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With Clare Lawrence Leon Haslam was born in 1983 on May 31st in Smalley, Derbyshire, England. He is 28 years old and he has been racing since 1991, when he was just 8 years old. Leon now races in the World Superbike Category and has come a long way since he started in motocross as a schoolboy. Hi Leon, thanks for accepting this offer of an interview for the Costa Car Trader Magazine… How are things? Good thanks. So Leon, you started out young and have really achieved a lot in 20 years… That must make you feel very proud to have done so much. Can you tell me more about your journey?

What’s your handicap? My handicap is 12. Do you have any other hobbies?

I watch films and go to the cinema if I want to chill out.

I enjoy anything sporty really. I like trailing and it keeps me bike fit. Also I fly a lot.

How do you psyche yourself up for a race? I train hard and prepare all the time for my racing so I feel ready without specifically psyching myself up.


It sounds like you have a passion for golf as well as racing… When did you start to play?


I started to play around 8 years ago. It's a great game and most of the time I enjoy it when I play well.

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Where is your favourite track for racing?

It has been a great journey. I went to my first race at 6 weeks old as my dad Ron was in GP's at the time. From a very young age I always knew I would race bikes. If you look at all my school books that you write in about what you what to be when you grow up they all say the same thing: I want to race bikes. My parents supported me of course but I know sometimes it was hard on them; especially when I was in hospital with broken legs. They still support me a lot now. I am lucky to do what I love for a career.


What relaxes you?

Phillip Island in Australia.


Have you always wanted to race, even before you started with the motocross?




Yes I have always wanted to race.

Thanks again Leon. It’s been great chatting with you. Good luck for the future with your racing!

You can find Leon online at:

Do you like fast cars as well and do you have one? I have an X5 which is pretty fast.

Do you get much time to relax and unwind from work? I have a bit of time off and I have a house in Italy which I spend most of my spare time. I wakeboard when I'm there.



Spotlight 5 Leon Haslam Jul 2011  

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