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Autumn 2010 September 6th - Dec 23rd

Charity No: 1060012 01905 340246

Worcester Action for Youth Way is a registered charity and has been operating throughout Worcester City for fifteen years. Way is staffed by a part time project manager, a part time administrator, a part time quality evaluator and a number of sessional activity workers. Way is fortunate to have an active management committee which provides substantial support to the project in terms of leadership and financial advice and guidance. The project manager has a key responsibility to raise funding in order to maintain Way’s activity. Without the generous support of a number of local funders, the activity sessions provided would diminish. Way has a quality assurance system and the QA evaluator makes regular visits to activities to ensure that what we provide meets our standards and supports young people to achieve. The activity workers provided for Worcester City Youth Groups add value to those youth work sessions that already exist. The sessions can be utilised to support accredited learning outcomes for young people, as well as open up a range of new and exciting opportunities for them. We ask that all youth groups booking sessions read carefully the guidance on pages 4 & 5 about how best we can work in partnership to provide the complementary work that will add value to your youth work activity; and support the growth and development of well rounded young people.

Directory of Activity Workers Bookings are invited from Youth Organisations operating in Worcester City and working with the 11 – 16 years age range. Bookings are FREE of charge within Worcester City. Bookings outside our age group and area are welcome, but a charge of £50 will be made per 90 minute session. Each booked session runs for 90 minutes, double bookings are welcome and last for 3 hours. Each Activity Worker states their availability to accept bookings. For a one off booking it is always worth checking with the office the availability of a worker even though the Directory does not include the day or evening you require.

For further information please call our office on 01905 340246 Mondays 9.30am – 2.30pm Tuesdays 9.30am — 2.30pm Or email Worcester Action for Youth, Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club, Droitwich Road, Worcester WR3 7SN

Worcester Action for Youth These are our terms and conditions to ensure our work together is beneficial to all concerned; our aim is to establish a friendly working arrangement between Club leader(s) and WAY Activity Workers. You will, encourage a group to take part

and that your group fits our age range. see page 3 Meet and greet and offer refreshments

• •

Ensure that an appropriate space is available and ready for the activity delivery

Explain any approach to behaviour management by yourself to support delivery Support the activity worker where necessary or when requested

Identify any special needs of young people

Make clear any relevant policies to Way workers e.g. photography

Liaise over any last minute changes in programme or booking

• •

Offer feedback of session and any suggestions for future •

• •

Sign off activity workers sheet

Speak with the office should any concerns arise e.g. activity workers non attendance

Please allow 24 hours notice for cancelled bookings. A session fee of £50 will be charged for a cancelled session that is less than 24 hours because Way pays activity workers when less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is received.

Sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, it is annoying and or frustrating. Please phone us if there are difficulties; and hopefully hopefully we can resolve them together— together—01905 340246

We will

Terms and conditions continued -

Ensure staff ( paid and unpaid ) are recruited

using safer recruitment processes Ensure staff are trained and undertake an

induction Give you contact details of Activity Workers

Activity Workers will arrive, introduce themselves

with an id badge and let you know their plans for the session Liaise before hand if necessary

• •

Arrive in good time ( if for some reason you are let down, please let us know ) Introduce self to staff and young people

• • •

Tidy up afterwards

Inform staff of any issues on the spot

Work to current safeguarding good practice •

Do an outstandingly good job

Present a signing in sheet and evaluation form for

your signature •

Provide a quality assurance evaluator

If we have to cancel a session for any reason, we

will try to ensure you receive adequate notice. •

Speak with the you should any concerns arise

Lorraine Powell

Art & Craft Use of Plastercine, Fimo and wire to create animation characters. A range of beaded jewellery, phone charms, key rings & magnets. Making and designing own salt dough pieces.

Textiles Patchwork and soft toy making. Create a shaped or letter cushion. Brooch making such as a ‘ pinwheel ’ . Learn how to needle felt, knit, stencil & create embroidery

Novelty Card making and 3D canvas ’ s using tabletop die cutting machine. Mo-

Create a sock monster, cutting & shaping ‘ c lean ’ socks. Make your own real-

saic work, using tiles, shells, buttons, sequins ( and any found objects ) .

istic felt food such as cupcakes, doughnuts & chocolates. Make your own laven-

Decorative feathered mask making and Sculptural pieces using paper mache.

der /pot pourri bags. Learn how to appliqué ( applying one fabric shape onto an-

Origami, iris folding & scrapbooking.

other ) using ‘ bondaweb’ . Create your own tote/drawstring bag.

