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Hopwood Hall College Uniformed Public Services Leadership Academy News Letter 8 06/02/2012

Internal Inspection: On Monday 20th to Friday 24th February 2012 we will be having our Internal Inspection. This gives the Staff and Students on the Uniformed Public Services the opportunity to show outside agencies how good we are and live up to our reputation of being one of the best UPS Courses in the country. This means that you must be on time for lessons, fully prepared to learn, correct and smart uniform with your ID card around your neck!

Smoking areas: Students who smoke are being warned again about only smoking in the designated area next to the chapel. Any UPS Student found smoking anywhere else will be formally disciplined.

Uniforms: Some students are not following the rules when it comes to wearing the UPS Uniform, Remember – polished boots, twisters used, belt must be worn, polo tucked in and top button open. In PE - clean trainers, black socks, black shorts, red PE top, water bottle and towel. This could affect you passing out at the end of the year!

Mobile phones: Any student caught using their mobiles in class will have it confiscated and you can then come and collect this from Staff Morley at the end of the day with an explanation why you used it!

Authorised Absences: If a student requires time off to attend Doctors, Dentist and Hospital Appointments can we please ask that you try and arrange these during their time off so that they don’t miss any work? We appreciate that in some cases this cannot happen or it may be an emergency but where it is possible we would be very grateful. If a student will be going on Holiday during term time at least 2 weeks’ notice is necessary for us to supply them with information and resources required to keep them up to date with their study.


Hopwood Hall College Uniformed Public Services Leadership Academy News Letter 8 06/02/2012 Days off from College: During the week the students may be fortunate enough to get 1 or 2 days off from College. This is to support the students by giving them the time to work on and complete their assignments. If students fail to meet deadlines then they will be required to come in on their day off to catch up. All students at the start of the year signed a contract committing to College Monday to Friday 9.00am to 16.45. This is to support the students in achieving their full potential. We appreciate that some may have other commitments or jobs and we as a department encourage this but we must all remember that their education comes first to support them for their future.

Congratulations: Congratulations to all groups on completeing and passing their L1 & L2 Sports Leader Award, CIEH First Aid and Health and Safety Courses. Well Done

UPS PAM Meetings: The UPS PAM Staff Zoe Read will be holding 1-1 meetings with all UPS students to discuss items such as attendance, punctuality, academic progress, targets etc. These meetings are not voluntary and YOU WILL TURN UP. Failure to do will be dealt with by Staff Morley

Parents evening: By now all parents and guardians should have received a letter informing them of the UPS Parents evening on Monday 20th February being held in the LRC on the Middleton Campus. Your return slip should have been given to them member of staff highlighted on your letter for your group so a time can be arranged.

Class Representative Meeting: All Class reps will be required to turn up at 11.30 in L110 for the termly meeting on Tuesday 7th February 2012.

Thank You Staff Morley Curriculum Manager 2

UPS News Letter 8  

UPS News Letter 8

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