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Ian Lacy Mr. Gloyd English December 14, 2010 The World Of Rugby Rugby Is an unbelieveabley competitive sport that originated in the UK. Thought of as a sport for gentlemen, Rugby is one of the fundamental sports that creates the foundation for our most beloved, American Football. With this knowledge the question at hand is: why has it seemed to drift to the background in comparison to football? Originally, Rugby started to gain its title in the 19th century. Since then Rugby has grown to be a very respected and well known sport in not only the UK but has grown in the USA. There are two divsions of Rugby, Rugy union and Rugby league. Many countries have teams in each divistion that compete with one another. Rugby is widely respected and is thought of a come together sport. In the US rugby has become really popular in colleges, clubs, high school and international level, it’s a growing going to be a national sport. Though still in the background of other sports like Football, basketball, baseball, soccer. The game was introduced to the US in the mid 19th century. And it started to decline in the 1990s, because of the Olympics in 1924. In 1975 a union call the USA rugby was formed. A team called they Eagles competed in the Rugby world cup and won. Princeton was one of the first colleges who started playing rugby. It started with a group of freashman and sophmores playing a ball game callled old divistion football. Which was violent

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and started “mob� type situations. So the estiblished primitive forms of the c=game called Rugby. In todays world Rugby is making a comback, slowly but surly. Rugby has such a unique history. You would think a sport this violent would be a big problem, but actualy brings unity and harmony.


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