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Frank Skinner  INTERVIEW

beautiful churches I’ve ever been in – certainly in this country,” he explained. “When I first went there, it was astonishing to me. When you go into Farm Street, it’s very hard not to feel spiritual, because there is something about the beauty of the place. It’s about associating beauty and mystery with God.” But Frank also appreciates the homilies, which he finds brief, focussed and relevant (‘You want one thing that you can hold and take away’), and the opportunity that Ignatian Spirituality provides for quiet reflection and silence – something he got into initially through yoga. “We used to do meditation and sit in silence and try and stop thinking: that was the secret. So through short periods of time, I developed the ability to be able to stop thinking and just clear my mind. And I suppose afterwards you feel peace. You start to feel very centred and that starts to inform the rest of your life. I feel that God is in that – in everything – and it’s like that silence can make you feel it in yourself: you’re aware that it’s there. And when you remember and are aware that it’s there, it makes you behave in a certain way… I said to a friend of mine, when we were expecting the baby, what’s it like being a parent? He said: all you need with a kid is two things – love and boundaries. And that’s what you get with God: things that you should and shouldn’t do, and love. And if you feel that it’s inside you, it stops you from doing certain things but also – and maybe more importantly – it makes you feel very un-alone and very loved.” l  13

Jesuits and Friends - Summer 2013  

A Faith that Does Justice

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