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Terrifying moment of a street hostage taking in China . . .


DELFIN Lee’s Globe By Daniel Sta Ana Reporter Asiatique Realty Holdings has enjoyed VIP was blacklisted in 2010 treatment from the for alleged irregulariHome Development ties. Darlene Berberabe, who beMutual Fund, or Pag- came Pag-Ibig president in 2010, a hearing of the Senate comIbig, when it was given told mittee on urban planning, housmore than P5 billion ing and resettlement on Tuesday Globe Asiatique was also worth of funding com- that given P2 billion worth of loans for mitments before it its home buyers in 2008.

Under Pag-Ibig’s agreement with Globe Asiatique in 2009, Lee’s company also had the sole distinction of being the only firm that was allowed to buy back from Pag-Ibig the foreclosed properties in its developments in five years, Berberabe said. Other so-called Window 1 developers were given a buy-back period of only two years, she said. Window 1 developers are those firms allowed by Pag-Ibig

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April 7 draw:

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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The winner of the 6/55 Grand Lotto of the PCSO won through our free ticket! Congratulations to you! The mechanics of this contest is VERY simple: give in your six numbers to us today until 7pm Philippine Standard Time (10 am GMT). The numbers should range from 1 to 55. We will give you a scanned copy of the ticket. We can send it to you by mail but this may not be sent to you immediately. You may win if you match 6 or any 3, 4, or 5 numbers

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Catholic bishops: RH law was truly ‘watered’ down e 2i

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SUMMARY: Central and Eastern Visayas and the regions of Caraga and Davao will have cloudy skies with light to moderate rainshowers and thunderstorms. Metro Manila and the rest of the country will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms mostly in the afternoon or evening. Moderate to strong winds blowing from the northeast will prevail over the northern and eastern section of the country and the coastal waters along these area will be moderate to rough. Elsewhere, winds will be light to

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EDITOR Ian Raphael Lopez NEWS EDITOR Harlan Dy FEATURES EDITOR Zyrel Ebalde SPORTS EDITOR Lorenzo Holanday III

Both camps—the red shirts (anti-reproductive health law) and the purple shirts (pro-RH law)—claimed victory after the Supreme Court announced that the law was constitutional, except for provisions that penalize health workers, religious facilities or government employees who refuse to enforce it. Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said the decision of the Supreme Court “truly watered down” Republic Act No. 10354, or the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012. “Although the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the RH law, it has truly watered down the law and consequently upheld the importance of adhering to an in-

CONDOMS PH! Our headline yesterday made many people mad

formed religious conscience even among government workers. “It has also stood on the side of the rights of parents to teach their children,” Villegas said in a statement. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, one of the sponsors of the RH law, expressed thanks to the high court for its decision. “Thank you, Supreme Court! I love you, because you have faced the fears of a nation and swept them away like cobwebs,” she said.

Hunt for pings continue in hunt for missing jet A fleet of ships and planes pursued Wednesday the hunt for elusive signals and debris from missing Malaysian Flight MH370, scouring tens of thousands of square kilometers of remote Indian Ocean, officials said. It is more than a month since the Boeing 777 vanished with 239 people on board and time is running out to detect further signals as the batteries in beacons on the jet’s black box data recorders reach their expiry date. Searchers are trying to detect more “pings” from below the waves and have pledged to spend several more days trying to pinpoint the crash site before a mini-sub is launched to comb the seabed. “Up to 11 military aircraft,

By Daniel Sta Ana four civil aircraft and 14 ships will assist in today’s search,” over a zone covering 75,423 square kilometers (29,000 square miles), Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) said. The focus of the search area is 2,260 kilometers (1,400 miles) northwest of Perth and JACC said scattered showers were forecast for Wednesday. JACC chief Angus Houston explained Tuesday that a submersible sonar device would not be launched to comb the seabed until it was clear batteries that may be emitting pings from the blackboxes had expired. “We need to continue (listening) for several days to the point at which there is absolutely no doubt that the pinger batteries will have expired,” Houston said. He has labeled “very encour-

aging” signals picked up earlier this week by a specialized US Navy device towed deep underwater by the Australian vessel Ocean Shield. If the transmissions can be recaptured and confirmed as emanating from the Malaysia Airlines plane’s data recorders, technicians are poised to deploy a submersible drone, the Bluefin-21, far off western Australia. The US-made device uses sonar to scan the seafloor for possible crash debris. The plane mysteriously vanished March 8, diverting en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing for reasons unknown. The search is focused on a 600-kilometer arc of the remote southern Indian Ocean. The Ocean Shield is crisscrossing an area where satellite data indicates the plane may have gone down, trying to home in on the signals.

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

By Daniel Sta Ana Chief Correspondent

Toyota on Wednesday recalled 6.39 million vehicles worldwide for five different problems, dealing another blow to the world’s largest automaker whose reputation for quality and safety has been dented in recent years.

Toyota recalls millions of cars worldwide for mistakes part of their cars’ ‘declining quality’ today

Despite record sales and bumper profits, Toyota has been fighting to protect its brand after millions of earlier recalls and in the wake of a $1.2 billion settlement last month to settle US criminal charges. In October 2012, Toyota announced a global recall of 7.43 million vehicles, including its popular Camry and Corolla models, over a possible fire risk, while in February it recalled 1.9 million of its signature Prius hybrid cars. On Wednesday, the firm’s Tokyolisted shares took a hit, falling 3.07 percent to 5,450 yen ($53) by the close. Toyota announced five separate recalls involving 26 Toyota models, as well as the Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Trezia. “Since a few models are involved in more than one recall, the total number of vehicles that will be remedied is 6.39 million,” Toyota said in an e-mail. Among the problems are a driver’s seat defect, steering column problems, and an engine starter glitch that poses a fire risk, the company said. The vehicles affected include the Corolla sedan, the RAV4 sport utility vehicle and Yaris subcompact. Toyota said it had received two reports about fires owing to the starter defect, but added that none of the issues had caused any accidents to its knowledge. The vehicles, made over the past decade, include 1.08 million in Japan, 2.3 million in North America, about 770,000 in Europe and 62,000 in China, Toyota said. In March, the Japanese au- and tarnished its once-stellar tomaker agreed to pay $1.2 bil- reputation. lion to settle US criminal charges In reaching the settlement, that it lied to safety regulators Toyota admitted that it lied when and the public as it tried to cover it insisted in 2009 that it had adup deadly accelerator defects. Dozens of deaths were blamed on the problems, which caused vehicles to speed out of control and fail to respond to the brake. Toyota eventually recalled dressed the “root cause” of the 12 million vehicles worldwide in problem by fixing floor mats that 2009 and 2010 at a cost of $2.4 bil- could trap the accelerator. lion as the scandal over sudden, As part of the cover-up, Toyunintended acceleration spread ota scrapped plans to fix the

‘Weak yen has been a major coup’

Fresh from signing an agreement with the government to end decades-long rebellion, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on Tuesday announced it had formed its own political party to contest leadership in the future Bangsamoro autonomous region in Mindanao.

“sticky pedal” defect in the United States and instructed employees and its parts supplier not to put anything about the design changes in writing. The latest recall came as Japan’s Jiji Press news agency said Wednesday that Toyota’s global sales in the fiscal year to March topped 10 million units for the first time. The company, which declined to comment on the report, kept the title of world’s biggest automaker last year sales of 9.98 million vehicles, outpacing Ger-

many’s Volkswagen and General Motors, and said it expects 2014 to become the first to break the 10 million vehicle sales barrier in a calendar year. Toyota has tipped a record fiscal year profit after more than doubling its nine-month earnings to $15 billion thanks to the yen’s sharp decline and surging sedan sales. A weak yen has been a major coup for Japan’s automakers as it boosts their competitiveness overseas and inflates repatriated profits.

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Kim Jong Un re-elected for premier Kim Jong-Un was Wednesday “re-elected” as North Korea’s leader, state media said, as parliament met in a session closely watched for power shifts in the secretive regime following the shock execution of his once-powerful uncle. The new parliament is expected to endorse personnel changes that observers say are likely to affect a number of officials linked to his “traitor” uncle Jang Song-Thaek, once the North’s unofficial number two and Kim’s political mentor. Kim was reaffirmed as First Chairman of the powerful National Defence Commission (NDC) by the new parliament, in a show of “absolute support and trust of all service personnel and people in him”, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. The rubber-stamp assembly­­– the first under the leadership of Kim who took over from his father in December 2011 — gathered after North Koreans last month cast ballots in pre-determined elections where all candidates were unopposed. Upon his re-election, “all the deputies and participants in the session broke into stormy cheers of ‘hurrah!’, extending the highest glory and warmest congratulations to him,” KCNA said. Kim also serves as first secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, but his re-election as head of the top military body confers upon him ultimate power in the heavily militarised state. On Tuesday, top party leaders met to decide on personnel changes at the head of the regime in the aftermath of the execution of Jang, who was purged last December.

