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Ian McCarty’s Studio Policy Private Lesson Rates Beginners: $18 per 30 min session Intermediate/Advanced: $30 per 50 min session The first lesson ​ is a ​free introductory 30 minute session, where I will assess where the student is at and what their goals regarding the piano might be. There is no obligation to continue lessons after this introductory one! Lessons are weekly and are payable in advance each month. For example: at the beginner rate of $18 per session x 4 sessions per month= one payment of $72 per month. Lesson rates may change. If this happens, I will give you at least a month of notice. If a student is determined to learn the piano but cannot afford these rates then please let me know and we will discuss a reasonable compromise. My rates are flexible under certain circumstances. I don’t want to limit someone’s interest in music just because they don’t have as much money as someone else.

What you can expect from me I promise to treat students with care and respect. I will give students my best when it comes to instruction. I will return your call or email in a timely and professional manner. I will treat your child as my own. I will be on time. I will listen when you have a concern, and do my best to solve the problem. I will own up to my mistakes. I will be there for any student of mine, for any reason.

What I expect from students/parents Please be on time to scheduled lessons and performances, and set aside a specific amount of time (we will decide this together) to practice assignments each day. Students: come to lessons having practiced assignments, and with the necessary books and supplies. In addition to the monthly private lesson fee, families and/or students may be responsible for supplies associated with lessons. I can sell all of the supplies needed- at a discount for students- from Piano Studios and Showcase in Medford, OR. These expenses and their estimated prices might include: â—? lesson books: $10-20 per book â—? metronome: $22 â—? manuscript paper: $5 Payment I will accept cash and check. Credit cards and auto-billing to be accepted in the near future.

Cancellations by the instructor If I cancel for any reason, I will make it up. And if I can’t, your money for that lesson will be refunded. Cancellation of lessons due to unsafe weather will be up to my discretion. In the rare chance that weather does not permit 24-hours notice for cancellation, the lesson will still be made up at another time.

Cancellations by student/parent If ​at least 24 hours notice is given, I will find a time with you to make up the cancelled lesson. However, I​ will not refund money for cancelled lessons (see last paragraph under “cancellation of all lessons”). In the event of an emergency (regardless of the amount of notice given), we will schedule a make-up lesson or money will be refunded.

Cancellation of all lessons If for whatever reason students/parents find that they need to cancel lessons with me, then after the latest payment, no more payments will be made and lessons will cease to continue (noooooo!). I promise to be courteous and gracious in our departure, no matter the circumstance. Note that I won’t refund money that has already been paid in advance for a month of lessons. The reason being that this is my livelihood, and monthly advance payments are my form (however minimal) of financial security!

Questions? Feel free to email, call or text and I will do my best to clarify. If the above sounds agreeable, then let’s schedule our first lesson! Ian McCarty (541) 735 2459

Ian McCarty's Studio Policy  
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