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HEALTH CARE FACILITY El Canton The University of Texas at Austin

The strengths of our project lie in its simplicity and restraint with regards to the given site conditions, ease of construction, and ultimate use of volunteer labor. The steep slope dictated a split-level approach and separated the public patient waiting areas from the private treatment rooms with a 5 foot (1.5 meter) elevation change. Creating these two levels resulted in the most efficient use of cut and fill. With the future community center in mind, we designed the health care facility with a space on the second level that would provide a seamless connection to the site’s next phase. In terms of constructability, we chose a modest material palette that includes concrete, wood, and CMU block, with a low-tech method of construction that will result in a symbolic health care center for the community of El Canton. Project Team: Caitlin McCunney, Francisca Pineda, Hellen Awino, Ian Robertson, Jorge Martinez, Maite Bermudez, Matthew Dubin, Megan Matthews, Melissa Jones, Michaela Wright, Nan Jiang, Parker Thompson, Ryan McCulloch, Tyler Stowell, Yanjing Chen Next Brigade: August 2012

west view

view of the hallway

east view

view of the patio





2 1


1 road to Teupasenti 2 entrance 3 future community center

4 parking 5 proposed site 6 dirt path

site plan | 1:200

B 11








5 A







1 entrance 2 general storage 3 reception

4 outdoor waiting area 5 hallway 6 secure medical storage

7 8 9

office treatment room examination room

10 dental room 11 rainwater cistern

plan | 1:100

section A-A | 1:75

section B-B | 1:75

corrugated aluminum roof 2 X 6 wood member wood runners

metal gutter drainage pipe cistern

concrete beam CMU plastered & painted clerestory window with mesh CMU block filled with sand for insulation

drainage canal concrete sill mamposteria foundation concrete slab

construction details | 1:30

corrugated aluminum roof wood runners 2 X 6 wood member

metal gutter

wood screen 8� square wood column steel connection plate

concrete beam

10� square concrete base for column mamposteria foundation concrete stairs wood concrete sill concrete slab

construction details | 1:30






6 assembly diagram

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

terrain excavation and mamposteria foundation concrete foundation and wood patio CMU walls wood columns wood trusses galvanized metal roof(aluzinc)

7 assembly diagram

r sun





Rainwater colecion The roof of the largest building of the clinic will be used for water colection. The roof closest to the front of the building collects water left in the tank for use in sinks and other functions within the clinics for treatment, examination and dental consutorios. (shown in blue) In addition, the rear roof of the tank collects water for the outdoor pilas, sinks and bathrooms. The annual projection for water usage will be approximately clininca of 68.000 to 76.000 liters, which means that the roofs will be able to collect from from 150.000 to 160.000 liters of agual year. Sustainability The building roof also provides extensive cover for the sun during the summer and winter. To facilitate the construction of the building, the roof truss is designed with standard sizes for the top and bottom of the truss. Photovoltaic panels will be mounted on the roof to store and provide electricity for the clinic. Additionally, the windows postions were articulated to create breezes for ventilation of the building while conditioning the spaces inside the clinic.

sustainability diagrams

UT Austin Honduras Health Care Center Entry  
UT Austin Honduras Health Care Center Entry  

Competition winning entry from The Unversity of Texas at Austin School of Architecture for a health care facility in El Canton, Honduras. Pr...