MILF creates a new political party for Bangsamoro polls

The political party will be called the United Bangsamoro Justice Party and will field candidates in the regional elections, according to Ghadzali Jaafar, political affairs chief of the 11,000-strong MILF. With the political party, Iqbal says the rebels “will continue the struggle, but no longer with arms,” Mohagher Iqbal, chief MILF negotiator, said Tuesday. The formation of the MILF political party comes after the government and the MILF signed on March 27 a historic peace agreement carving a new, more powerful autonomous region called the Bangsamoro. Jaafar said that the party was formed weeks ago and has chap- By Harry Sanchez ters now in major areas included Bangsamoro Editor in the proposed Bangsamoro entity. election. “We have already named gional The Comprehensive Agreechairs in Basilan, Sulu, Tawion the Bangsamoro (CAB), Tawi, Lanao del Sur and Magu- ment in Malacañang with Presiindanao and other areas,” Jaafar signed dent Aquino and the MILF leadsaid. laid down the road map to the Iqbal on Monday said the pro- ers, ratification of the Bangsamoro posed name had been submitted basic law (BBL), and the eventuto the Securities and Exchange al participation of the BangsamCommission for consideration people in the 2016 elections. before submitting it to the Com- oro Iqbal mentioned the formission on Elections for inclu- mation offirst the political party in a sion in the official list of parties news conference in Buluan last allowed to participate in the re- Sunday. But he did not elaborate.

The MILF, Iqbal said, would welcome any candidate as long as “he or she is for the good of the Bangsamoro.” “It did not mean that if they are not MILF members, they will not be allowed to run anymore,” he said. Iqbal said they hoped that the BBL, which will serve as basis for the Bangsamoro entity, will finally be completed by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission for submission to Congress. Iqbal, chair of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), said the commission did

NO MORE WAR Our headline on March 28th not meet its self-imposed deadline of finishing the draft last March 31.

“We are trying our best to finish it,” Iqbal added to his statement earlier.

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

‘There was a VIP treatment by Pag-ibig for Lee’s entity’ From Page 1, Col. 3 to process loan applications and choose buyers in their respective developments. Asked how many developers had this kind of arrangement with Pag-Ibig, Berberabe said: “There’s only one. It’s only GA (Globe Asiatique).” Berberabe acknowledged that Globe Asiatique had a good reputation as a developer in those days. “[It was given] awards for being an outstanding developer. … There was nothing in the records that Pag-Ibig red-flagged at that time,” she said. Former Vice President Noli de Castro, who was the chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and Pag-Ibig at the time, said there was no special treatment for Globe Asiatique, only a special arrangement. “The only reason why it became P5 billion is only to [ensure] that there would be continuous funds for the developer because the project was huge. It was a township project,” De Castro said referring to Globe Asiatique’s Xevera II township project in Mabalacat City, Pampanga province. De Castro suggested that the project was deemed quite beneficial to the home buyers because it was a complete community with provisions for a school, a church and a commercial center. “That was the only difference, conditions and warranties of P5 billion and a five-year buy-back for GA,” De Castro said. Sen. JV Ejercito, the committee chair, said the township project was quite laudable, “but the committee would want to know where the scam exploded.” “It was quite conspicuous that [Globe Asiatique] was able to take out a huge loan of P7 billion. There were 200 other developers qualified under Window 1, that’s why however you look at it, Globe Asiatique enjoyed special treatment at that time,” Ejercito told reporters during a break in the hearing. Ejercito said the committee had also invited Marikina Rep. Romero Quimbo, the former PagIbig president who designed the pilot program that allowed Globe

Preferential treatment: Delfin Lee Asiatique to access massive funds from the government. But as part of the courtesy extended to a fellow legislator, Ejercito said it was up to Quimbo to attend or skip the hearing. Ejercito said Quimbo should explain the P2 billion released to Globe Asiatique before he resigned in 2009. In a radio report, Quimbo said he was willing to attend the Senate hearing. Quimbo claimed that he had been virtually exonerated by Berberabe when she recounted that it was his successor who gave the green light for the release of P5 billion to Lee’s Xevera township projects in Pampanga. (Quimbo was succeeded as Pag-Ibig

president by Jaime Fabiana, who served until 2010.) But in a text message sent after the hearing, Berberabe clarified that she was leaving it to the committee members to discern who were the culprits in the P6.6billion Globe Asiatique scam. “What I did was simply to share the timeline of events based on the documents that I studied. It is for the committee to make a conclusion as to which acts are noteworthy or which are sticking out as blameworthy,” Berberabe said in a text message. “I didn’t exonerate or blame anyone. I tried to be as factual as possible,” she said. Globe Asiatique president Lee did not attend Tuesday’s

Estrada dismisses plunder case By Annabelle Rosario Correspondent

‘There is nothing on record which says Estrada was part’

ment of my readiness to testify and vow to fully cooperate in the scheduled Senate inquiry. I am appealing to the honorable senators to give us the chance, including the thousands of home buyers of Globe Asiatique who have one way or another been gravely affected by this ‘hoax and big joke’ perpetuated by the current officials of the people’s fund,” Lee said. Rivera said he was hopeful that the Senate would sign the subpoena for Lee in time for the next hearing to ensure Lee’s attendance. Ejercito said the committee would ensure that Lee would attend the next hearing with the issuance of a subpoena.

Binay: Now we can move on from divisive RH law... By Shirley Sy Politics Reporter

There is no evidence that he received millions of pesos in kickbacks from Janet LimNapoles, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada said in a 26-page motion for reconsideration he submitted to the Ombudsman.

Estrada submitted his motion almost a week after the Ombudsman announced that it found probable cause to charge him, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. with plunder in connection with the P10billion pork barrel scam. “There is nothing on record which established that Senator Estrada received kickbacks of ‘around 50 percent of the PDAF amount involved.’ Benhur Luy and other witnesses never claimed to have personally handled and/or witnessed the delivThe motion said that Luy’s ery of ‘around 50 percent of the ledger didn’t indicate that monPDAF amount involved’ to Sena- ey was delivered to Estrada. It tor Estrada,” the document read. added that the purported ledg-

hearing because his subpoena had not yet been signed by Senate President Franklin Drilon. “Mr. Lee cannot attend the hearing without a subpoena because he is under arrest. If his warden brought him to the Senate without a subpoena, he’d be out of a job by now,” Lee’s lawyer, Willie Rivera, said in a phone interview. In a statement issued through Rivera, Lee said it was “unfortunate” that he could not attend yesterday’s hearing and was deprived of a chance to explain the real issues behind the accusations being made against him by the current Pag-Ibig management. “I reiterate my earlier state-

er will not even support the alleged scheme or modus of giving 50-percent kickbacks to legislators. Estrada, in his motion, maintained that the evidence on record fails to establish probable cause to indict him for plunder and for violation of the AntiGraft Law.

Vice President Jejomar Binay is confident that the Supreme Court’s decision, declaring the Reproductive Health (RH) law constitutional, will now put to rest the issue that has been dividing the country. “The Supreme Court decision on the Reproductive Health (RH) Law addressed the contentious issues squarely,” Binay said in a statement on Wednesday. He said the ruling did not only recognize and uphold the right of women to choose, but it also defined the role of government, and allayed the concerns of religious groups. “Now that the highest court has spoken, I am con-

fident that we can all put this divisive issue behind us,” Binay said. On Tuesday, the high tribunal declared the RH law constitutional while rejecting at least eight of its provisions.

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Well, Reeva died in my arms . . . By Girlie Manasala Features Reporter

Oscar Pistorius has described how his girlfriend died in his arms as he made frantic attempts to resuscitate her after gunning her down in his bathroom. The double-amputee was giving evidence for a third day, returning to the witness box after wailing yesterday while describing the moment he realised he had fatally shot his girlfriend by mistake. In early evidence today, Pistorius mostly kept his copmposure, though he often paused and his voice quavered in apparent distress while describing what he said were his desperate attempts to help the 29-yearold model after shooting her through a closed toilet door. He said: ‘I knelt down over Reeva. She was sitting up. I checked to see if she was breathing. She wasn’t. ‘I had her head on my left shoulder and I could feel her blood was running down on me. I could that her arm was broken.’ He said he could barely By Hermes Corpuz World Reporter

Senior figures from Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the US are set to meet for talks on the situation in Ukraine next week, it has been announced, in what will be the first meeting of the four since the crisis erupted.

pick her up, so placed her ‘softly’ on a bathmat while he went to open the bedroom door and the front door. He then went back to the bathroom and carried her downstairs. In between sobbing and long pauses, he said: ‘I couldn’t pick her up. I was struggling to pick her up. I was scares that I had hurt her more. I put her arm onto her body.’ At that point he came across neighbour Johan Stander and his daughter. ‘Before I put her down, I said “we need to get her to the hospital, we need to get her to the hospital”. ‘They said the ambulance is on its way. ‘Then I just sat with her and waited for the ambulance to arrive. ‘I had my fingers in her mouth to help to breathe. I had my hand on her hip to try to stop the bleeding’. He said paramedics arrived a short time later. ‘I stood back when they arrived and stood a couple of metres away from them,’ he added.

