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hello and welcome to play... I am Ian, an industrial designer with a passion for graphics and all things creative. I graduated a year ago from Loughborough University’s Industrial Design and Technology course, where I gained a first class honours. My professional knowlege has developed over the course of two long-term industry roles, most recently in my current job at Decathlon product design in France. In this book you will find a selection of design projects from both academic study and professional experience, and a full CV can be found at the back. I hope you enjoy the work, if you would like any further information or just fancy a chat do not hesitate to call or email. many thanks, Ian

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Vaka is a floor lamp for the home with soft, portable bulbs that recharge when placed on the tree... you can take light anywhere, anytime

The main lamp is designed to stand in the centre of the home, acting as both a floor lamp and a

charge ‘hub’ for the bulbs. Then, whenever light is needed it can be ‘picked’ from the tree.

push me Just squeeze down

on the soft silicon bulb to turn the product on and off

twist me A simple twist

provides an intuitive and easy way to dim the bulb

Vaka bulbs have a soft silicon top, that can be squeezed to turn the product on and off, and twisted

to dim and brighten. Vaka makes light flexible, tactile and fun.

Two super-bright LED’s provide a warm white light, powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

A recycled felt strip wraps round each bulb, to promote interaction and tactility.

design process interview

observation research

research into user behaviour, needs and the current market

concept selection

to develop a good understanding of the market and users needs

A focus group was held in which users gave their opinion on the various concepts.

dev modelling detail dev CAD, manufacture feasibility concept sketch exploration, using requirements and further sketchwork and modelling, a full CAD model, a feasibility study, resulting in a formal report.

insights from research. “Sketch� models were made.

The project acted as my final degree work and spanned the best part of 9 months. The process, shown above, was

engineering drawings

incredibly in depth and resulted in a number of formal reports, costings, CAD models, drawings and a fully working prototype.

user testing prototyping RP, vac casting, machining, sanding, spraying, water-jet cutting, electronics etc

Extensive user testing was carried out with the prototype


functional and user based testing

final report

costing for retail

formal write up of costing, testing and manufacture details

Sketchwork from the Vaka project

CAD A detailed CAD

model was created using Pro Engineer. This was then used for RP and costing for retail.

work shop

Images from the prototyping process.

A fully working prototype was made using a large variety of processes, from RP and vac

casting, to lathe work and water jet cutting. The prototype took just under two months to finish.

100% design

I was invited by ReDesign to exhibit as part of “Lighten Up� at 100% Futures in Earls Court, September 2008. Vaka was also published in the Lighten up book (see left)

in the woods I took Vaka back to

nature in a photo shoot for magazine features

in the media Coverage in magazines and on the net from all over the world

Since completion, the Vaka concept has received media coverage in both magazines and on the web.

I also was invited to exhibit at 100% design and New Designers 2008 in London.

Clear Hue isolates and identifies any colour, empowering colour vision deficient creatives by

providing a description of the colour along with RGB and CMYK values.

The pipette uses a digital lens to analyse colour. A rubber seal surrounding the sensor creates a light sealed environment, perfect

for analysing colour. The digital lens can read over 10 million different colours.

The design process was user-led, first completing interviews and observation before developing concepts using this data.

Clear Hue was completed as a submission for the RSA ‘design directions’ award.

Sketchwork from the Clear Hue project

Sobo’s soft elastomer surface gently moves up and down to provide a soft, calming massage. Capsules of gels or oils are

inserted to provide a soapy lather to aid massage and relaxation. Sobo charges wirelessly through an inductive docking station.

Sobo was conceived and designed in a week as an intensive design exerecise for a live brief set

by Osim massage products. (Singapore)

Sketchwork from the Sobo project. This project was completed from start to finish in one week..

Nuance is a home entertainment system produced consisting of a DVD player, sub-woofer and speakers (on following page).

The concept was developed from a body of form and aesthetic related research and analysis.

Sketchwork and development from the Nuance project. A detailed form analysis was carried out

from inspiration words and images, a sample of which can be seen on the left.

Venture is an electronic travel guide for backpackers. Designed to do away with the

need for heavy guides, maps and timetables.

project completed in 2006

I am currently working for Decathlon in Lille, France as a product designer. My role includes retail product design (4 products going to market

2009/10), prospective design,

service design and design workshop organisation.

unfortunately most of my work remains confidential samples may be shown at interview

An important part of my role is organising and running design workshops for Decathlon’s various brands.

These intensive sessions are focused on innovation and new product concepts.

Rockrider Play is a mountain-biking helmet concept with integrated removeable headphones.

An example of a very quick, 2 day project, done rapidly to communicate a product concept.

The concept was completed in 2 days, as a quick visualisation to pitch to the brand.

