Jesuits and Friends - Summer 2013

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 Support our work It costs £3000 each week to keep our Day Centre open so refugees can receive the practical help they need and receive the welcome and friendship they crave. We rely on donations from generous supporters to keep this vital service going. Express your commitment to the poor and marginalised by completing the donation form on the back cover of the magazine or go to If you have time to spare we can offer many opportunities for volunteers to work alongside us. Please call Jonathan on 020 7488 7310.

All photos have been taken as part of the JRS and Fotosynthesis Community for destitute asylum seekers photography project.

life and God will watch over him. God will never give up, even in suffering. He is still there. As it says in the Bible: “Even if humans forsake you, I, the Lord, will never forsake you… Call me, I will listen and I will gather you from everywhere. God alone is our hope; keep faith in Him”. God alone is our hope; keep the faith in Him. It leads us to good pasture. His teaching leads us to wisdom and

temperance. It strengthens our minds and gives us joy and happiness. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not lack anything” (Ps 23, i). So, dear asylum seekers, nothing is lost for us.We all have our chances to survive as long as we believe. Do not abandon hope or despair. Let us keep our hope in God, because He alone is the real truth that leads us to true love. Thank you. God bless us all. l

‘Malan’ (a pseudonym) recently took part in a photography project organised by JRS with Fotosynthesis Community for destitute asylum seekers. Photos give them a visual way of expressing powerfully their experiences as refugees. Malan’s photos were exhibited in My Life as a Refugee, staged with JRS Europe at the European Parliament in Brussels and in the Refuge in Films Festival at the British Film Institute in London. The exhibition is available online: JRS-UK can also arrange for your parish or community to host the exhibition with a speaker. Call 020 7488 7310 for more details. JRS-UK would love to make more photography training sessions available to destitute asylum seekers. Please consider making a donation of £25 to this programme via or see back page.  15