Russia to meet EU and US over Ukraine crisis

The EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, will join the US secretary of state, John Kerry, his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov and Ukraine’s foreign minister, Andriy Deshchytsia. News of the meeting emerged as a tense standoff between pro-Russian sectarianists and Ukraine security forces continued in the country’s east. Ukraine’s security service has said that 56 people held inside a local headquarters in the eastern city of Luhansk occupied by pro-Russian separatists have been allowed to leave the premises. The Luhansk security services building was among several government offices seized by pro-Moscow groups on Sunday in an escalation of protests against the interim government in power since President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in February. With the crisis in eastern Ukraine deepening, Russia sought on Wednesday to ease concerns in Kiev and the west over the presence of troops near the border with Ukraine and denied it was considering invading eastern Ukraine. “The United States and Ukraine have no reason to be worried,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement. “Russia has stated many times that it is not carrying out any unusual or unplanned activity on its territory near the border with Ukraine that would be of military significance.” Kiev, meanwhile, vowed that the situation would be resolved within 48 hours, either by negotiations or force. All the cities affected by the uprisings are in Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the east, which has a large population of ethnic Russians and where there is significant hostility toward the government that took power after the ousting of Kremlin-friend- Guarded: Pro-Russia separatists occupy security headquarters ly Yanukovych. made before Crimea’s annexa- holding 60 people hostage. It was By Wednesday morning, pro- tion by Russia. Speeches were not immediately clear if the 56 testers in Luhansk had erected occasionally interspersed with allowed to leave on Wednesday high barricades along a thor- chants of “Russia, Russia!” were among that number, or how oughfare running in front of the An unidentified speaker at many people were still being held. security service premises. one stage listed names of promiThose occupying the buildOvernight, speakers gath- nent politicians that he suggest- ing have issued a video stateered in front of the building con- ed should be executed, eliciting ment warning that any attempt demned the government in Kiev cheers in return. to storm the place would be met and renewed demands to be alThe security service had said with armed force. lowed to hold a referendum on on Tuesday that separatists inIn the video, posted by declaring autonomy for their side the building, armed with ex- Ukrainian media, a masked region. Similar demands were plosives and other weapons, were man identified the occupiers as

‘Reeva had already died while I was holding her so I knew there was nothing they could for her. ‘The paramedic lady said she would like to inform me that Reeva had passed.’ Yesterday, Pistorius took off his prosthetic legs and stood next to the very door he fired through before wailing loudly as he described Miss Steenkamp’s final moments. ‘Before I knew it, I’d fired four shots,’ he told the court, his voice quivering with emotion. The sprinter wept so uncontrollably as he spoke of finding the model unconscious on the other side of the door that it forced the adjournment of his trial for the day. He recounted hearing a window sliding open in his bathroom in the middle of the night on Valentine’s Day last year. Conditioned by years of living in crime-ridden South Africa, he said the noises convinced him someone was breaking into his luxury Pretoria home.

Customs still do not get set revenue “So far, not so good.”That was how a high official of the Bureau of Customs described the agency’s revenue collections during the first quarter of the year, which totaled P86.26 billion, P8.51 billion short of its target of P94.76 billion. The official, who asked not to be identified by name for lack of authority to speak to the media, said it was unlikely the bureau would meet its annual revenue target of P408.1 billion. Last year, the BOC collected a little over P300 billion, P34 billion short of its 12-month goal of P340 billion. Still, the 2014 first quarter revenues were P17.45 billion more than the P68.81 billion collected in the same period last year, according to a preliminary revenue collection report. The same report showed that for the third month in a row, the bureau failed to meet its revenue goal with collections of a little over P29 billion, about P4.21 billion short of its March target of P33.28 billion.

18 killed in big bomb blast in Pakistan area Ukrainian veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and said that if authorities tried to retake the building, “Welcome to hell, then!” There was little immediate evidence of any major deployment of Ukrainian special forces at the site. The security service said negotiations with the separatists were continuing and that parliamentary deputies had been able to enter and leave the building unhindered.

A bomb ripped through a fruit and vegetable market on the outskirts of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on Wednesday killing at least 18 people and leaving dozens more wounded, officials said. The death toll was likely to rise, according to Dr. Aisha Eisani, the spokeswoman for the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences where dead and wounded are taken.

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snowden says that US spied on human rights workers The US has spied on the staff of prominent human rights organisations, Edward Snowden has told the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Europe’s top human rights body. Giving evidence via a videolink from Moscow, Snowden said the National Security Agency – for which he worked as a contractor – had deliberately snooped on bodies like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. He told council members: “The NSA has specifically targeted either leaders or staff members in a number of civil and nongovernmental organisations … including domestically within the borders of the United States.” Snowden did not reveal which groups the NSA had bugged. The assembly asked Snowden if the US spied on the “highly sensitive and confidential communications” of major rights bodies such as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, as well as on similar smaller regional and national groups. He replied: “The answer

By Hermes Corpuz World Reporter is, without question, yes. Absolutely.” He added: “Look at the language officials use in sworn testimony about these records: ‘could have,’ ‘may have,’ ‘potentially.’ They’re prevaricating. Every single one of those officials knows I don’t have 1.7m files, but what are they going to say? What senior official is going to go in front of Congress and say, ‘We have no idea what he has, because the NSA’s auditing of systems holding hundreds of millions of Americans’ data is so negligent that any high-school dropout can walk out the door with it’?” In live testimony to the Council of Europe, Snowden also gave a forensic account of how the NSA’s powerful surveillance programs violate the EU’s privacy laws. He said programs such as XKeyscore, revealed by the Guardian last July, use sophisticated data mining techniques to

screen “trillions” of private communications. “This technology represents the most significant new threat to civil liberties in modern times,” he declared. XKeyscore allows analysts to search with no prior authorisation through vast databases containing emails, online chats, and the browsing histories of millions of individuals. Snowden said on Tuesday that he and other analysts were able to use the tool to select an individual’s metadata and content “without judicial approval or prior review”. In practical terms, this meant the agency tracked citizens not involved in any nefarious activities, he stressed. The NSA operated a “de facto policy of guilt by association”, he added. Snowden said the agency, for example, monitored the travel patterns of innocent EU and other citizens not involved in terrorism or any wrongdoing. The 30-year-old whistleblower – who began his intelligence

It always keeps me warm at night... Daniel Sta Ana

career working for the CIA in Geneva – said the NSA also routinely monitored the communications of Swiss nationals “across specific routes”. Others who fell under its purview included people who accidentally followed a wrong link, downloaded the wrong file, or “simply visited an internet sex forum”. French citizens who logged on to a suspected network were also targeted, he said. The XKeyscore program amounted to an egregious form of mass surveillance, Snowden suggested, because it hoovered up data from “entire populations”. Anyone using non-encrypted communications might be targeted on the basis of their “religious beliefs, sexual or political affiliations, transactions with certain businesses” and even “gun ownership”, he claimed. Snowden said he did not believe the NSA was engaged in “nightmare scenarios”, such as the active compilation of a list of homosexuals “to round them up and send them into camps”. But he said that the infrastructure allowing this to happen had been built. The NSA, its allies, authoritarian governments and even private organisations could all abuse this technology, he said, adding that mass surveillance was a “global problem”. It led to “less liberal and safe societies”, he told the council. At times assembly members struggled to follow Snowden’s rapid, sometimes technical delivery. At one point the session’s chairperson begged him to slow down, so the translators could catch up. Snowden also criticised the British spy agency GCHQ. He cited the agency’s Optic Nerve program revealed by the Guardian in February. It was, he said, one of many “abusive” examples of state snooping. Under the program GCHQ bulk collects images from Yahoo webcam chats. Many of these images were “intensely private” Snowden said, depicting some form of nudity, and often taken from the “bedrooms and private homes” of people not suspected of individualised wrongdoing. “[Optic Nerve] continued even after GCHQ became aware that the vast majority had no intelligence value at all,” Snowden said.

Snowden made clear he did believe in legitimate intelligence operations. “I would like to clarify I have no intention to harm the US government or strain [its] bilateral ties,” he asserted, adding that he wanted to improve government, not bring it down. The exiled American spy, however, said the NSA should abandon its electronic surveillance of entire civilian populations. Instead, he said, it should go back to the traditional model of eavesdropping against specific targets, such as “North Korea, terrorists, cyber-actors, or anyone else.” Snowden also urged members of the Council of Europe to encrypt their personal communications. He said that encryption, used properly, could still withstand “brute force attacks” from powerful spy agencies and others. “Properly implemented algorithms backed up by truly random keys of significant length … all require more energy to decrypt than exists in the universe,” he said. The international organisation defended its decision to invite Snowden to testify. In a statement on Monday, it said: “Edward Snowden has triggered a massive public debate on privacy in the internet age. We hope to ask him what his revelations mean for ordinary users and how they should protect their privacy and what kind of restrictions Europe should impose on state surveillance.”

Attorney general defends surveillance by spying agencies The attorney general, George Brandis, has mounted a strenuous defence of surveillance activities by intelligence organisations, citing new threats from fighters radicalised in Syria as justification for beefing up global security capability and cooperation. Brandis has told an elite Washington thinktank audience that as a lawyer, he has a “bredin-the-bone respect for due process and civil liberties” – but as the minister responsible for homeland security in Australia, “the more intelligence I read, the more conservative I become”. He says the “intimate” collaboration through the “5-Eyes” intelligence partnership of the United Kingdom, Canada and

New Zealand, Australia and the United States is essential to combating evolving national security threats, and must continue “unaffected” by the Snowden fallout.

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Look who’s crawling!

Prince George undertook his first royal crawl-about today as he attended a parent and baby group with his own, world-famous, mummy and daddy. The eight-month-old was brought along by his clearly proud parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to the ‘playdate’ organised by The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at Government House in Wellington. Following his scenestealing appearance on Monday when the family arrived in New Zealand to begin their three week tour Down Under, all eyes were on the future king as he was introduced to ten babies born within a few weeks of his own birthday, on July 22 last year. It was the first time that the third in line to the throne had undertaken a public duty – of sorts. But it clearly won’t be the first, in what will be a lifetime of royal service. Fortunately George, whose first two bottom teeth recently popped through, conducted his debut public engagement with the confidence of a seasoned pro. Crawling around on the plush blue patterned carpet of the Blandor Room, which was littered with toys including building bricks, George was one of the biggest babies there - ‘quite a bruiser’ one onlooker remarked.

