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Bainton and Ashton Parish Council Parish Office: Stonycroft, Millstone Lane, Barnack, PE9 3ET Telephone: 07944 054546   Email: Draft Minutes ­ subject to  approval at next meeting.


Minutes of Annual Meeting of Bainton and Ashton Parish Council held at The Reading Room on Tuesday 9th May 2012 at 8.00 pm.

Election of the Chairman for the Council Year 2012 – 2013.  Richard Harris nominated Graham Fletcher who was unanimously elected.


Declaration of Acceptance of office by Chairman and Councillors. Signed and witnessed by outgoing Councillors. Acceptancespeech by Chairman.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

To record names of members present. Graham Fletcher, Richard Harris, Nicola Clough. To note apologies for absence. None. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda. 8e,Richard Harris, Graham Fletcher. 9a,Richard Harris. To confirm and sign the minutes of meeting held on 3rd April 2012. (Appendix 1) Signed by the Chairman. Members of the public are invited to address the council with regard to any items on the agenda. None. Finance. a. Annual Return: to approve Council Accounting Statements for 2011 ­ 2012. Approved. b. Monthly Financial Report for April 2012. Noted. c. Barclays Bank: Agreement to complete new signatories mandate for Councillors.   Carried over to next meeting. d. Vat repayment: only item, 2011 ­2012 was External Auditor  (£153.00 ­ £36.60) c/o to 2012 – 2013. Carried over to current year.

e. Allotment Association, Invoice for water bill 14/01/12 – 19/04/12, £17.59 f. Authority to pay: Agreed. i. Clerk’s salary and expenses: April 2012, £416.38.(Corrected from agenda£410.39). ii. Clerk’s tax: April 2012, £53.00. iii. Andy Perkins: Churchyard maintenance already paid, Invoice number 07, 26.03.12, £15.00. iv. Andy Perkins: Grass cutting already paid, Invoice number 08, 17.03.12, £97.50. v. Andy Perkins: Washdyke maintenance already paid, Invoice number 09, 17.03.12, £100.00. vi. Andy Perkins: Washdyke maintenance already paid, Invoice number 10, 17.03.12, £75.00. vii. Anglian Water: Allotment Water bill, already paid, 14/01/12 – 19/04/12, £17.59. viii. Ufford Parish Council: Subscription share, £81.00 (50% of Slcc £72.00 and DIS £90.00) ix. Came & Company: Annual Insurance Premium, £322.19. 9. Planning: a. 12/00167/FUL Jubilee Cottages, Barnack Road: permission granted for three garages. Noted. b. 12/00596/LBC Vine Farm, Barnack Road: Listed Building application. No Comments. g. Site Allocations DPD. Noted c. Peterborough Planning Policies Development Plan Document. Report by Richard Harris. d. Neighbourhood Planning: Report by Richard Harris. 10. Environment. a. Roads and Pavements. Carried over to next meeting. b. Moat Conservation Area: Prevention of usage by cyclists. Carried over to next meeting. c. Drop Kerbs: work planned. Noted. 11. Other items. a. Jubilee  Celebrations.  Report and discussion on 7th May meeting by Celebrations Committee. It was noted that sufficient monies has been raised to make the event self funding. b. Police:  New  PCSO, Lorraine Moore.  Next  Neighbourhood   Panel Meeting,  7pm  16 th  May,  Bainton  Reading Room. Noted. 12. Village Matters – for discussion only. Superfast Broadband letter from Ken Otter, Councillor, Tallington Parish Council and discussion about Peterborough City Council resources. 13. Date of next meeting. 5th June2012. 14. Meeting closedat 8.55pm

Bainton and Ashton Parish Council Parish Office: Stonycroft, Millstone Lane, Barnack, PE9 3ET Telephone: 07944 054546   Email: 15. This is a true record of the meeting…………………………………………………Chairman……………th5 June 2012


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