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Hopwood Hall College Uniformed Public Services Leadership Academy News Letter UPS Class Reps Meeting All Class reps will be required to turn up for the termly meeting on Tuesday 6th December 2011 at 11.30 to 13.00 in L301. We can also discuss issues relating to the College which can be presented to the College Executive at the Principal Question Time on 13th December on the Rochdale Campus. Transport will be provided.

Charity Fund Raising On behalf of the UPS chosen charities the UPS Staff and Students raised £150. Well done and thank you.

Are you 18+ by March 2012? If you are and interested in gaining a Door Supervisors Qualification and working at the Olympics getting £8.50 per hour let Staff Morley know before finishing for the Christmas break and if there are sufficient numbers Staff Tomlinson will be running a course Wednesday afternoons.

Negative attendance Any UPS student who does not participate in PE, Outdoor Activities or any practical lessons due to an injury or illness and they do not have a genuine sick note or noticeable injury/illness will receive a X which is a referral for non-completion or non-participation. Missing Drill lessons Any UPS students who do not have at least 85% in drill lessons will not pass out and you may ask the question “WHY” because you won’t know how to! Also your appearance and turn out must be at an acceptable level i.e. boots polished, uniform ironed and for males short hair and clean shaven and females hair tied up with no makeup and defiantly no piercings

L2 Community Sports Leader Award: Congratulations to Lima group on completeing their L2 Community Sports Leader Award and CIEH First Aid Course. Well Done

Thank You Staff Morley Curriculum Manager 1

UPS News Letter 5  

UPS News Letter 5