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

SAYS The fallen heroes that we won’t forget On this day 72 years ago, the news dreaded by everyone crackled over short-wave radio: Bataan had fallen. What came to be known as the Bataan Death March claimed the lives of about 10,000 Filipino and 650 American soldiers, and entered the annals as among the most horrific episodes of World War II. It would lead to the prosecution of Lt. Gen. Homma Masaharu, commander of the Japanese invasion forces in the Philippines, for war crimes, for which he was executed by firing squad on April 3, 1946, or merely six days short of four years since the white flag of surrender was waved by the valiant defenders of Bataan. But after the war, the United States, under whose command the stout-hearted Filipino soldiers had fought, refused to recognize their bravery and heroism. Incredibly, it was only in 2009 that the US Congress finally approved a package recognizing the military service of Filipino war veterans—to the tune of a $15,000 tax-free lump sum given to those now living in the United States, and $9,000 to those living in the Philippines. By this time, out of more than 250,000 Filipinos who had served under the US command in the war, only some 18-000-20,000 remained, many of them living in poverty and poor health. The Philippines itself has been grossly remiss in its obligation to honor its war heroes. How much is the pension doled out to veterans by law? The shocking sum of P5,000 monthly, plus a disability pension of P1,700 monthly—though that amount could go lower depending on one’s disability level. More than the lack of financial support, however, is the loss of memory of a generation’s ultimate sacrifice to defend the nation’s freedom. EDITOR Ian Raphael Lopez NEWS EDITOR Harlan Dy FEATURES EDITOR Zyrel Ebalde SPORTS EDITOR Lorenzo Holanday III


Hollywood stars, the political elite and the royal family sat side by side in the splendour of Saint George’s Hall last night during a historic state banquet at Windsor Castle for Irish President Michael D Higgins. Daniel Day-Lewis and Dame Judi Dench, Irish rugby hero Brian O’Driscoll and his actress wife Amy Huberman, hat designer Philip Treacy, sculptor Sir Antony Gormley and Sir Terry Wogan were all welcomed to the Queen’s home. To mark the occasion the Queen wore emeralds in honour of her guests. Her tiara – the Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia’s tiara - bore droplets of emeralds, chosen specifically for the occasion. The Queen otherwise would wear pearls. Grand Duchess Vladimir, also known as Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia, wife of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alex-

androvich, was the aunt of Tsar Nicholas II, who was murdered alongside his family in 1918 by the Bolsheviks. Grand Duchess Vladimir was the grandest of the grand duchesses at the royal court and she was no fan of the Tsar’s wife, Alexandra. So she packed up her magnificent jewel collection and set up a rival court at which she could be the star of the show. One of her most dazzling pieces was this very tiara of 15 intertwined diamond circles strung together with a diamond ribbon on top and hung with articulating pendant pearls, made in the 1874 by Bolin, the Russian court jeweller. She hid this wonderful example of intricate Russian craftsmanship in the vault at Vladimir Palace in 1918 when she fled St. Petersburg in the wake of the revolution. It remained hidden away

until a friend of the family who happened to be a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service smuggled the jewels out of Russia for the Grand Duchess, tucked away in a plain bag. With her jewels finally returned to her, she split them up amongst her four children before passing away in Paris in 1920. This particular tiara went to her daughter, Princess Nicholas of Greece. Princess Nicholas sold her jewels to benefit both her family and Russian charities and she sold this one in 1921 to Queen Mary. Queen Mary had to have some repairs after the tiara made its journey to the UK. It was inherited by Queen Elizabeth on Mary’s death in 1953 along with the rest of her remaining jewel collection. The necklace of diamonds and emeralds set in platinum and gold worn by the Queen was one of the principal elements

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014


The food served STARTER Halibut with baby leeks in a fine herb sauce MAIN COURSE Tournedos of Windsor Estate beef with wild mushrooms and watercress puree Purple sprouting broccoli in hollandaise sauce Onions stuffed with parmesan and bulgur wheat Savoyarde potatoes and salad DESSERT Vanilla ice-cream bombe with Windsor redcurrant centre and fruit plate WINES Ridgeview Cuvée Merret Grosvenor 2009 Meursault 1er Cru Perrières 2005, Chanson Père et Fils Château Léoville-Barton 1990, 2ème Cru Classé, St Julien Louis Roederer Carte Blanche NV Quinto do Noval Vintage Port 1966

of Queen Mary’s parure of diamonds and emeralds created for the Delhi Durbar of 1911. The parure consisted of The Delhi Durbar Tiara, a stomacher (incorporating Cullinan V and VIII diamonds), brooch, earrings and this necklace. The Cullinan VII was cut by Asscher’s as an 8.8 carat marquise and is suspended as an asymmetrical pendant on a detachable chain of ten graduated diamonds, to counterbalance the pear-shaped emerald pendant, which is pavé-set and similarly suspended from a detachable, graduated chain of 12 diamonds. The necklace incorporates nine of the Cambridge emeralds, originally owned by Queen Mary’s grandmother, the Duchess of Cambridge. The eight cabochon-cut emeralds are set between six large brilliant diamonds on a double platinum chain, with 94 smaller brilliant-cut diamonds.

The necklace was inherited, along with the rest of the parure, by The Queen in 1953. During the banquet, the Irish song Molly Malone was played as the royal procession made its way into the room. After speeches by the Queen and President Higgins, guests tucked into fillet of Isle of Gigha halibut with young leeks and fine herb sauce. For the main course they ate tornadoes of Windsor estate beef with wild mushrooms and water cress puree, served with purple sprouting broccoli and sauce hollandaise, baked onions stuffed with Parmesan and Bulgar wheat. For dessert guests were served vanilla ice-cream bombe with Balmoral redcurrant centre. The long polished table surrounded by 160 guests - was decorated with candelabras and flowers, including green Bells of Ireland, and other flowers with

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shades of orange and white to represent the Ireland’s national colours. Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister and ex-IRA commander Martin McGuinness was seated next to President of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse and Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti. The Queen was to the left of President Higgins and the Duchess of Cornwall was on his right hand side. Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Labour leader Ed Miliband were also in attendance, along with the Foreign Secretary William Hague, First Minister of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers. Other members of the royal family at the banquet included the Prince of Wales who is sitting next to President Higgins’ wife.

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Terrifying moment of cleaver hostage in China’s streets This is the terrifying moment a man wielding a cleaver grabs a woman in the street and threatens to cut her throat before being tackled to the ground by police. The woman was grabbed by the knifeman at the Kunming News Center in China’s south west Yunnan Province earlier today. The cleaver was then held against her neck, with the man threatening to cut her throat. Police were called to the scene and cordoned off the area before trying to negotiate with the man. But he failed to surrender the frightened woman and police acted by tackling him to the ground. The man was then detained by the police after the one-hour standoff. The female hostage was then freed but fainted due to the terrifying incident and was immediately rushed to hospital. A police officer was also wounded in the tackling the man and sustained injuries to his right hand.

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aerobics could boost memory and scope of mindset for women

Page 11 By Girlie Manasala Features Reporter Brisk walking for two hours a week may help boost brainpower in women at risk of dementia, say researchers. A six-month study in women with early memory problems found aerobic activity increased the size of the hippocampus an area of the brain involved in learning and memory. Canadian researchers claim it’s never too late to undertake regular physical activity based on increasing evidence that it promotes brain health. They investigated the effect of different types of exercise on the size of the hippocampus because it is very sensitive to the effects of ageing and neurological damage. The trial involved 86 women with mild memory problems, known as mild cognitive impairment - and a common risk factor for dementia. The women aged between 70 and 80 years, who were living independently at home, were split into three groups. They were assigned to twice weekly hour long aerobic sessions of brisk walking; or resistance training, such as lunges, squats, and weights; or balance and muscle toning exercises (the control group). The size of their hippocampus was assessed at the start and the end of the six month trial period, says a report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (must credit). Altogether 29 of the women had before and after MRI scans, which showed the hippocampus was significantly bigger in those completing six months of aerobic training compared with balance and muscle toning exercises. Resistance training made little difference compared with the balance and muscle toning group. The women’s verbal memory and learning capacity was assessed before and after using a recognised test and there was some evidence it worsened as the hippocampus got bigger. Study leader Dr Teresa LiuAmbrose, of the Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, said the relationship between brain volume and cognitive performance was complex, and needed further research. But at the very least, aerobic exercise seems to be able to slow the shrinkage of the hippocampus and maintain the volume in a group of women who are at risk of developing dementia, she said. ‘Given the growing evidence that exercise is beneficial for cognitive and brain health, physical activity should be a standard recommendation for all older adults regardless of cognitive status’ she added. Previous research has found regular exercise can cut the risk of developing dementia, while other studies suggest keeping the brain active by doing crosswords, playing cards and computer works. Official guidelines in the UK say people should do 150 minutes of moderate, or 75 minutes of vigorous, exercise every week but three out of four Britons fail to achieve this. Dr Laura Phipps of Alzheimer’s Research UK charity, said ‘There is growing evidence that regular exercise can help keep our brains healthy as we age. ‘The study reports an unexpected decrease in memory performance in those who showed an increase in hippocampus size, suggesting that the relationship between brain size and memory may not be straightforward.‘While there is no sure-fire way to prevent the onset of dementia, evidence suggests that there are things we can do to look after our brain. ‘This includes eating a healthy balanced diet, taking regular exercise, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in check.’

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

Typhoon to land fall on Samar again Tropical depression “Domeng” is expected to make landfall in the Samar provinces on Saturday, the state weather bureau said. Jun Galang of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said Domeng was moving slowly because of a high pressure area, known as anti-cyclone. It causes warm weather and at the same time slows down bad weather. If Domeng does not dissipate, it will be out of the Philippine area of responsibility by Monday, Galang said. He also did not discount the possibility that it will re-intensify into a storm. The tropical depression was last forecast 370 kilometers east of Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur with maximum winds of 45 kph near the center. It is forecast to move northwest at 5 kph. Central and Eastern Visayas and the regions of Caraga and Davao will have cloudy skies with light to moderate rainshowers and thunderstorms, Pagasa said. Metro Manila and the rest of the country will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms mostly in the afternoon or evening. Moderate to strong winds blowing from the northeast to northwest will prevail over the eastern section of the country and its coastal waters will be moderate to rough. Elsewhere, winds will be light to moderate coming from the northeast to northwest with slight to moderate seas.

