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“The Most

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Can You Sleep In Your Makeup? We Can! Cute, Quick , Hair Tips


Volume 1. Issue 1

...Fascinating, Alluring, Attractive


“The Most

Glamourble Mag In Town” Volume 1. Issue 1

Fashion 4. Dressing For Your Body Shape tips & tricks on what’s hot and what’s not for YOUR body shape.

10. Wardrobe Wonders- A helpful guide to sorting out your

What’s My Shape?

Finding your body shape and dressing to your best.

wardrobe so you really make the most of that lovely figure of YOURS.

12. Steal The Style- Find the celebrities which the same fig-

ure as YOURS and then learn how to steal their style (without breaking the bank!)

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Makeup 16. Can You Sleep In Your Foundation? Mineral Makeup, what

is it? How does it work? How can it help ME?

17. Simple Secrets- Little beauty secrets on how to create a beautiful fresh day time look

18. Glamourble Night- Tips & Tricks on how to create a fasci-

nating, attractive, alluring, (GLAMOURBLE) night time look!

19. Same you different looks- how to easily create different looks to suit YOUR style (from “Office Chic” to “Girl About Town” we’ll leave you looking simply Glamourble!)

Hair 21. Hair Care-

some little methods on how to leave YOUR locks looking lovely!

23. Face Shape- Hairstyles to suit your face shape. You’ll look

and feel Glamourble

24. Cute & Quick

Hair Styles- Perfect for you super women who are ALWAYS busy!

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Fashion Fashion Confidence

Attitude Fascinating Alluring



Glamourble Iconic


Find Your Look Inside....

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Dressing For YOUR Body Shape Banana

What’s My Body Shape?

Curvy in shape. This shape can tall or short (so it When it comes to banana shaped women, is not just for stick thin 6 foot tall supper models). there tends to be an overall even distriThe waist needs to be less than 9 inches differbution of fat. No one part of a banana ence from the bust and hips. shaped body is larger than any of the Summary: No definition of waist, small bust, narother parts of the figure. To have a barow hips nana shaped figure, you DO NOT have to Who has this shape? Keira Knightly, Cameron be skinny, you are just not going to be Diaz & Reese Witherspoon.

Hourglass When it comes to hourglass shaped women the bust and the hips tend to be the same measurement. Women with this body shape tend to have very small waists in comparison to their bust and hips. This body shape has been said to be the most desirable body shape for a women to possess.

Summary: Bust and hips are the same size, small waist, large bust. Who has this shape? Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet, Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johansson & Kelly Brook

Apple When it comes to apple shaped women it is important to point out that you DO NOT have to be overweight to be this body shape. You can get slim apple shaped women! Weight tends to be distributed to the chest and the stomach area and women with this body shape tend to have very slender toned legs.

Summary: Large bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips, less of a defined waist. Who has this shape? Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie, Liz Hurley, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jenifer Hudson

Pear When it comes to pear shaped women the weight tends to be carried in the hips and upper legs. With this shaped women the lower half of the body will be larger than the top half.

The hips and upper legs of a pear shaped woman will be larger than the bust. Summary: Large hips and thighs, large bottom, small bust, narrow shoulders Who has this shape? Beyonce Knowles, Shakira, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson & Eva Longoria.

My Measurements: Hips:_________ Waist:_________ Upper Thigh:________ Stomach:________ Bust: _________ Shoulders:_____ Calf Muscle:_________ My shape:_______

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Style Tips & Tricks

Banana Shaped Bodies

When it comes to banana shaped bodies the aim is to create the illusion of curves. When buying dresses, try and find textured material that creates a curve. When it comes to skirts, you want to go for shorter in length but fuller in material. Pencil skirts will make you look straight up and down without any curves. Why not try either of these two suggestions to the right, both found at

When going shopping for tops to suit a banana shaped body, it is always best to go for a fitted top that has detail at the top to create the illusion of curves. You can also pair a fitted top with a waterfall cardigain or a cardagain that has a lot of texture to create curves. Why not try either of these three suggestions to the left, all found at

When it comes to trousers, banana shaped ladies are the luckiest in all the land, as basically all styles will suit you. However if you really want to flatter your figure, go for a skinny cut in the jeans and if you are shopping for smatter trousers, try a peg cut trouser. Why not try either of these two suggestions to the right, both found at

