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NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. Now Brings High Performance Solvent Recovery Systems for Industries NexGen Enviro Systems Inc., a renowned provider of solvent recyclers now brings high performance solvent recovery systems for industries. These systems are used in manufacturing, production, and fabrication sites. These solvent recyclers allow clients to save a lot of time and money as they reduce the dependency upon purchasing and disposing the virgin solvent. All solvent recycling systems available at the company are according to the industry requirements. Clients can avail low, medium, and high volume applications with a walk away automation. These systems require least operator intervention or daily maintenance. They are designed to fulfill all customized industrial needs. They are efficient, versatile, safe and comply with regulatory guidelines and standards. NexGen is an industry leader in waste solvent handling solutions. They offer different types of solvent distillers as well as solvent systems. They offer complete information on solvent recycling and solvent recycling equipment. Apart from the systems used for solvent recovery, NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. also showcases different types of washing systems that include solvent based washing units, water based washing units, ultrasonic washing units and washing units for printing industry. They also have water reclaimer that is an ideal solution for the treatment and purification of industrial waste water, making it reusable. While elaborating the still bags, a representative of the company stated, “The disposal of still bottoms from recycling is a problem. Employee exposure to hazardous waste is an OSHA concern for most organizations utilizing in house solvent recycling systems. In the past the task of manually cleaning or emptying a distillation unit represented an operating cost and a staff ‘burden’ to management. Today the modern organization utilizes safe, easy to handle ‘still’ bags to enclose their waste products.” About NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc.: NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc., located in Lindenhurst, New York, has over 8,000 customers utilizing its solvent distillation and cleaning systems. They include all levels of government agencies, all branches of the military, defense contractors, printers, all disciplines of manufacturing, automotive, woodworking, and more. These customers range in size from small shops to Fortune 100 companies and depend on our expertise to help them find waste solvent recovery solutions that will work for their unique organizations. For more information visit Contact:NexGen Enviro Systems 190 E. Hoffman Avenue Lindenhurst, New York 11757

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Nexgen enviro systems, inc now brings high performance solvent recovery systems for industries  

NexGen Enviro Systems Inc., a renowned provider of solvent recyclers now brings high performance solvent recovery systems for industries. Th...

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