Couple nabbed for using child as a drug mule A couple who police said had been using their threemonth-old baby girl as a drug mule in their selling operations were arrested in a buy-bust in San Juan City Tuesday night. A police report identified the suspects as Aimee Aresio Danzal, 37; and Abu Omblay Angantap, 32. Inspector Jeson Vigilla, head of the city’s drugs unit, said the two were arrested after they were caught in the act of handing over two sachets of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu to a policeman who posed as a buyer at the corner of Road 5 and Road 10 in Barangay (village) West Crame around 9:30 p.m. A policeman who was part of the team that conducted the buy-bust operation but who refused to be identified for not having been authorized to speak on the matter said the sachets handed were taken by Danzal from the diaper of their 3-month-old baby girl, whom she (Danzal) was carrying at that time. “(The baby) was only three months old. Not even six months old. She was so small…,” he said.

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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The battle is not yet over for some Catholics in Visayas By Annabelle Rosario Correspondent

The Supreme Court ruling that declares the reproductive health law as constitutional has not deterred the spirit of the Visayas-based pro-life advocates who vowed to continue fighting the law, which they have described as “immoral.”

“May God forgive them,” said Fr. Amadeo Alvero, Palo Archdiocese spokesperson, referring to the justices who voted in favor of the RH law. He stressed that the high court ruling would not change their conviction that the “RH Law is not a law willed by God but a law made by anti-life people.” The Church, he added, would continue to “uphold, respect and promote life which God wants.” Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra said the provisions that were thumbed down by the Supreme Court should be considered as a little triumph. “We need to take action and make a careful study and strategic pastoral response to this, because this battle is not over yet,” he said. “In fact, it has just begun and the event today only makes us

stronger,” he added. Navarra stressed that they would continue to speak against the law and condemn it as an “immoral” measure constituting a grave violation of the principles of the right to life and the dignity of the human persons in the light of the authoritative doctrine of the Catholic Church. “The challenge is to form and inform the consciences of our faithful because the real fight against the artificial contraceptive methods which are not accessible, is fought with in that sanctuary of conscience and where one makes a choice,” he said. The second challenge would be for the church to strengthen its various family ministries, he said. “We shall make our resistance known and felt in every nook and cranny starting from the basic ecclesiastical communities and parishes. This is our commitment and with ever greater intensity and energy, we shall not waver from it,” he said A church leader in Iloilo also expressed dismay over the Supreme Court ruling. “A disastrous day for life!” reacted Msgr. Meliton Oso, social action director of the Jaro Archdiocese. He said the Catholic Church has always stood by its belief that

Jubilant: People celebrate on the passing of the RH law the law “opens the door for abortion and abortifacients.” If the decision of the high court would not be reversed, Oso said the Church would intensify its campaign and teachings on life and natural planning. While seeing flaws in the law, the women’s group Gabriela in Panay welcomed the ruling of the high court, especially in addressing needs of women and children. “The ruling also serves as a

challenge to the government to prioritize health care as its basic responsibility to the people,” said Roxanne Arsaga, spokesperson of Gabriela Panay. She said the government should ensure that free, accessible and comprehensive reproductive health would be available to women and children especially those coming from poor families. For a church-based group in Cebu, the Supreme Court ruling

did not mean the battle was over. “We (pro-life groups) will regroup and discuss what strategies went wrong and improve it. Tuloy ang laban (The fight continues). This is not yet the end of the battle,” said Dr. Rene Bullecer, country director of Human Life International Philippines. He, however, said they were a “bit happy” that some provisions were declared unconstitutional.

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

President praises veterans and soldiers in Ayungin By Annabelle Rosario Correspondent The government has stopped providing benefits to at least 22,534 supposed war veterans beginning this year as part of an ongoing effort to remove ineligible claimants in its list. President Aquino said on Wednesday another 14,616 accounts had been suspended, allowing the government to recover a total of P396.61 million in pension remittances. “The government now has the obligation to take care of our veterans. The only problem [is] many have joined the list, and have taken a share in the benefits, even if they are not true veterans,” he said in Filipino in a speech commemorating the Day of Valor (Araw ng Kagitingan) here. “Now, we are making sure that every peso we give from our national coffers goes to the truly deserving.” The President honored Filipino veterans who fought against the Japanese during World War II, saying “the State will continue to recognize your contributions.” “Through the example you have set, the Filipino spirit remains alive today,” he said. “What we want [is] sufficient care for our veterans and their families, enough to match their devotion to our country.” Aquino saluted veterans for their sacrifice, recalling that “you did not think twice about putting your lives on the line for the wellbeing of the majority.” “Perhaps if one asks the current generation about the meaning of sacrifice, the most fitting answer would be your example,” he said. “Was it not you, veterans, who, for the sake of our flag, charged with full resolve into danger and uncertainty? In the face of great challenge, you withstood hunger,

Respect: President Aquino yesterday thirst, and pain.” As of last month, Aquino said the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) has been providing service to 133,784 veterans and their spouses. The Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) now covers cataract operation, coronary angiogram and cardiac bypass

procedure as “part of the list of services the government will pay for,” according to President Aquino. Last year, he said the VMMC provided medical services worth P17 million to 1,092 veterans. “Just last year, the PVAO was able to provide for the schooling of 2,059 students. And when it

comes to financial aid: we were able to give up to 36,000 a year for each qualified dependent of our veterans,” he said. “The current generation of Filipinos is indeed fortunate: they need not look far to see and recognize true role models,” the President said. “From names etched in stone,

The puzzles? Very puzzling. Bloke in the corner, 34

to heroes whose stories did not find their way to being inscribed in books, and even to each Filipino doing his part to bring about lasting change—every single great act makes up and strengthens the identity of the Filipino people: unwavering in principle, brave, and ready to confront any challenge.”

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014


The ballerina who lost eight stone just to fit in a tutu . . .

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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size 22 ballet dancer who says she used to look like the ‘Sugar Plump Fairy’ lost 8st after she was ashamed to find she was too fat to wear a tutu. Tiffany Broadfoot, 22, felt ashamed of herself after becoming the biggest student to graduate in dance from her college. Tipping the scales at 20st thanks to her love of fish and chips, she resolved to battle the weight — and slimmed down to 11st 11lb and a size 12. Tiffany, from Glasgow, says: ‘It was so embarrassing having to perform on stage next to all the other tiny dancers in tutus. ‘I wore specially made black leggings. I looked like a giant next to them. ‘Even though I knew I could dance just as well, my weight meant I missed out on the best parts. ‘I was more Sugar Plump Fairy than Sugar Plum Fairy.’ She says: ‘I’d snack on battered sausages and fishcakes. I spent my days grazing on greasy chips and fried food. I must have been putting away thousands of calories.’ Although she continued with her dance lessons, Tiffany was a size 18 by the time she left school. She says: ‘At that stage I wasn’t too worried. I was a young girl and people said it was puppy fat. ‘With all the dancing, I thought it would eventually come off.’


iffany managed to win a place at dance college, studying for an HND. She says: ‘When I saw how petite all the other girls were at the audition, I was worried I wouldn’t get in. But I put

on the best performance I could. ‘I was desperate to show my size didn’t get in the way of being a good dancer.’ Tiffany was thrilled when she was accepted and vowed to lose weight. But she was locked in a junk food cycle and found dieting far harder than she thought she would. She says: ‘Being the biggest dancer was so mortifying. ‘I’d paint on a smile all day but inside I was embarrassed and the only thing that made me feel better was food. I was just comfort eating to mask the pain.’


ancing all day burned off around 1,000 calories but after college she would indulge in fish and chips, or burgers at McDonald’s on her way home before having a second evening meal with her family. Tiffany says: ‘Mum didn’t know I was eating a meal on the way home and would cook me a tea.’ She also scoffed puddings and snacked all evening on chocolate and crisps. She says: ‘It was a vicious cycle and I couldn’t break it. ‘Every night I vowed to diet but then I would have a day at college feeling awful about myself and go straight for the junk food.’ She did continue to hold her own in class and the other dancers were very supportive. She says: ‘I felt like I stood out a mile because they were all so tiny.’ Tiffany got only minor parts in shows though, and says: ‘I would have been too ashamed to have a central role. ‘It would have been impossible, anyway, because no costumes fitted me. I was far too fat to wear a tutu. I would have looked ridiculous.’ While the other girls leapt across the stage in their tutus, Tiffany wore black leggings and a T-shirt.

In June 2011 Tiffany completed her course — a size 22 and weighing 19st. But while other students landed jobs in the industry, Tiffany did not.


he took a call-centre job and not dancing all day caused her to gain more weight, so by the time she graduated in November 2011 she had gained another stone. She was the biggest dance student to graduate from Glasgow Clyde College, and wore a size 24 robe at the ceremony. She says: ‘I was proud to graduate but it was also humiliating. ‘I hardly looked like a dancer in my size 24 robes so I think people assumed they had called out the wrong name when they saw me heading to the stage.’ It was the catalyst she needed and seeing her graduation photo made her more determined. She says: ‘Mum and Dad were proud of me graduating so they put up a photo in the house. But every time I saw it, I felt sick.’ Tiffany swapped the junk food for lean meat and fruit and veg. By May 2012 she had lost more than a stone — and joined a local slimming class called Weight Wise. She then lost 7lbs in a week and joined a gym. By August this year she was 11st 11lb and a size 12, and became a slimming class leader. She then decided to combine her dance skill with what she had learned about nutrition to train as a fitness instructor. Tiffany says: ‘I want to help people lose weight through dance and change their lives like I did. ‘I still do ballet classes and love knowing I can finally fit in a tutu. ‘I now look on the outside like the dancer I have always been on the inside.’

