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Concept Statement

Live music in

intimate venues is good, as it is an

enhanced, and more personal experience.

Ian Prentice /

My opinions + backup

1. Initial gathering of my thoughts on intimate venues and why they’re good, followed by what I need to find out from others.

2. One of the surveys carried out. Received 35+ responses.

3. Tallying and calculating some of the results.

4. Displaying findings: 94% attend live music events, informed & knowledgable.

5. Displaying findings: 45% preferred intimate venues (majority).

Ian Prentice /


1. Design sheet on promotion of live music local to Leeds. Publications that deal with the sort of DIY intimate gigs referred to in surveys.

2. Logo for the Brudenell Social Club, a local intimate venue.

3. Internet promotion of events for an intimate venue.

4. Artwork/design for a Leeds gig night.

5. Flyer produced by myself for Leeds club night in small venue.

Ian Prentice /

What to package

1. Brainstorming; the negatives of intimate venues and how to imrpove on them, and the positives and how to capitalise on them.

2. An existing Leeds promo zine, with gigs and interviews.

3. Analysis of people surveyed about intimate venues.

4. Audio company give-away packs of earphones.

5. Fusion earplugs packaging.

Ian Prentice /

Packaging existing & researched

1. One of the design sheets looking in to existing packaging and how I could adapt designs to fit what I want.

2. Work of Quest. Polystyrene injection moulding, book fits in perfectly.

3. Box by Artomatic made from dense foam. Shape of book cut out, clip holds lids together.

4. Packaging by Prada using plastic baggies and airsealing.

5. Work of E.Righli. Informed my design a lot. Simple box holds items in place.

Ian Prentice /

Packaging mocks

1. Mocks of boxes in various shapes, formats, sizes, with final box in the centre.

2. Trying different materials polystyrene.

3. A strong mock-up. Easy net with ‘shelf’ to hold contents.

4. Another strong possibility. Easy lift on/off lid.

5. Second-to-last mock. Card stock too thick, changed for final.

Ian Prentice /

Booklet formats and sizes

1. Development sheet of format and size. Researching how small ‘pocket size’ is and what point size is suitable for text.

2. Testing different typefaces at same point size.

3. Format research. Work from Experiemental Formats & Packaging.

4. Existing Leeds zine Cops & Robbers. A6/A7 size.

5. Various research in to type layouts and point sizes.

Ian Prentice /

Booklet binds and folds

1. Aligning margins and pages to print as a continuous spread while still folding and binding in to one booklet.

2. Work of Roundel. One sheet folded makes booklet and poster.

3. Work of Melle Hammer. French fold and elastic band bound.

4. My booklet bound with elastic band. Plenty of stretch to open wide.

5. Example of concertina folded inside spreads.

Ian Prentice /

Booklet venue selection

1. Primary research. Visiting venues and taking photographs.

2. Long list of possible intimate venues in and around Leeds.

3. Website of Sela Bar. Secondary research.

4. Photo of a un-used venue that wasn’t intimate enough.

5. Duotone photograph as seen on covers of booklets.

Ian Prentice /

Booklet Mocks

1. Testing paper stocks and printing. Final paper is heavy wieght A3 off white stock, manual duplex feed on printer.

2. Various mocks at differing stages in the development.

3. Very early experiments with aligning cover image on the layout.

4. Initial ideas for listings and a map.

5. Various mocks of nearlyfinished booklets.

Ian Prentice /

Final Booklet

1. Elastic band binds booklet together. Band can also be removed to separate five indivudual booklets, one on each venue.

2. Front cover of booklet. Design reflects the packaging.

3. First spread in each booklet. Information & an opinion.

4. Last page of each booklet is a map and contact info. Front page of next is duotone photo.

5. When separated each book is concertina folded to open as one long spread.

Ian Prentice /

Final Packaging

1. All items and package. Box covered with sleeve, and the booklet, earplugs and deoderant.

2. Packaging front. Intimate Venues IV logo.

3. Right side panel. Detailing what IV is all about.

4. Outer sleeve slipped off to reveal all-black box.

5. Box can re-open/close. Items rest in/on raised platforms.

Ian Prentice /

Live music in intimate venues.  
Live music in intimate venues.  

Based on a personal view of what is 'good', I designed a package promoting 'live music in intimate venues'. These are my critically summaris...