form

Undergraduate Diploma (240 credits)

Expert tuition from research active staff who are

Undergraduate Certificate (120 credits)

experts in their field

Access to high level production facilities

Career opportunities

To liaise with Creative Industry personnel

Media Archivist

Arts Administrator

Typical modules


Reading Images



Creative Media

Film History

Digital Film Production

Entrepreneurship in Film and Media

The School of Creative Arts is committed to ensuring that National Vocational Standards are built into its degree pathways.

KEY FACTS UCAS code - P30H Location - Carmarthen Campus Course length - 3 years full- time; part-time study available Entry requirements - You will be invited to visit the University to discuss the course. Entry is based on individual merit.

BA New Media Production The BA New Media Production degree is a multidisciplinary

A hands-on programme, there is also a core theoretical strand,

programme that equips students with specialist skills and

ranging from media theory, academic skills and contemporary

knowledge in content creation for the contemporary media

issues in the Creative Industries. There is an emphasis on


employability skills, with specific opportunities for work placement and business development planning.

Students will explore a variety of creative production methodologies such as electronic publishing; online

Teaching is delivered in hands-on workshops, lectures and

filmmaking; blogging and online journalism; animation;

seminars where students are encouraged to develop their

and interactive photography as wells as the underlying web

analytical, conceptual and practical thinking. Ideas will be

technologies that define New Media. With an emphasis on

developed through pitches, workshops and presentations,

interactive narratives, the programme puts the user at the

and expressed in the production work and written critical

centre of the action. It is this interactivity and 360-degree


vision that makes New Media Production so distinctive and compelling.

As students progress through the programme they will

Key features

produce increasingly complex work culminating in a final year

Industry standard software in a state-of-the-art facility

Dissertation-by-Practice that will be their calling card when

Creation of a body of production work using a variety

they enter the Creative Industries, further develop their

of digital media technologies under expert tuition

expertise in postgraduate programmes or start their own

Explore the creative options for delivering an


interactive narrative in a variety of formats, such as

filmmaking, animation, photography and/or games

Typical modules •

Introduction to Publishing

Interactive Media

Digital Film production

Mobile Publishing: App Design and


Entrepreneurship in Film and Media

Awards available


BA Honours (360 credits)

UCAS code - PH10

Undergraduate Diploma (240 credits)

Location - Carmarthen Campus

Undergraduate Certificate (120 credits)

Course length - 3 years full- time; part-time study available Entry requirements - You will be invited to visit the University

Career opportunities •

Digital animation

Digital photography

Online Publishing

Print-based Publishing

Web-design• Gaming

to discuss the course. Entry is based on individual merit.

The School of Creative Arts is committed to ensuring that National Vocational Standards are built into its degree pathways.

Making opportunities count “The 3 years that I studied at the University helped pave my

My degree and experience at the University certainly helped

way into the Film Industry.

me get my first job at a VFX Post House as a Runner, and to where I am now as a VFX Coordinator at Aardman Animation�

My love for Film was intensified with studying Film and Media Studies in classes with lecturers who work within the creative and media industry. They and the courses they ran opened up elements and areas of Media which gave me a good scope of the industry I wanted to progress in.

The lectures were very intimate, so they felt more one-on-one lessons. The lecturers themselves made you feel like you were their only student, willing to help you in every way possible. Any questions or help that you needed you felt like you could go to them with no questions asked.

Amy James

“Studying at University helped me develop and expand my

There was always work experience and opportunities to

passion for all things media based. It really got me ready for

help build up your portfolio. Where possible, I took up these

my my first job in film production.The modules allowed me to

experiences which definitely contributed to giving my CV a

be flexible in my choice and with the variety on offer, allowed

little added extra and landing me my first Job as a Production

me to explore different areas in the field to help me find the

Assistant. I have worked on Clash of the Titans and Avatar,

right career path I wanted to take.

and I am currently working as a VFX Line Producer on Aardman Animation Pirates!�

The lectures were intimate, giving lots of focus and attention to individuals so that you could gain the most out of the course. The lecturers were always on hand in and out of class times to help with queries and direct you in the right path to further develop your ideas and projects.

Cara Davies

Guest Speakers At the School of Creative Arts we ensure that our Guest

This is what Gideon had to say...

Speaker programme plays an important part of your

“During the summer I had the pleasure of screening ‘sleep

education. We have had numerous Creative Industries people

furiously’ to a group of students and staff from the School of

giving talks to our students, with each one of them bringing

Creative Arts at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. A lively

something unique to the School’s curriculum. We also have

debate followed, with questions that had an added poignancy

Event Days which gather together various Creative Industry

because of the geographic proximity of the film’s environment

experts to give talks about the industry that you might want to

to Lampeter. The afternoon”was rounded off with my favourite

be a part of. For example, we recently had film director Gideon

ice cream from Contis Café.”

Koppel talk to our students. Gideon Koppel, Director of Sleep Furiously

Some of the tutors from our School. (From left to right - Top to Bottom) Trevor Harris;

New Media Production

Dr Susan Drake;

Film Studies

Dr Robert Shail;

Film and Media Studies

Brett Aggersberg; New Media Steve Gerrard;

Film and Media Studies

Caroline Thraves; Head of school of Creative Arts

For further information please contact; Caroline Thraves, Head of School of Creative Arts. E-mail- or Phone - 01267 67663

Website -

Shcool of Creative Arts  

Short booklet describing the new Film and Media modules offered by the Unversity of Wales, Trinity Saint David University

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