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lanning Success story

was on time and the visibility we now have gives us new understanding. We’re asking questions we never would have thought to consider before Logility. The combination of an excellent supply chain team, improved processes and new software has shown us just how much potential there is for improvement. It is quite remarkable.” n

Supply Chain Planning overhaul

Moving forward

Three years ago Seco Tools investigated

operated at a very high level (for example the

solutions for stock optimisation. During this

product/family). To be truly efficient, Seco

process, the company realised it needed

Tools needed to forecast at the item level by

more than stock optimization – it required a

stock location to help its 12 production

complete supply chain planning overhaul.

facilities better plan their manufacturing

Lars Liljeqvist, VP logistics, purchasing and

requirements. “We must make sure we

quality at Seco Tools, commented: “We saw

produce and stock only what we need,” said

an opportunity to improve our stock


Previously the company’s forecasting

availability and lower our inventory value at the same time. We also realised this would be

Seco Tools recently completed the first phase

more than a software implementation. In order

of its implementation of its new processes

to succeed, we needed to change our

and Logility Voyager Solutions. Within the first

processes and way of working.”

week, a couple of days in fact, the team noticed a drastic improvement in visibility

Seco Tools required new software to support

across the global business which will help

the new processes and they started to

further improve forecast accuracy. “We have a

evaluate potential partners. Many of the

target to achieve a 97 per cent net stock

vendors only offered software. Seco Tools

availability and we can already see with

recognised they also needed help with their

Logility we will be able to achieve this

process change. Liljeqvist continued: “Logility

number,” said Liljeqvist. Seco Tools is also

was unique. The team met with us and started

aiming to reduce inventory up to 20 per cent

to discuss how we could improve – the supply

due to the greater forecast accuracy. In a

chain processes and organisation. We walked

competitive industry manufacturing precisely

through the process and covered both the

machined tools, a reduction like this can add

tangible and intangible benefits. Then we

up quickly.

talked about how software could help enable this transformation.”

Logility at a glance With more than 1250 customers worldwide, Logility is a provider of collaborative, Best of Breed supply chain solutions that help small, medium, large and Fortune 1000 companies realise substantial bottomline results in record time. Logility Voyager Solutions is a complete supply chain management solution that features a performance monitoring architecture and provides supply chain visibility; demand, inventory and replenishment planning; Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP); supply and inventory optimisation; manufacturing planning and scheduling; transportation planning and management; and warehouse management. Logility customers include: Fender Musical Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Parker Hannifin, Sigma-Aldrich, Verizon Wireless, and VF Corporation. Logility is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, Inc.

Liljeqvist concluded: “The implementation



June 2013



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Manufacturing and Logistics IT - June 2013  

The European magazine promoting the effective use of IT in supply chain applications

Manufacturing and Logistics IT - June 2013  

The European magazine promoting the effective use of IT in supply chain applications