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Bainton and Ashton Parish Council Councillors



Responsible for:

Graham Fletcher


Financial Overview.

Churchyard Maintenance

Grass Maintenance

Barnack Ward



Rob McNeish



Judith Morrice

740865 07944 054546


Churchyard Maintenance Playground Maintenance Neigh/hood Watch Neigh/hood Watch

Grass Maintenance

Nicola Clough

Neigh/hood Committee Neigh/hood Committee

Planning & Localism Planning & Localism Allotment Association Barnack Ward


Richard Harris (Vice Chairman)


Robin Morrison

Minutes of a Meeting of Bainton and Ashton Parish Council held in The Reading Room on Tuesday 7th August 2012 at 7.30 pm. 1. 2. 3.

Speed Watch

To record names of members present. Graham Fletcher, Richard Harris, Judith Morrice. To note apologies for absence. Rob McNeish, Nicola Clough. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda. None.

Draft Minutes subject to approval at next meeting.

4. 5.

To confirm and sign the minutes of meeting held on 3rd July 2012. Signed by the Chairman. Members of the public are invited to address the council with regard to any items on the agenda. PCSO Lorraine Moore gave a report on

policing in the parish during the past quarter. It was Noted that the next Community Engagement Meeting will be on Tuesday 9th October at 10.00-11.00 in the Reading Room. 6. Finance. a. Monthly Financial Report for July 2012. (sent to Councillors by email on 30/07/12) Noted. b. Authority to pay: i. Clerk’s salary and expenses: July 2012, £263.58. Agreed. ii. Clerk’s tax: July 2012, £14.80. Agreed. iii. Ken Girvan Ltd: Public Footpath Signs, £24.00. Agreed. iv. Andy Perkins: Inv 13 of 30.06.12 Jubilee preparations, £20.00 already paid. Agreed. v. Andy Perkins: Inv 08 of 30.06.12 Churchyard maintenance, £60.00 already paid. Agreed. vi. Andy Perkins: Inv 11 of 30.06.12 Grass cutting, £100.00 already paid. Agreed. vii. Andy Perkins: Inv 12 of 30.06.12 Grass Cutting, £100.00 already paid. Agreed. 7. Environment. a. Playground. Nicola Clough sent a report that noted, the Playground appears in good condition. It was noted that Andy Perkins was to remove the

Willow Tunnel and clear the area. b. Roads and Pavements. It was Noted that new Drop Kerbs have been installed at most of the junctions in the village and overgrown verges on Barnack Road have been cut back. c. PCC Natural Environment Project Grant. Carried forward to next meeting. d. Best Kept Village Competition. Richard Harris and Rob McNeish to continue research. Vision. Project. e. Washdyke/Sheep wash. It was Noted that investigations are being carried out to ascertain ownership of the area. f. Autumn Planting. It was Noted that the application has been submitted for £500.00. g. Footpath signs received. It Was Noted that they will be put up shortly. 8. Other items. a. Community/Parish Action Plan. Carried over to next meeting. Graham Fletcher and Richard Harris are attending the next Ward meeting to i. ii.

discuss. b. Broadband. Carried over to next meeting. c. Neighbourhood Committee £900.00 Capital Grant. To agree bid.

It was Noted that a bid has been made for the revised maximum of

£500.00. d. e. f. g.

Organisation of future events. (notes on Committees and Insurance cover sent to Councillors by email on 30/07/12) Reports Noted. Barnack Ward. Next meeting is on 5th September. Parish Council Liaison meeting 30th August 2012: Includes new Code of Conduct for Councils. Noted. Councillor Training. It was agreed to ask Nicola Clough and Rob McNeish to attend training in September.

h. Electric Bicycles for Rural Communities. (sent to Councillors by email on 30/07/12) It was agreed not to apply for the scheme. 9. Village Matters – for discussion only. 10. Date of next meeting. Tuesday 4th September. 11. Meeting closed at 9.18pm.

12. This is a true record of the meeting…………………………………………………….Chairman…………………….4th September 2012


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