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Table of Contents Executive Summary ... Market Overview ... Campaign Goals ... Target Market ... Buyer Personas ... Campaign Strategies ... What's Not Working ... Media Mix ... Budget ... Competitive Landscape ... Publicity ... Point of Sale ... Campaign Evaluation ... Sources ...

Executive Summary Six Star Whey Protein is packed with scientifically researched key ingredients that build more muscle and increase strength, 100% Whey Protein Plus is scientifically superior to regular protein. Six Star also has a gold medal for superior taste, and it’s ingredients have been tested and has showed that subjects have gained 4x the muscle. Six Star has done everything right with the product, but the way they market their products and interact with their consumers must be updated. People need to know about Six Star. Six Star offers scholarship opportunities, and an above average quality product for less than their competition. Our campaign will grab a new target market, increase sales, brand exposure, and brand image.

Market Overview The global sports nutrition market accounted for $28.37 billion in 2016 and is growing at a CAGR of around 8.1% between 2017 and 2022. North America by itself accounts for 40 percent of the global market share. Demand for herbal supplements and sports nutrition products such as whey protein powder will continue to propel industry performance as more mainstream consumers turn to these products to complement their active lifestyles.

Campaign Goals To increase brand awareness and brand image.

Utilize Endorsees at pop up events as well as increase Walmart sales.

Generate an increase in the sales of Six Star protein powder but to also create a first-time buyer and student interest in the brand.

Increase social media presence

Target Market The goal of our campaign to reach a market that hasn't been claimed. Our target market for this campaign is first time users of nutritional supplements such as protein powders. These people are in the age demographic of 18-24 years old. They are students that are currently attending high school or college to attract them to the Six Star scholarship. These people are recreational or lifestyle gym-goers that find time throughout the day to stay healthy, whether that be working out or eating healthy, or both.

Buyer Personas

Lisa 26 First-Time Buyer Married with 1 child Stay at home mom

Marcus 18 Student-Athlete Avid gamer Part-time : $6000

Chad 29 Fitness Enthusiast Married Full time : 55,000

Campaign Strategies 1. This campaign will last 3 months with a 2 week pre-launch phase. 2. The campaign will start advertising via social medias (Facebook, Magazines, Twitter, and Instagram) and will build the campaign around the #SixStarMyCity. Social media presence will be key in this campaign. 3. This campaign will visit 6 cities within this 3 month period for a "pop up" event that will have an appearance by an endorsee. These events will have events for people to participate in, and win sample products/Tshirts all while building customer relations.

This campaign will highlight the things that makes Six Star different from other brands. Through paid advertisements via social medias, billboards, and cable advertisements we can interact with our target market, and bring awareness to the scholarship and the quality product that Six Star is.

Whats Not Working? Americans in the 18-24 group range now use Instagram and close to half (45%) are Twitter users. The way people interact with brands, advertisements and perceive value in companies is done heavily through social media. People can't like what they don't know about. Six Star will have to promote more intensely.

Not enough people know about Six Star.

Not connecting enough with millennials.

Lack of social media presence.

Lack of promotion

Media Mix Web & Mobile- Our web and mobile advertising is a lot of display banner ads. These are very cheap and can be targeted to specific websites that would house the most millennials. We also are advertising on HULU and Spotify, both applications widely used by our target group. These two are also currently in a deal together, heightening the impact to these specific consumers.

Social Media- our most aggressive advertising. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are going to be utilized by our Media plan because of their use by millennials. These sites also allow for extreme user targeting, making our money have the most impact.

Media Mix Traditional- We will have limited focus on traditional media as millennial are using other outlets more.

TV Commercials- We are going to have cable spots and national broadcast spots. These will be during prime time, a time we found beneficial for capturing millennial viewers.

Magazines- We are going to have a few ½ page ads in Men's Health magazine. We chose this magazine because their main audience overlaps .

Media Mix Non-Traditional- Very effective and cheap, we found non traditional to be the main method for contacting millennials. Increased user targeting is also a plus. Billboards, Bus Wraps, Bus Shelters- This type of advertising is one that will be implemented in our spot market locations, offering a good millennial & protein drinking population that will come in contact with the ads.

Budget For our Six Star campaign, we envisioned our campaign running 3 months. To support the duration of our campaign, we estimate the budget amount of $150,000. This budget includes (Scholarship of $20,000 2 students, POS for Wal-Mart, Media Mix, Endorsees, Transportation/Resources, Pop up events.)

Scholarship 13.4% Pop Up Events 23%

POS 12.5%

Transportation 0.8%

Endorsee Appearances 20.1%

Media Mix Adv. 30.2%

Competitive Landscape

Six Star Pro Nutrition serves products such as plant-based protein, soy protein, and whey protein, which is their most popular. Six Star is at a lower price point when compared to other companies in the market.

Their biggest competitors online on the Amazon website are Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Pharm, BSN, and EAS Six Star has a low price point of $8.50 a pound on Amazon, but their competitors like Muscle Pharm have a price point of $7.33 a pound.

On the Walgreens website, Six Star has one of the lowest prices with their own store brand having only lower, with Six Star being $19 and Walgreens brand being only $16.

Competitor products are sold from online stores such as Amazon and also big brand stores such as Walmart and Walgreens.

On these websites, Six Star has managed to be on the first page, which looks good for their product.

Publicity For publicity, we are setting up pop-up events in different high schools across the nation to promote the scholarship to seniors that are expecting to attend college in the next year. This will allow students to better get an idea of the Six Star brand and also find out about the scholarship that they offer. At select events, one professional athlete that is associated with the Six Star brand will appear to promote the scholarship as well.

Point of Sale (POS) in Walmart The POS in Walmart will consist of a shelf that holds 10 jugs. For this promotion, we will have these shelves in 200 Walmarts across the nation. The shelves will have the Six Star label on them with a white color, instead of black, to attract our stated target market of people who are focused on nutrition instead of bodybuilding. We plan to promote these shelves on the end of an aisle, the jugs will be prominently placed so people will notice them when walking down the main part of the store. With this feature in the store, we hope to earn a 20% lift in sales during the length of this promotion.

Campaign Evaluation By execution of this campaign, Six Star can expect to see an increase in sales and brand interest and awareness of 20+ percent. Taking advantage of social media and targeting millennials with the scholarship fund should peak Six Star's success

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