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Anode and Line Cutters Assembly as an Affordable Alternative When a vessel or boat is sailing in the deep seas, it is faced with several risks. One of them is the boat coming in contact with natural or manmade hazards that could comprise weeds or line fouling. These elements could lead to propeller entanglement, thus risking the very safety of your boat and the people on it. Along with this hazard, another common risk is the occurrence of corrosion. Corrosion is regarded as the boatman’s biggest concern, because it gradually eats away into the precious metal that is used to build the ship or boat. Both these problems would typically have two different solutions. line cutters are used to prevent propeller entanglement and anodes are installed in order to prevent corrosion. However, with constant research and development in this field, the market today also features an innovative product that is a combination of an anode as well as line cutters. This assembly can be simply installed on to your shaft. Conventional line cutting devices played no role in combating the hazards associated with corrosion. However, this new generation assembly comprises a conventional zinc anodes and a disc line cutting device. With the combination of both these critical elements into one single assembly gives you protection against corrosion as well as aquamarine hazards. Hence, it is a must-have for prop-shaft driven aquatic vessel. The part of your boat or vessel that is submerged in water is bound to get corroded. Hence, boatmen always take enough care to affix anodes in order to keep corrosion at bay. The boat zinc anodes sacrifice it while protecting your vessel against rust and deterioration. As the size of the anode slowly shrinks, it is important to replace it with a fresh anode. If the anode is not replaced in time, corrosion could set in and it could cause severe damage. Since the anode is already coupled with line cutters, all a boatman needs to do is install the entire assembly and let it do its work of cutting marine debris as well as protecting your boat. Most often, these components can be easily installed as you don’t need professional help. It comprises two halves that can simply be clamped around the shaft. This assembly is then secured tightly using screws so that it stays in place. The inner radius of the anode allows it to clamp securely to the shaft to ensure that it doesn’t rotate inadvertently under pressure. These very attributes make this assembly a convenient and affordable alternative to the more conventionally used underwater line cutters. It can be easily installed by your diver and even though it is disposable, it still helps you save money in the long run. Finally, these assemblies go through strenuous tests just to make sure that the zinc body and the stainless steel cutting blade don’t separate from each other easily. Source:

Anode and Line Cutters Assembly as an Affordable Alternative  

With constant research and development, the market today features an innovative product that is a combination of an anode as well as line cu...

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