Seasonal items such as: spider boxes, trick or treat bags, Xmas baubles, Machine sewn stockings and plant pot angels

Delivery: A one off activity &/or a series of workshops. Maximum no of young people: approx 13 to 15 ( dependant on activity ) Delivery Requirements: A good sized table & chairs, good lighting & access to a sink. Availability Autumn Term 2010: Weekday evenings: evenings Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Weekends: Weekends Sunday evenings & half term holidays

Rebecca Skinner Make Up Artist Ageing

Body casting Create a life like copy of a part of yourself. Mask Making Impression casting

Special effects - cuts, scars, bruises Character make up Face painting

Art and Craft

Beauty make up

Card making

Body painting

Photo frames

Male-female/female-male change make up

Scrap booking Mural painting Life drawing and painting Flowerpot decorating Clay crafts and sculpture Shell painting and crafts Jewellery making Eco crafts – recycle old clothes to make new items like bracelets and bags

Delivery: can be delivered as a one off activity or a series or workshops


mon-thu evenings after 6pm, all day weekends and school holiMaximum number of young people: 10 Delivery Requirements: Requirements Tables, chairs, access to water.

days. ( as from sept 22nd )

African and Caribbean Hairdressing

Yinka AlliAlli-Balogun

Delivery: Workshop can be delivered as a one off or a series, but a series would be advisable due to the volume of content. Participants can highlight areas of interest when booking especially when time is limited so they can get the most out of it.

African and Caribbean Food Delivery: Workshop can be delivered as a one off or series, but a series would be advisable due to the volume of content

Delivery requirements: : If all of the following are not available please contact the office in advance so adjustments can be made accordingly – power sockets, tables, chairs, access

Maximum number of young people: 12

to sink/running water, mirror,

Menu Touchdown in Jamaica,

Maximum number of young people: 16 ( even number preferred )

Availability: Flexible availability most weekday evenings ( excluding Tuesdays ) and all day


Saturday subject to prior appointments until mid November – please contact the office to

Jerk chicken Rice and peas Curry Pattie – chicken, fish, veggie Fried dumplings and plantain Punch Ginger bear

agree some suitable slots.

Delivery requirements: requirements If all of the following are not available please contact the office in advance so adjustments can be made accordingly - Stove/cooker/bbq, cooking preparation area/table, access to sink/running water, power sockets, mixing bowls, pots and pans, rolling pin, chopping board, kitchen utensils – chopping knifes, fork, spoons. Menu Touchdown in Nigeria, West Africa Jaloff rice Fried Rice Chicken/meat Stew/soup Plantain/dodo/bolly Puf puf Chin chin

Availability: Availability Flexible availability most weekday evenings ( excluding Tuesdays ) and all day Saturday subject to prior appointments until mid November – please contact the office to agree some suitable slots.


Dianne Howland

Newspaper game, quizzes – music, spellings, geography, boggle, cards. Delivery: a one off activity Maximum number young people: people No Max Delivery Requirements: Tables, chairs.

Art Xmas decorations – plastic bottles, heat guns, sweet wrappers etc, Felt making, Glass painting, Clay/ filo work – tiles or modelling, Sculpture – monsters or animals cardboard

Make up

boxes, paint, glue tape. Wire sculpture. Tea-bag/wax technique.

Horror, Accident & Emergency, Ageing, Clowns, Elves,

Delivery: can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops

Cats – The musical, Drag Queen or Panto Dames, 1970 ’ s , 1980 ’ s , Ba-

Maximum number young people: people 20

sic stage make up, Fantasy, hair- plaits, pleats prom hair.

Delivery Requirements: Tables, chairs, water.

Mehndi ( henna ) designs. Skin care & beauty & makeup. Delivery: can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops Maximum number young people: people 20

Cookery Pizza, pasta, curry, salads, fruit salad, fruit skewers. Salsa and chips/nachos. Sweets – truffles, peppermint creams, chocolate fondue, banana splits, marzipan animals, fruits, cake making/ decorating, milkshakes, chocolate brownies, banoffe pie, flap

Delivery Requirements: Tables, chairs, water.

jacks – fruit, nut, choc chip, Smoothies – fruit juices, ices lollies, Delivery: a one off activity: 20

Availability Tuesday evenings please contact WAY office

Maximum number young people: people Delivery Requirements: Kitchen, oven, water, worktops/tables.

Fi Brown

Sport Skills will be taught which can then be used in a game and tournaments can be arranged. A wide range of sports are available ranging from Netball to Dodge ball and Hockey to Football also 'sports day' evenings can be arranged. Delivery...can be delivered as a one off or an ongoing tournament/

Jewellery making Young people will have the opportunity to make their own earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. Delivery...can be delivered as a one off or as ongoing sessions Maximum Number of Young People...10 Availability...evenings, Saturdays and occasional day time sessions

competition Maximum Number of Young People...20Activity

Indoor and Outdoor Games Various type of games including, water, food, running, dressing up, team building, challenge evenings, giant nights etc. Delivery...delivered as a one off or ongoing sessions e.g. teambuilding. Maximum Number of Young People...30

Crafts including: Glass painting ,Pottery/ceramic painting ( money boxes etc ) Rainbow art Masks, Model making, Seasonal Crafts And many more...

Faye Hurley Nail Art/Manicure Nail Art/ Pedicure Facial/ Skincare/ Massage

Facials/ Massage Make your own face masks using fun ingredients like strawberries, bananas, cucumber, honey & oats..! Learn how to look after your skin with a professional facial routine, including a relaxing face massage

Aromatherapy/Massage Hand Outs for every session Nail Art/ Manicure ( inc. Hand & Arm Massage ) Learn how look after your nails with a professional manicure, including a relaxing hand and arm massage. Finish off by applying diamonds, glitter, transfers, stickers and nail pen designs!