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014


Tease your brain by answering 2 pages of puzzles

Word Search ahead black cart cheer cinder cord culture curl dare digit drive fable gauge gratitude honor leader main moat media

mouse packet party pleasant positive public recite scare search series shell stare stove style temper thrown will winner world

Across 1. Balcony section 5. Bigot 11. God of love 12. Ring around the nipple 13. Seats oneself 14. A small hand tool 15. Comes after Mi and Fah 16. By means of 17. Hole-making tool 18. Exclusions 21. They hold up heads 22. Rubbernecked 26. Popular terrier 28. American Sign Language 31. Little bit 32. Obtain 33. Hard-shell clam 35. Interlaced 36. Hesitant 37. Poems 38. Judge 39. Desire

Down 1. Decrease 2. American songbird 3. Belonging to the Middle Ages 4. S 5. Relative magnitudes 6. Set up 7. Chief Executive Officer 8. Hawkeye State 9. Killed 10. Gangly 16. Guests 19. Calypso offshoot 20. Unhappy 23. Chinese temple 24. 1 less than a dozen 25. Hate 27. Angers 28. Shade of blue 29. Stars 30. Young girl 34. Color 35. Expression of surprised admiration

3 min. Crossword Sudoku

The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

BREAK! Crossword ACROSS 1. Tastes 5. Offspring 10. Shove 14. Burden 15. Ottoman title 16. Dwarf buffalo 17. A formal accusation 19. Salt Lake state 20. Liveliness 21. Killer whales 22. A drama set to music 23. Fashionable 25. Made of oak wood 27. Half of a pair 28. Classify 31. Internment camp 34. Crinkly 35. Lad 36. The original matter (cosmology) 37. Dossiers 38. Swing around 39. Regulation (abbrev.) 40. More prudent 41. Round red root vegetables 42. Peroxides, for example 44. Hasten 45. Anagram of “Fires� 46. Most destitute 50. Collection of maps 52. Lit to a higher degree 54. Neither ___ 55. Its symbol is Pb 56. An amusing remark 58. Way in 59. Choose by voting 60. Angers 61. Ends a prayer 62. Coils 63. A covered garden walk


Page 19

DOWN 1. Cleansing agents 2. Arm of the sea 3. Squashy 4. South southeast 5. Scant 6. Quilt part 7. Largest continent 8. Whatever person 9. Indian bread 10. Poor person 11. Indefensible 12. Fly high 13. Laugh 18. Coming and _____ 22. Alright 24. Rich soil 26. Mimics 28. Periods of discounted prices 29. Brag 30. Visual organs 31. Greek sandwich 32. Gorse 33. Pass into law 34. In a sad pensive manner 37. French for Finished or Done 38. Clairvoyant 40. Armed conflicts 41. Flora and fauna 43. Muffle 44. Lifting devices 46. Location 47. Vestibule 48. Open skin infections 49. Secret meeting 50. Aquatic plant 51. Squad 53. Equal 56. Dowel 57. Veto

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREE: 20-page newspaper: The Sophomore Pioneer on Friday’s OLW Sun

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

FREE: 6-page picture souvenir of Prince George’s royal trip on Monday’s OLW Sun

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

The OLW Sun, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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ance Lynn dug another early hole. The St. Louis Cardinals offense climbed right out of it. Lynn gave up three first-inning runs for the second straight time against the Cincinnati Reds, but again came away a winner. When he’s on the mound, the other pitcher often suffers. ‘’There’s no secret that he gets good run production,’’ manager Mike Matheny said after the Cardinals rallied for a 7-5 victory on Tuesday night. ‘’It’s hard to explain with Lance. I think some guys just have a knack of being in the right place when we’ve got a lot of offensive support.’’ Matt Holliday hit a go-ahead two-run double in the sixth inning that glanced off right fielder Jay Bruce’s glove on the warning track. ‘’I just jumped a tad early,’’ Bruce said. ‘’Error or not, it’s a ball I should have caught and I expect to catch.’’ Yadier Molina homered and Peter Bourjos had three hits and an RBI to help the Cardinals clinch their 26th series win to go with three losses and two splits since 2003 at Busch Stadium against Cincinnati. They’re 4-1 against the Reds already this year, leaving a top division rival scuffling at 2-6 overall. ‘’There’s not a whole lot of


blatantly one-sided games, it’s one or two mistakes here or there,’’ Reds starter Homer Bailey said. ‘’We can’t think about what we do here or what we do just against them. ‘’Across the board, we just need to get better.’’ Bruce had a two-run triple in the first, Billy Hamilton’s second hit of the season drove in a run and Ryan Ludwick had two RBIs for the Reds. The Reds squandered a 4-0 second-inning lead by the bottom half of the inning. The Cardinals averaged 5.67 runs in Lynn’s starts last year, third-most in the National League, and have scored seven both outings this year. ‘’The offense was able to pick me up again,’’ Lynn said. ‘’That’s the beautiful thing about baseball, you can have a sub-par pitching performance and great offensive night.’’ Trevor Rosenthal finished for his third save in three chances. Bruce appeared to have a bead on Holliday’s two-out drive with two on against Logan Ondrusek (0-1), but had to jump a bit at the last instant and the ball glanced off his glove as the Cardinals took a 6-5 lead. Bourjos added an RBI single in the seventh off J.J. Hoover. Both starters scuffled, just as they did in the second game

of the season in Cincinnati. Lynn has surrendered eight runs in 11 innings and Bailey has permitted eight runs on 16 hits and five walks in 9 1-3 innings. ‘’So far at the beginning of games I haven’t been able to get that rhythm that I would like,’’ Lynn said. ‘’I’ve had it later in games and I need to get a better rhythm out of the gate and I’ll be all right.’’ Lynn is 5-1 for his career against the Reds, including three wins last year. Bailey is 5-10 against the Cardinals. ‘’Tonight, I definitely feel like I deserve the loss,’’ Bailey said. ‘’I guess you can always say it’s still early but every single game counts.’’ Joey Votto and Bruce had one-out hits in the fifth ahead of Ludwick’s run-scoring groundout for a 5-4 lead. Cardinals leadoff man Matt Carpenter had two hits, an RBI and was hit by a pitch against Bailey. He’s 13 for 22 against the right-hander. Notes: It was 61 degrees for the first pitch, a 12-degree improvement over the home opener Monday. The Cardinals received World Series rings in a pre-game ceremony. ‘’I’m going to be wearing this one,’’ manager Mike Matheny said. “But I’m going to make sure this one stays with me for a while.’’ Shelby Miller (0-1, 8.44) opposes Mike Leake (0-1, 5.40) in the series finale Wednesday afternoon.

Rangers’s whisker win

Martin Perez put Boston’s leadoff hitter on base in seven innings. Then the left-hander pitched Texas out of jams by getting five double plays. That helped the Rangers withstand a late rally and beat the Red Sox 10-7 on Tuesday night. The double play is ‘’a pitcher’s best friend,’’ Texas manager Ron Washington said. ‘’They got on base, but he was able to eliminate them.’’ Boston’s five double plays were one fewer than the American League record for a nine-inning game shared by eight teams. The major league mark of seven was set by the San Francisco Giants.

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ith Kevin Durant on the bench to start the fourth quarter, his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates put together a run that helped end one of the most impressive scoring streaks in NBA history. And Durant says nobody is happier it’s over than him. Caron Butler made all six of his 3-point attempts to finish with 23 points, and the Thunder began the fourth quarter on a 16-0 spurt to pull away for a 107-92 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night. Durant finished with 23 points but was never needed in the final quarter, stopping his streak of scoring at least 25 points in 41 consecutive games. Only Oscar Robertson (46 straight games in 1963-64) and Wilt Chamberlain (all 80 regular-season games in the 1961-62 season) have longer such streaks. ‘’I was getting so many texts after every game. I’m glad that’s over with and we can just focus on the team,’’ said Durant, who shot 8 for 13 in 31 minutes. ‘’If we played well and I had 25 points, that took away from how well the team was playing, so I didn’t like that. If we lost, it was all about me scoring 25 points and I didn’t like that either. I’m glad we can just

talk about the team now.’’ Coming off losses at Memphis and Phoenix, Oklahoma City certainly has plenty of bigger things to play for during the season’s final two weeks. Serge Ibaka added 19 points and four rebounds for the Thunder, who rested Russell Westbrook ahead of Wednesday night’s game at the Los Angeles Clippers. Oklahoma City (56-21) is 1 1/2 games ahead of the Clippers (55-23) for the Western Conference’s No. 2 playoff seed. Even still, Durant said he was aware of how many points he had but never thought of asking coach Scott Brooks to go back in the game. Brooks insisted it never crossed his mind, either, saying the most impressive thing about Durant’s streak is that he didn’t even realize it ended because Durant has been the ‘’trademark for consistency.’’ ‘’He’s about team,’’ Brooks said. ‘’If he wasn’t, he would have played golf and tried to chase (Jack) Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors.’’ DeMarcus Cousins had 24 points and 14 rebounds, and Travis Outlaw scored 24 points in Sacramento’s third straight loss. Even with three regulars out with injuries, the Kings made the Thunder work through the first three quarters.

