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Bainton and Ashton Parish Council Councillors



Responsible for:

Graham Fletcher


Financial Overview.

Churchyard Maintenance

Grass Maintenance

Barnack Ward



Rob McNeish



Judith Morrice

740865 07944 054546


Churchyard Maintenance Playground Maintenance Neigh/hood Watch Neigh/hood Watch

Grass Maintenance

Nicola Clough

Neigh/hood Committee Neigh/hood Committee

Planning & Localism Planning & Localism Allotment Association Barnack Ward


Richard Harris (Vice Chairman)


Robin Morrison

Speed Watch

Minutes of a Meeting of Bainton and Ashton Parish Council held at The Reading Room on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 at 7.30 pm. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

To record names of members present. Graham Fletcher, Richard Harris, Rob McNeish, Judith Morrice. To note apologies for absence. Nicola Clough. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda. None. To confirm and sign the minutes of meeting held on 11th June 2012. Signed by the Chairman. Members of the public are invited to address the council with regard to any items on the agenda. None. Finance. a. Monthly Financial Report for June 2012. (sent to Councillors by email on 26/06/12) Noted. b. Barnack Ward: Donation of £300.00 for Washdyke, received 26/06/12. Noted. c. Annual External Audit Completion. Noted. d. Authorisation of Cheques as per LGA 1972. Noted. Graham Fletcher & Richard Harris to be signatories. e. Completion of Bank Mandate for Council Signatories. Done. Clerk to submit documents and i.d. to bank. f. Authority to pay: i. Clerk’s salary and expenses: June 2012, (£207.91 + May expenses underpayment £13.60) £221.51. Agreed. ii. Clerk’s tax: June 2012, £3.00. Agreed. iii. Judith Morrice: Annual Meeting refreshments, £16.82. Agreed. iv. Capalc: Payment of 50% postage of Good Councillors Guide £3.34. (shared with Ufford) Agreed. v. Moore Stephens: External Audit, £144.00. Agreed.

Draft Minutes subject to approval at next meeting.

7. Environment. a. Playground. Agreed to remove Willow tunnel. Andy Perkins to remove. Possible grant available for replacement item b. Roads and Pavements. Mr Fixit has swept but not completed pavement on Barnack road, Lodge house to 30 MPH Sign needs clearing. Pot hole by Blue Boar needs attention. Drains cleared on Barnack Road. Street lights repaired. No Cycling Signs will cost £20 for 10 signs. Action – Clerk. Pot holes outside Allison Close & others still are reappearing to be discussed at next meeting. Action – Judith Morrice. c. PCC Natural Environment Project Grant. Produce project for this grant – ideas required for next meeting. d. Best Kept Village competition. None organised in this area, Rob McNeish to approach local organisations to gauge interest. e. Washdyke/Sheep wash: Graham Fletcher to ask Peterborough City Council for advice. f. Barnack Ward: i. Autumn Planting Grant of £500 already applied for. Noted. ii. Social evening in Barnack hall, Oct 1st Mon for members of all Ward Councils. Noted. Other items. a. Councillor Training. No courses available until the autumn. Clerk to arrange 5 sessions. b. Clerk Training: General Power of Competence. Clerk booked on course 15th September. c. Community/Parish Action Plan. Ward meeting to present ideas. Action – Nicola Clough & Richard Harris. RH d. Jubilee Celebrations. Result - £653 left over – money to be retained in separate account for future village functions. It was Agreed Fancourts gave good value. e. Broadband. It was noted that the Ward would discuss the matter with Tallington Parish Councillor, Ken Otter. f. Neighbourhood Committee, £900.00 Capital Grant. Ideas required at next meeting for application 1st Sep. Note of Conditions required. Action – Clerk. 8. Village Matters – for discussion only. a. Drainage at church discussed – may be improved when drop curb installed; Clerk to bring plans to next meeting. b. Road repairs not lasting. c. Any plans to re-tarmac pavement. d. Speed watch Barnack Graham Fletcher talked to D. Roxborough and R. McNeish to talk to E. Barker. 9. Date of next meeting. Tuesday 7th Aug 2012. 10. Meeting closed 21:25 11. I confirm that this is a true record of the meeting……………………………………………….Chairman……………………….. Date


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