Hand sketching and visualized in Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic work and logo types produced while at Decathlon

Snowboard graphics for Wed’ze. A brand of Decathlon.

a coded invite When asked to create an invitation with a difference, we decided to add a bit of intrigue. Just slide the card into the envelope to reveal the secret code.

welcome to style at B&Q

B&Q wanted help to launch a new range of stylish home accessories. For us, it was a task of trying to make people re-think a brand known mostly for paint and building supplies.

fun fashion at jojo Catalogue and product tags for JoJo Maman BĂŠbĂŠ.

I spent a year working as Junior Designer with One in the centre of London. My role spanned concept

generation, art-working, project management and both client and supplier liasons.

re-launcing microsoft’s online services

When Microsoft changed the name of their online from MSN to Windows Live, I was part of

a team helping to implement the design changes.

re-positioning mcdonalds How do you change the perception of a brand as big as McDonalds.? For us, the solution began by turning the same question over to consumers...

McDonalds approached One Design with the challenge of making consumers re-think their perceptions of the company. I

worked the team to implement a nationwide campaign, “make up your own mind� and a new range of sustainably sourced coffee.

designing a graduation

I led the design and branding of Loughborough University’s Industrial Design Degree Show


devising the brand, logo and managing the year book through to print.

I was responsible for the design and branding of the show, including the production of our degree show book. We went for bold photography-led layouts. (below)

Ian Bach Curriculum vitae


2004 – 2008 Ba Industrial Design and Technology Loughborough University graduated with 1st class honours Dissertation: A Tailored Future: Mass customisation as a route towards increased product attachment. 2006 - 2007 Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) One Design - London (Year Placement) 1997 – 2004 Rickmansworth School, Scots Hill, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 3AQ A-Level Art (A), Computing (A) Maths (A) Physics AS (A) GCSE 3A*’s, 5A’s, 1B

I am an enthusiastic and lively person who thrives when working as part of a team. I strive to bring creative and innovative thinking to all projects and will be a hardworking asset to your company.

Professional Experience

Other Experience

Sept 2008 - Present Decathlon, Lille, France Decathlon are a multi-national sports product manufacturer and retailer based in France. I am currently working as a product designer at the central design office in Lille, working between product development projects (4 products coming to market in 09/10), the development of services, and also on strategic, prospective product design, forming part of a team organising and running creativity workshops with the many brands across France. June 2006 - September 2007 One Design, Southbank, London One provides design and PR to a large range of corporate and public sector clients, most recently McDonalds, B&Q and Microsoft. I worked for a year as a graphic designer, and gained in-depth experience; from concept generation through to print production and project management with clients and suppliers. Work spanned branding, advertising, print, packaging and web design. 30 June - 4 July 2003 Axis Design, Golders Green, London This design internship at a graphic design agency gave me experience of professional design work and an insight into the industry.

TEL: +44 (0)7903872729 DOB: 04/08/86

Halland Way Northwood Middlesex HA6 2BY ENGLAND 24

Sept 2008 100% Design 08 - ReDesign Invited to exhibit work at 100% Design in London’s Earls Court by Re-Design, sustainable design organisation. July 2008 New Designers 08 1 of 15 students to be selected to represent Loughborough University at New Designers 2008 July 2008 Ideation - Degree Show Committee I had a leading role in the organisation, design and running of Loughborough University’s Industrial Design Degree Show 2008 and New Designers Show, designing and directing the graphic identity of the show.


Personal Skills • Project management skills and experience • Strong team based and individual skills • Professional experience of client and supplier communication. • Above all, energy, enthusiasm and the confidence to think differently. • French language to a basic level. Design Skills • Freehand sketching and rendering techniques • Rapid concept generation and ideation experience • Prototyping and model making experience • Skills in ergonomic design; anthropometrics, semantics, user-led innovation and emotional design • Knowledge and skills in sustainable design • Strong knowledge of design for manufacture, costing, materials and processes. • Professional experience of retail product design and leading creative workshops with Decathlon. • Experience in service design workshops at Decathlon. • Professional knowledge of graphic layout, printing technicalities, finishes and print project management with One Design. IT Skills: • Adobe CS: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark • Dreamweaver, Flash • Pro Engineer 3D CAD, • Alias Image Studio Rendering • Programming in Pascal and Delphi • Microsoft Office and other common programs

Passions and Interests

I have a strong passion for travel, leading me to work in France and make trips to Tibet, Nepal and across Europe. Camping at Everest base camp was a dream come true and something I will never forget! I have a keen interest in music and play bass regularly in a band. I enjoy most sports, and especially like trying new ones, with climbing and mountain boarding being the most recent crazes. However my main passion is design and the role it plays in peoples lives. I am particularly interested in social and playful design interactions, taking inspiration from user observation and research, and I believe that at its best, design thinking has the power to offer new perspectives on todays biggest issues.


Both professional and academic references are available on request.

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Ian Bach Folio  

Hi, I am Ian. I design products, services and graphics.

Ian Bach Folio  

Hi, I am Ian. I design products, services and graphics.

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