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Contemporary Decks Provide Stainless Steel Marine Wire Services in Gold Coast

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Marine Wire Service

Why Contemporary Decks?

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Introduction ď‚Ą

Stainless steel marine wire is used to construct the balustrade materials and hardwood timber materials.


Marine wires have the ability to add elegance and increase the value of the property.


316-stainless steel will make marine wires durable.

About Us ď‚Ą

Contemporary Decks is a well known construction company in Gold Coast which provide professional marine wire services for commercial and residential properties.


We have over a decade of experience in marine wire services.


Our highly skilled marine wire builders will provide environmental friendly services to the clients.

Marine Wire Service ď‚Ą

At Contemporary Decks, all of our marine wire materials are robustly developed.


Our talented marine wire builders will use threaded insert system for marine wire balustrade.


All of our marine wire services are reliable; we have successfully completed several marine wire projects for our clients without any fault.

Why Contemporary Decks? 

Contemporary Decks is a trustworthy place for marine wire installation.

All of our marine wire installation services are available at reasonable price.

In addition, our 316-stainless steel marine wires will give long durability and also maintenance free.

Contact Us 

To avail our stainless steel Marine Wire in Gold Coast :

Address:  2 Allunga Ave, Ashmore QLD 4214, Australia

Phone:  0438 294 956

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Contemporary Decks Provide Stainless Steel Marine Wire Services in Gold Coast