Underware is key for banana shaped bodies. When shopping for new underwear think of two words... “Lift” and “boost” this will create an alluring, fascinating and attractive look! Why not try this suggestion to the left, found at or .com for USA

Not Got A Banana Shaped Body? Get The Style Tips & Tricks For YOUR Shape

Style Tips & Tricks

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Hourglass Shaped Bodies

When you are looking for a skirt to flatter an hourglass figure always go for a fitted skirt that is going to show your figure off to it’s best. Pencil skirts are BRILLIANT! When looking try and go for one that stops just above the knee, as this will show your lovely legs off to their best. If you are shopping for a new dress try and find a fitted one with detail just under the bust to emphasise that tiny waist of yours. However when it comes to dresses you can get away with a lot if you have an hourglass shape. Why not try these three suggestions to the right, the dresses are from www.monsoon. and the skirt from

If you need a new top and you have an hourglass shape then you want to have detail under the bust (like a belt) just like you want with a dress. When it comes to a jacket you want to keep things simple, you don’t need fancy detail and shoulder pads as there is no part of your body that needs to be evened out. The only thing you want to try and get when looking for jackets is a tailored fit as you want to show your figure off to it’s best. Why not try these two suggestion to the left, both can be found at www. When browsing for trousers that need to be a little smart than jeans, try and go for a wide leg fit as this will balance out your hips and avoid the trousers clinging to your legs. Why not try black- it’s always a flattering colour! When shopping for jeans try and go for boot cut jeans as hourglass girls tend to have quite shapely curvy legs and you don’t want the jeans to cling to you- just hug you. You want to find a fitted boot cut jean rather than a looser fitting boot cut style. Why not try either of these two suggestions from When it comes to underwear, hourglass girls are naturally blessed! You do not have the problem of needing a little support to pull your tummy in, or a little boost and lift to make the most of that you have got. You can wear whatever you like and look GREAT! Still, why not try some of these suggestions from or .com for USA

Not Got An Hourglass Shaped Body? Get The Style Tips & Tricks For YOUR Shape.

Style Tips & Tricks

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Apple Shaped Bodies

If you have an apple shaped body and are shopping for a dress, look for a dress that has detail just under the bust and then kicks out (skimming your middle area, as the weight tends to be focused around here) and try and find a dress that stops just above the knee and shows your legs off to their best. You don’t want a material that is going to cling to you. When looking at neck lines, go for a v shape as this will slim the shoulders out and avoid them looking broad. When it comes to skirts, do not go for a tailored look, find a skirt that kicks out and stops just above the knee to show your legs off to their best. Finally with skirts, don’t go for a layered effect with lots of material - this will only enlarge your figure. Why not try some of these suggestions, all found at When it comes to jackets and tops, tailoring is a must have as it tucks you in, in all the right places. Vertical lines are also brilliant as they elongate and slim the figure. Just like with the dresses go for a v neck cut to narrow the shoulder. Finally try and find detail in the waist (like a belt) as this will give the appearance of a slimmer, trimmer waist. Why not try some of these suggestions, all found at www.

When it comes to trousers, go for ones that are not too tight. So sorry but skinny jeans are ones to avoid. Try and go for a slim fit or a boot cut. You want trousers that are not too tight, but not too baggy. You want jeans or trousers that will hug you and show off your lovely lean legs. Try and go for jeans with large pockets on the bum as this will make you bum look smaller. Why not try these suggestion to the left from When it comes to underwear, apple shaped ladies tend to need a lot of support in the bra as you tend to be blessed with larger breasts. When it comes to bottoms, try and find the most support to tuck in that tummy in and flatter your figure. Why not try this underwear from

Not Got An Apple Shaped Body? Get The Style Tips & Tricks For YOUR Shape.

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Style Tips & Tricks

Pear Shaped Bodies

When it comes to dresses for pear shaped women, you want to try and find one that has detail at the top of the dress as this will even out the body by drawing attention to the top and balancing out the bottom. Look for a dress that kicks out gently at the bottom as if it’s tight it will enlarge your bottom half. When buying skirts go for an A Line skirt that kicks out at the bottom. Try and find a material that does not cling to you. Why not try these suggestions to the right, from When it comes to tops you can get away with wearing bold colour and pattern but you want detail to be at the top to draw attention away from the hips. Fitted is a flattering look when it comes to jackets. Go for a longer jacket that is going to skim your bum and avoid you looking larger than you really are. Big buttons or details at the top of the jacket are also great. Why not try these suggestions to the left found at www.

