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How to use Its Learning, SkyDrive and Promonitor At College and At Home with possible solutions to try if there are any problems By Karen Harris UPS Level 3/Chair of SLT and Student Governor


Contents Page 1: contents Page 2: How To log on to ‘Its Learning’

Page 4: How To Log On To SkyDrive

Page 7: How To Use SkyDrive

Page 11: How To Use Microsoft Office In SkyDrive

Page 13: How To Use ProMonitor (ILP)


How To Log On To ‘Its Learning’

In college    

Log on to college computer using your student number and password On the splash page on the left hand side click ‘Its Learning’ Log in to Its Learning using your student number and password Click ‘course’. Find you course folders and files down the left hand side

Solutions   

Ensure ‘mode’ setting under name is set to ‘Normal’ If you can not see your course and files ask a member of IT staff in the LRC to add you on to your course Any other issues see IT staff in the LRC


At Home   

In Google search bar enter ‘Its learning’ Select your site by scrolling down to Hopwood Hall Log in using you student number and password

Solutions 1. Ensure ‘mode’ setting under name is set to Normal (see picture above) 2. Ensure all plug-ins are up-to-date 3. Required plug-ins are: o Adobe shockwave o Adobe flash o Sun java o Microsoft Silverlight 4. Any other issues or assistance needed please telephone free help line: o 080009555024 o Mon-Thur 8.30am – 9.00pm o Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm 5. Minimum requirement when using IE is Explorer 8 or above.


How To Log On To SkyDrive

There are a number of different ways you can log on to SkyDrive in college.

In college 1. Use the quick icon (cloud) located in the right hand corner of the Splash page 2. Or use quick icon (envelope) to open your student email. Then along the top Click ‘More’ then ‘SkyDrive’.


3. Or open ‘Its Learning’ and sign in. Then along the top click Live@Edu. This will then open your student email, follow option 2.

4. Or simply sign in to ‘Hotmail’, ‘Live’ or ‘Outlook’ account entering your student email and password and follow option 2.

At Home via Its Learning    

Log on to ‘Its Learning’ via Google (shown on page 3). Click Live@Edu along the top (shown on page 5). This will ask you to sign in using your college email and password. Along the top click ‘More’ then ‘SkyDrive’ (shown on page 4)


At Home via Hotmail or Outlook Account   

Or log in to you college email via ‘Hotmail, Live or Outlook’ accounts Enter your college email and password. Along the top click ‘ ‘SkyDrive’

Solutions   

When in college or at home try all the different ways of signing in if one way does not work first time. Ask IT staff located in the LRC for assistance Telephone college free help line on 0800 09555024 o Mon-Thur 8.30am – 9.00pm and Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm


How To Use SkyDrive How to create a create folder   

Log on and open ‘SkyDrive’ (see steps above) Along the top click ‘Create folder’ Name the folder and click OK


How to add files from your PC to SkyDrive       

Log on and open ‘SkyDrive’ (see step above) Open folder you want to add files to Along the top click ‘Add files’ Click ‘select them from your computer’ Select where your file or files are located Click file or files then open You can move multiple files, however you can not move folders

Solutions   

Try signing out and logging back in again Retry steps above Ask IT staff in LRC for assistance


How To Open A File To Continue Working, Edit, Save Or Print

Opening a file 

Once logged into ‘SkyDrive’ (follow steps above)

Select the folder then file you wish to open

Tick box and Click ‘open in word’ located on the right hand side

Install sign-in assistant, click run (this may take several minutes). Once finished click close

Click ‘Enable editing’

Use Windows Office as normal

You will notice the save button has a green circle around it. This means it will save to ‘SkyDrive’ folder you have created


Solutions 

Sometimes Widows up-dates may remove sign-in assistant settings therefore you may be asked to sign-in again

This will appear in a small grey window after you click ‘Open in word’

Simply sign-in using student email and password then continue steps above

If a previous saved piece of work fails to open most recent work. Click ‘version history’ on the right hand side and open most recent

Also check that the Upload Center is fully loaded with no pending uploads. This will be an orange circle on the bottom right hand corner of the start menu. Click reconnect or retry

Other features          

View in browser Edit in browser Open in Word Version history Download Move Copy Rename Delete Embed


How To Use Microsoft Office In SkyDrive

Microsoft Office tools Now that you have set up your ‘SkyDrive’ you should now use the ‘Microsoft Office’ tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) located along the top of your ‘SkyDrive’ main page. Do not use the start menu on your desk top as this will save your work to the PC and not you’re SkyDrive

   

Sign-in to ‘SkyDrive’ Create or click fold you want to create a ‘Microsoft Office’ document in Click the ‘Microsoft Office’ icon you require This will ask you to name the document before you start also automatically saving it to ‘SkyDrive’ folder you have selected


There is a quick icon located on the ‘Splash’ page for ‘Microsoft Office Word’. This will ask you to name the document and automatically save it to you ‘SkyDrive’


How To Use ProMonitor (ILP)

ProMonitor also known as ILP is a program which allows you to keep track of your progress, attendance and punctuality. You can set yourself SMART targets in order for you to achieve your full potential. This program is also used by your PAM who will help you set goals and monitor your work.

How to access your ProMonitor (ILP)

‘ProMonitor’ is located on the left hand side of the ‘Splash’ page (second from the bottom)


To get the best experience from ‘ProMonitor’ fill out the different stages on the right hand side which are: o My Personal Goals o My Plans After My Course o Track Your Attendance And Punctuality o Upload Documents o Evidence Any Enrichment Activities You Attend & Every Learner Matters o My SMART Targets o My Strengths & Areas For Development

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How to guide for studnets at Hopwood Hall College

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