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Agenda – April 18, 2013 Cornell University Student Assembly 4:45pm – 6:30pm, Willard Straight Hall Memorial Room I.

Call to Order/Roll Call

II. Approval of the 4/11/13 Minutes III. Open Microphone IV. Announcements/Reports • • •

SAFC Update - SAFC Co-Chairs Alykhan Bandali and Matty Gruber Codes and Judicial Committee Announcement - At Large Representative Scelfo Appropriations Committee Announcement - Vice President of Finance Desai

V. Presentation on the Graduate and Professional Community by Mitch Paine, President of GPSA VI. Business of the Day •

R. 45 Fostering a “United Student Body”

VII.New Business • • • • • •

R. 46 In Favor of an Inclusive Book Policy R. 47 Formally Establishing the Collegetown Student Council R. 48 Addressing the Student Activity Fee Endowment Fund R. 49 Amendment to Appendix A of the Student Assembly Charter R. 50 SAFC Funding Guidelines Amendment Spring 2013 R. 51 Clarifying the Purposes of the Student Assembly Special Projects Funds

Attachments to this Agenda Resolution 45 Appendix to Resolution 45 Resolution 46 Resolution 47 Resolution 48 Appendix A to Resolution 48 Resolution 49 Resolution 50 Appendix A to Resolution 50 Resolution 51

S a agenda 04 18 13