Oklahoma City built double-digits leads throughout the game only to watch Sacramento surge back each time. But with Durant on the bench to open the fourth, the Thunder finally created a lead big enough to stick. The Thunder held Sacramento scoreless for nearly 6 minutes to go ahead 101-77. ‘’We had some guys that played with no energy,’’ frustrated Kings coach Michael Malone said. ‘’It looked they didn’t even want to be out there, to be honest.’’ With the matchup in Los Angeles looming large, Brooks decided to rest Westbrook - as he has done during one game of back-to-back sets since Westbrook returned Feb. 20 following right knee surgery. The Thunder got some relief with Thabo Sefolosha playing for the first time since injuring his left calf against Memphis on Feb. 28. He finished with two points and three rebounds in 16 minutes. Sacramento, already among the conference’s worst teams, played even more short-handed. Kings big man Reggie Evans and forward Rudy Gay sat out with back injuries, and point guard Isaiah Thomas missed his eighth straight game with a bruised right quadriceps. Oklahoma City looked every bit like the better and deeper team at the start.

The Thunder surged ahead 9-0 in the first two minutes before Cousins brought the Kings back with his perimeter shot, slicing Oklahoma City’s lead to 30-27 at the end of the first quarter. The Thunder began to pull away again with a 17-4 run in the second quarter propelled by Butler, who made all four of his 3-point attempts in the first half. Oklahoma City led 61-49 at intermission and didn’t have a turnover until the second half. Durant credited the communication and ball movement for pulling away late, and he said he hopes the focus can shift from his scoring streak to his team’s improved play. ‘’When I sit back after the season’s over that’s when I reflect on everything that I’ve done, that the team’s done, and I’m sure I’ll appreciate (the streak) then,’’ Durant said. ‘’But now, I’m just focusing on game to game and how we can get better as a group and how I can help the team get better.’’ NOTES: The Thunder swept the fourgame season series against the Kings. ... Oklahoma City has won 10 straight and 16 of 17 over Sacramento. ... A fan made a shot from half court during a timeout in the first half to win a car.

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Fierce action marked Day 2 of the Gatorade Batang PBA at the JCSGO gym even as GlobalPortMarikina eyes its second straight win. PBA Stalwarts-Taguig edged San Mig CoffeeAntipolo, 41-38; Air21-Las Pinas turned back Rain or Shine-Muntinlupa, 41-34; and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel-Valenzuela nipped Alaska-Malabon, 59-58. Nathan Guevarra led Taguig with 14 points, Jacob Ilagan bannered Las Pinas with 12, and Keanu Catipay paced Valenzuela with 15 points. In Wednesday’s games at the Marikina Sports Complex, PBA Greats-Caloocan takes on San Miguel Beermen-KABAKA at 9 a.m.; Meralco Bolts-Pasig battles San Mig Coffee-Antipolo at 10:20 a.m.; and Barako Bull-San Juan meets opening day winner GlobalPort Batang Pier-Marikina at 11:40 a.m. On opening day, Talk ‘N Text-Quezon City edged Barako Bull-San Juan, 37-35, while GlobalPortMarikina crushed Meralco-Pasig, 71-41. A total of 12 teams with players ranging from 9 to 12 years old are divided into two groups, according to tournament director Ramil Cruz, with each team playing five elimination round games. The top two teams from each group then advance to the crossover semifinals, with the winners meeting in the Finals.


Wolves snare past the Spurs with a 9-point whisker lead

hroughout the San Antonio Spurs’ 19-game winning streak, coach Gregg Popovich was practically begging for his team to lose to help them refocus as the playoffs approached. Well it’s happened twice in the last three games now, and the latest was a thumping by the lottery-bound Minnesota Timberwolves. Ricky Rubio scored 23 points and Gorgui Dieng had 12 points and 15 rebounds, leading the Timberwolves to a 110-91 victory over the Spurs on Tuesday night. ‘’They beat us in every facet of the game,’’ Popovich said. ‘’They basically forced us to lay an egg. We were awful and a lot of it was because of their aggressiveness.’’ Kevin Love had 19 points and 12 rebounds and Corey Brewer scored 14 for the Timberwolves, who have beaten Miami and San Antonio in two of their last three games. ‘’It’s something that we like to show, that’s why we want to end the season strong and build something for next year,’’ Rubio said. Kawhi Leonard had 11 points and six rebounds for the Spurs, who were playing without Tony Parker. The point guard has a back injury, but Popovich said before the game he didn’t believe it was that serious. The Spurs (60-18) entered with a 4 1/2-game lead over Oklahoma City in the race for the best record in the NBA. Manu Ginobili left in the third quarter with a left calf contusion, and the Spurs were just 4 for 17 from 3-point range in a listless performance. The Spurs haven’t clinched homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, but there’s no doubt they would like to seal that up after losing Games 6 and 7 of the NBA Finals in Miami last season. With the turnovers and clanked shots piling up early - San Antonio trailed by as many as 28 in the third quarter - Popovich played Tim Duncan just 20 minutes and went deep into his bench as he often does. The Timberwolves played without Nikola Pekovic (ankle), Kevin Martin (heel), Chase Budinger (ankle) and Shabazz Muhammad (knee), and Love went just 5 for 15 from the field. But Rubio was more aggressive than he’s ever been looking for his own shot and the rookie Dieng stood up well against Duncan in the paint to help the Wolves grab control early. ‘’Tonight what I like about him is he came off and looked for the 15-foot jumper,’’ Wolves coach posed to be played in Mexico City Rick Adelman said of Rubio. ‘’He as part of the NBA’s initiative to was under control, he was able to expand its global reach. But the get his feet under him and shot it originally scheduled meeting in well.’’ December had to be canceled There was a sparse crowd for after a malfunctioning generathe game that was originally sup- tor sent plumes of smoke into the

arena about 90 minutes before tipoff. The Spurs were disappointed to have to come up to Minnesota and see what would have been a treasured four-day break near the end of the season interrupted

by the trip. And once the game started, they showed little of the fire and focus that have been hallmarks of their remarkable season. They turned the ball over 10 times in the first half and shot under 37 percent to fall .

THE TRIO THAT LED PISTONS TO SUCCESS Jeff Teague was in no mood to talk after the Atlanta Hawks missed a chance to win their third straight game. ‘’There was a letdown,’’ he said. ‘’We lost. We should’ve taken care of business.’’ Rodney Stuckey scored 29 points, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond each had a double-double and the Detroit Pistons snapped a 10-game skid in Atlanta with a 102-95 victory over the Hawks on Tuesday night. Atlanta has five games left in the regular season and a 1 1/2-game advantage over New York for the eighth and final Eastern Conference playoff spot. Paul Millsap had 24 points and 12 rebounds for the Hawks. Monroe finished with 21 points and 13 rebounds and Drummond had 19 points and 17 rebounds for the Pistons, who were eliminated from playoff contention when the Hawks won Sunday at Indiana. Detroit has won two straight after dropping five of six. Drummond has 53 double-doubles, most in the Eastern Conference this season. Monroe has 34. Atlanta trailed by three when Drummond blocked Millsap’s jumper in the lane and tipped in Kyle Singler’s missed fast-break layup to put the Pistons up 96-91 with 1:36 remaining. ‘’They’re just big on the inside,’’ said Teague, who finished with 15 points and nine assists. ‘’They’re athletes, and it’s going to be tough to get layups.”

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ll Ryan Braun needed to shake his slump was a trip to Philadelphia. Braun hit three home runs and tied a franchise record with seven RBIs to lead the Milwaukee Brewers to a 10-4 victory Tuesday, spoiling the Phillies’ home opener. Braun connected twice off Kyle Kendrick (0-1), snapping the longest homerless drought of his career. The 2011 NL MVP came in with only three singles in 20 at-bats this season. But Braun, who is bothered by a right thumb injury, felt just fine - as usual - in Philadelphia. He has 10 homers and 21 RBIs in 20 career games at Citizens Bank Park.

‘’It’s a good ballpark to hit in,’’ Braun said. ‘’And, I enjoy competing against Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.’’ Coming off a three-game sweep of the World Series champion Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, the Brewers won their fourth straight game and improved to 5-2. Kyle Lohse (1-1) allowed three runs and seven hits in five innings, walking five. Braun was booed in his first game in Philly since serving a 65-game suspension for violations of Major League Baseball’s drug agreement and labor contract. He also got an earful last week in Boston. It didn’t bother him. ‘’It’s very motivating,’’ Braun said. ‘’It’s nothing new for me.’’ He hit a three-run shot to left in the third to put the

Brewers up 4-1, ending his streak of 98 plate appearances without a homer. He hadn’t hit one since May 22, 2013, against the Dodgers. Braun’s solo homer in the fourth made it 6-1. He then launched a threerun drive off Brad Lincoln in the eighth. Braun also turned in a defensive gem. He saved two runs with a diving catch on Carlos Ruiz’s sinking liner to right to end the second inning. ‘’That was a big play,’’ Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg said. ‘’It changed the momentum.’’ The game was scheduled for Monday afternoon, but was postponed Sunday because of a rainy forecast. It was sunny and 62 degrees at first pitch, but windy enough to cancel the Navy parachuters who deliver ceremonial baseballs.




debated block at the buzzer. A season sweep of the NBA champions. Hello, Brooklyn the only NBA team this season to go unbeaten against the Miami Heat. Mason Plumlee denied LeBron Jmes’ dunk attempt at the rim with 2 seconds left, and the Nets finished off a four-game sweep of Miami by beating the Heat 88-87 on Tuesday night. With Miami down by one and time running out, Rashard Lewis somehow got a pass from underneath the basket to James, who rose as Plumlee jumped to contest the play. Replays showed Joe Johnson made some contact with James as he started his move and that Plumlee hit the four-time MVP’s hand on the dunk try, but the Heat never got the call they wanted. ‘’My initial thought was to just foul and make him earn it at the free-throw line,’’ Plumlee said.