Bath Bombs/ Bath Oils Make your own amazing bath bombs... using your favourite fragrance, colours, glitter, flower petals etc..! Make your own gorgeous bath oils... using your favourite essential oils! You will also learn how to do a hand/arm massage... all great ideas for presents! Delivery: Can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops.

Pedicure/ Nail Art ( inc. Foot & Leg Massage ) Make your feet look great with a professional pedicure, including a relaxing foot and leg massage.

Maximum number young people: people 14 ( 7 pairs ) Delivery Requirements: 1 Large Table, Chairs, Access to warm water, Bin. Available Sept: 1st-2nd, 6th-10th, 13th-17th, 20th-24th, 29th-30th. Oct: 4th-8th, 12th-15th, 18th-22nd.

Finish off your look by applying diamonds, glitter, transfers, stickers and Nov: 1st-5th, 11th-12th, 15th-19th, 22nd-25th, 29th-30th. nail pen designs!

Dec: 1st-3rd, 6th-9th, 13th-17th.

Heidi Fletcher Dance and Drama Workshops

Dance Contemporary Creative Dance Street Musical Theatre Healthy lifestyle Lifts and contact work

Drama Script writing Issue based ( bullying, homelessness, etc. ) Creating and performing a show Script work Musical Theatre Healthy lifestyle Mask Making and design All workshops are aimed to increase the young people’ s creativity, which will allow them to express themselves; this will lead to them increasing their confidence and social skills. It will also improve their technique and performance skills.

Delivery: Dance and Drama can be delivered as one off activity or series or workshops. Mask making needs one session to create masks and a separate if they want to add colour and design them. Maximum number young people: people 20- 30 dance and drama 10 people mask making Delivery Requirements: A big open space

Orly Phillips

Delivery: Can be delivered as a one off activity or a series of workshops. A one off session would be better suited to printing individual items using pre- cut stencils of various designs and lettering whereas a few consecutive sessions would

Activity title: Painting and Mural painting Guidance on design and techniques Maximum number young people: people no maximum Delivery: Can be delivered as a one off activity or a series of workshops.

give scope for incorporating stencil design ( using freehand and computer software methods ) , stencil cutting and more intricate designs that take longer to complete. Delivery Requirements: Tables, access to a sink nearby for washing the screens. Risk assessment to allow the use of craft knives.

Delivery Requirements: Access to a sink. Activity title: Screen Printing Working with acetate stencils, fabric paint and silk screens to create personalised designs that can be printed on to a range of textiles. Sessions could either be focused upon creating a shared piece of work such as a decorative banner or individual items such as bags and tshirts. Availability Any evening except Tuesdays, some weekends, please check with the Maximum number young people: people 10-15


Carrie Sermon

I use hand on activities and blend arts and crafts, music and drama with cookery to understand an event or concepts such as Pancake Day or Chinese New Year.

I am a flexible, versatile person who can provide a programme tailor made to your needs! If you have an idea but do not know how to make it reality I ’ m your woman! I can deliver cross-curricular activities around a theme and blend issues such as multi-culturalism or self esteem with arts and crafts. I love to use junk and recycled materials! I have a great deal of experience working with Special Needs groups as well

The most important aspect is that it is fun and meaningful and includes activi-

as mainstream groups and of all age ranges.

ties generated by the young people. A discussion of a topic may inspire the young peoples ideas and understanding. I always ask for suggestions and use to this to help plan for future sessions. Delivery: can be delivered as one off activity or series of workshops Maximum number young people: people 10 – 20 people

I also work with the calendar and look for events that occur within the seasons and key events and dates, such as Divali or Wassailing. Also any particular dates such Holocaust Day.

Delivery Requirements: Dependent on activity Availability Weekday/evenings: Any with notice

Tracy Rowberry Beauty Learn how to give Spa treatments choose from‌ make up lessons facial cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise fun masks made from store cupboard ingredients nail shaping and nail infections manicures and pedicures

Delivery: Can be delivered as one off sessions, or a series of sessions Maximum number young people: people 16 Delivery Requirements: tables and chairs Available:

We have recently recruited some new Way activity workers, and as soon as I am able I shall forward information about them to you.

How to Book your Way Activity Worker Before booking an Activity Worker please consider how best the workshop will fit into your current programme of youth work. As you know, young people generally vote with their feet, so please involve them in the process of choosing who to book as well as when to book the activity. If you want a series of workshops to produce an end product consider best how to fit this into your planning cycle, and book well in advance. Unsurprisingly Way activity workers are snapped up rather swiftly by discerning young people. Please remember the age range .

( see page 4 ) Thank you for

your support.

We have foregone the form, and now favour e mail, it is quick, cheap and usually efficient. If you do not have access to e mail ring us and leave a message and day time number and we will ring you back.

email 01905 340246 Mondays 9.30am – 2.30pm Tuesdays 9.30am –2.30pm

WAY Directory  

info about all WAY Activity workers and how to book them

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