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*,*+#'&+(,of the digital supply chain in the changing manufacturing landscape By Nick McGrane, managing director, K3 Syspro.

ou have to be able to hold your


There is no doubt that intelligent and

The data that can be gleaned from ERP is

nerve if you work in the supply

integrated ERP systems, such as we provide

worth its weight in gold. As well as providing

chain. Dealing with the

at K3 Syspro, enable strong supply chain

traceability, it also provides relevant

production and distribution of

models to function.

information to help manufacturers with

requires patience, knowledge and strong

They allow businesses to offer additional

recycling of materials, components and

team management. And you’re not just

services (such as aftercare) as ERP and its

products – something that is becoming

dealing with your own staff, but everyone

integrated solutions can now link the

increasingly important in the Circular

else’s too, with the added dimension that

necessary business functions throughout the


the chain can also stretch right across the

chain from end to end; an added value in this


day and age for both the customer and the

everything including regeneration and

goods in today’s world

company. Efficient data sharing also provides

Mind the gap – from digital supply chain to supply network

We talk now about the digital supply chain,

for the interrelationship of all business

although the word digital is assumed as

elements in the chain. This works for both

Given technology is a ‘given’ perhaps we

technology is embedded in all of our

suppliers and customers. It is easy now to

should now be talking about the supply

processes as surely as our DNA is in our

find out exactly where goods are through

network rather than the digital supply chain.

human form. The question is: Where can

efficient tracking systems, and customers now

But whatever you call it there is no doubt it is

this technology take us, and what are the

have the capability of rating everything from

vital that manufacturing and logistic

implications of this ‘digital’ revolution for

delivery to quality – thus providing feedback

companies get it right.

UK industry?

up and down the supply chain.





June 2017

Manufacturing & Logistics IT - June 17  
Manufacturing & Logistics IT - June 17