That’s precisely what the Heat thought he did. James said. ‘’He didn’t do it on purpose, but he got my right hand.’’ Said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: ‘’It was a foul from my vantage point. But what can you do?’’ Time expired, and just like that, Miami’s lead in the Eastern Conference was down to a half-game - one in the loss column - over Indiana. Johnson scored 19 points, reserve Marcus Thornton had 16 and Paul Pierce scored 14 for the Nets. Plumlee had two of his three blocks in the last 2 minutes, the first of them on a short try by Chris Bosh that Miami felt should have been whistled for goaltending. Still, his late work couldn’t get Plumlee a one-night respite from rookie duty. ‘’He still got to come in here and carry the bags and get the towels,’’ Pierce said. Final score of the four BrooklynMiami games: Nets 389, Heat 377. Brooklyn won three of the games by a single point, becoming the third

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GING TIDES . . . team in NBA history to have that many narrowest-of-margin wins over an opponent in the same regular season and the first team ever to do so without playing more than four times. And the fourth went to double overtime. All four could have gone Miami’s way. None of them did. ‘’They’re a good team,’’ Spoelstra said. ‘’They’re one of the hotter teams since AllStar break. Every single one of these games, however you want to slice it, however you get to that point, there are plays to be made in the fourth quarter. And for whatever reason, they’ve made more plays.’’ Brooklyn became the first team in the last two years to sweep the Heat. Miami was the only team in the league to beat every team last season and would have repeated that feat with a win Tuesday.

Tim Sherwood has turned down the chance to stay at Tottenham next season as No 2 to the new manager. Spurs chairman Daniel Levy still believes Sherwood has management potential and wants him to remain at White Hart Lane to work with a senior figure. But Sherwood has no intention of doing so and will walk away at the end of the season. He signed an 18-month contract when he replaced Andre Villas-Boas in December and Tottenham will have to pay it up after deciding to make a change. The terms of the agreement are nowhere near the going rate for a top Premier League club, but Levy was prepared to renegotiate at the end of the season if Sherwood made the top four. Instead, Levy told Sherwood Spurs were making a change before Tottenham’s 5-1 win over Sunderland on Monday.

Holland coach Louis van Gaal is ready to sign a pre-contract to take over at White Hart Lane after the World Cup and has said: ‘After two years, I’m totally sick of being national coach.’ Van Gaal, 62, met Levy in December but was stalling Spurs while he waited for the managerial situation at Old Trafford to unravel. The legendary coach had been hoping for a chance to manage Manchester United after a tricky start for David Moyes. But United’s recent upturn in results, particularly in the Champions League, has convinced the Glazers to stick with the former Everton manager for another season. Van Gaal is now ready to pick up again with Spurs as Levy attempts to bring in a big name to satisfy the supporters. Levy has a soft spot for Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino, but there is a question mark over his ability to deal with seniors.

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THE NEW GEM IN G Of the three new additions to the Gilas-Pilipinas national pool, Paul Lee was the most impressive. “I thought Paul Lee looked pretty good playing for them,” multi-titled PBA coach Tim Cone said Sunday night, moments after giving the Nationals the workout they needed in a 101-93 loss during the PBA All-Star Game at Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay. The game marked yet another instance when the league put national interest in the forefront, giving the Gilas squad a chance to work out against a tough opponent. Lee’s numbers during the Annual Classic were not that special, but Cone knows what he’s talking about, having handled several national teams before and knowing what kind of player

By Francis Cruz

it takes to make a difference internationally. “He broke down our defense quite easily a number of times out there tonight,” Cone added. “He was really an impact player.” Lee was added into the pool together with Rain or Shine teammate Beau Belga and Meralco’s Jared Dillinger last month, marking the first time that the former University of the East Red Warrior will be joining the Gilas program. Lee, who won the PBA Rookie of the Year two seasons ago, repeatedly snubbed calls for national duty while he was in the amateur ranks where he could have been part of the original Gilas program that produced the

likes of Marcio Lassiter, JV Casio, etc. “I am thankful for his kind words,” Lee said after learning of Cone’s comments. “It’s a big boost to my confidence, hearing something like that coming from a multi-titled coach.” Lee’s inclusion into the pool has actually sparked a lot of talk as to who—if ever—he will be replacing in the original 12-man roster that won the silver medal in the Fiba-Asia Championship last August that made the Philippines eligible to play in the World Cup once again. Jason Castro, LA Tenorio and former PBA MVP Jimmy Alapag are the ones manning the point for the Philippines, with Gabe Norwood occasionally playing the position depending on how big the opposition in.

Nowitski and Nash in history


pair of former Dallas Maverick teammates, Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash, made National Basketball Association history on the same night by achieving a couple of milestones. Current Maverick Nowitzki vaulted into 10th place on the league’s all-time scoring list on Tuesday night while former Dallas guard Nash moved into third place on the all-time assist list. Germany’s Nowitzki finished with 21 points to move past Oscar Robertson to take over sole possession of 10th in the Mavericks 95-83 win over Utah. Nowitzki now has 26,714 points for his career, Robertson had 26,710. Los Angeles Lakers guard Nash passed Mark Jackson to grab third place all-time on the assist list. Nash now has 10,335 career assists. Canada’s Nash set the mark with two minutes left in the second quarter of the Lakers game against the Houston Rockets. Jackson, who is now coach of the Golden State Warriors, congratulated Nash via Twitter. “Congrats to the great Steve Nash on passing me on the all time assist list! I am honored!! God Bless.”

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HAPPY MANNY NOW IN VEGAS Slouched on the sofa of his palatial suite on the 61st floor of Mandalay Bay’s Thehotel, Manny Pacquiao looked sleepy and tired. He was, having trained for two hours in Hollywood before traveling about 370 kilometers to this glitzy city Monday night. At the same time, though, Pacquiao was happy and excited to be back at the scene of his most memorable triumphs— and of his two shocking defeats to Timothy Bradley Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012. “I’m really excited to be back,” Pacquiao said. “I feel as if it’s my first time here, hoping to become a world champion.” Of course, Pacquiao has surpassed that dream. He is boxing’s first and only eight-division titlist, a three-time Fighter of the Year and Fighter of the Decade. All this before the fight judges stole his World Boxing Organization welterweight crown.

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A WINNING BET AND MASSAGE M Floyd Mayweather celebrated winning over $75,000 on an NCAA college basketball bet with a relaxing rub down in front of the fire on Tuesday. The undefeated boxing star took to Instagram to show off his luxurious lifestyle as he received a massage from a blonde beauty before posting the message: ‘This is my actuality’. Mayweather added a few more pennies to his bank account after cashing in on the Connecticut Huskies to win the college basketball tournament on Monday. The 37-year-old tweeted a picture of winning betting slips following Connecticut’s win over Kentucky in front of 80,000 fans in Arlington, Texas. Mayweather tweeted with the caption: ‘I bet on the underdogs @uconnhuskies twice within the last three days. $75,636’. The 37-year-old is preparing to take on Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas.

anny Pacquiao is so confident of winning his grudge rematch with Tim Bradley that he is gearing up for a minimum of two more years in big-time boxing. The PacMan has dismissed all speculation of an imminent retirement into full-time politics in the Philippines. By so doing he has revived the enticing prospect of that super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jnr finally taking place, as well as the possibility of a fifth battle with his Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez. As he arrived at the MGM Grand to the roars and squeals of a throng of early arrivals for Saturday night’s world welterweight title bid against Bradley, Pacquiao said: ‘I believe I can go on for another couple of years at least.’ His appetite for the hardest game and his ability to stay

in peak condition, at 35, have been questioned since he lost a disgraceful decision to Bradley two years ago and was then knocked out by a Hail Mary of a punch from Marquez. To those suggestions, he faked an angry face and said: ‘I’m not only hungry but I still have the same speed and boxing skill and I intend to continue to continue my journey.’ Already on record as saying ‘Mayweather only has to call and say he wants to fight me and the fight is on,’ Pacquiao now adds: ‘If Marquez is impressive in his upcoming fight I am not against fighting him again and closing the book on that one.’ But what if Bradey, still unbeaten in more than 30 fights, were to win again here at the weekend? Would that be journey’s end? ‘Winners always think positive,’ says Pacquiao. ‘I am positive I will set the record straight against Bradley.’

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QUICK CROSSWORD Across 1. Strange (8) 5. Cloth (6) 9. Liquify (8) 10. A darkening of skin (6) 12. Diving birds (5) 13. Dock worker (9) 14. Complained (6) 16. Patella (7) 19. Watch (7) 21. Begin (2 words) (6) 23. Co-worker (9) 25. Loft (5) 26. Defraud (6) 27. Belligerent (8) 28. Seat on a horse (6) 29. Occasional (8

Down 1. A short light oar (6) 2. Clients (9) 3. Pillages (5) 4. Counselled (7) 6. A feeling of delight (9) 7. Reminiscent of the past (5) 8. Disdain (8) 11. Pack of cards (4)

15. Inattentive (9) 17. Atrium (9) 18. Worries (8) 20. Border (4) 21. Infertile (7) 22. Pertaining to vinegar (6) 24. Fat (5) 25. Excuse (5)

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