When it comes to trousers, the darker the better, as darker colours have a slimming effect. You want trousers that have large back pockets as this will give the appearance of a smaller bum. When deciding on the cut go for boot cut or wide leg. Boot cut will look brilliant on you as the slight flare at the bottom will help to balance out your figure. Why not try these suggestions to the right found at

Ladies with a pear shaped figure tend to have smaller breasts in proportion to their figure, so you are going to want a bra that is going to give you a little lift and shape. When it comes to bottoms you want anything that will minimise the appearance of the upper thighs. Why not try these suggestions to the left from or .com for USA

Want Personalised Style Notes Where ever You Go?

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Carry Your Shape With You ... If you are new to dressing for your shape then why not just cut out your shape profile and carry it in your purse with you. This way you’ll have your very own personal stylist and you’ll never forget what you need to wear to flatter your figure and leave you looking and feeling simply GLAMOURBLE !



Dresses & Skirts: Find textured material that creates curves. Go for short in length and full in shape

Dresses & Skirts: Fitted skirts like pencil skirts are brill! With dresses detail under the bust are best.

Tops & Jackets: Go for fitted tops & jackets with detail at the top to create curves.

Tops & Jackets: with tops go for detail under the bust and with jackets go for a fitted cut

Trousers & Jeans: All styles will suit but the best are skinny jeans and peg style trousers for a smarter look

Trousers & Jeans: If you need smart go for a wide leg fit and if your buying jeans go for bootcut that hug

Underware: You want to think of two words lift and boost. Find a bra that will make the most of what you got!

Underware: You can wear whatever you like as you need no boost or pulling in!



Dresses & Skirts: detail under the bust and kicks out at bottom and stops above knee. Go for V neck shape

Dresses & Skirts: Detail at the top of dress to balance out. A line skirts with little material.

Tops & Jackets: Tailored jackets, verticle lines, detail in the waist are all must haves!

Tops & Jackets: bold colour and patter is great. Go for tailored fits with detail at the top and when it comes to coats make sure they cover the bum

Trousers & Jeans: Slim fit or bootcut that are not too tight but nicely fitted. Underware: you need support and underware that is going to pull you in to make the best of your figure

Trousers & Jeans: boot cut will look brilliant as they will balance your body out Underware: lift and boost for the bust, slim and trim for the bottoms

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Wardrobe Wonders How To Clear Your Closet To Leave You Looking Dressed To Impress Take your clothes out section by section (e.g. Trousers, jackets, tops, jumpers etc).

Office Chic

Get three pieces of paper and write labels saying “Keep”, “Throw”, “Donate” Bearing in mind your shape and the style advice on the previous page, try on each item and decide if it suits your style shape. When you have decided what actually suits your shape we can now move on to sorting it into sensible sections to put back in your wardrobe.

Dress From Jacket From Bag From Tights From Boots From

There are a few options when it comes to this step: 1. You can sort your clothes by type ( jeans, jumpers, tops etc) and place them back in those sections

Girl About Town

2. You can sort them by colour group (all your darks will go back in the wardrobe together in one section) 3. You can sort them by looks (all your work clothes go back together, all your going out clothes go back together, all your sports clothes go back together etc.) The final thing to bear in mind is that even if your clothes suit your body shape, the best thing to do is to slim down your wardrobe. Mix and Max your clothes to create a look that is great for the day time and then can be changed into a simply GLAMOURBLE night time look. See below for our example on how to go from “office chic” to “girl about town”.

Dress From Shoes From Clutch From Belt From Jacket From

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Steal The Style Of Cameron Diaz This look is for all BANANA shaped ladies that want to steal the style of celebrity Cameron Diaz WITHOUT breaking the bank! Image from

To create this simple yet fashionable look styled by Cameron Diaz you don’t need to break the bank. You can look great without it costing an arm and a leg. This look is so so simple yet it can look briliant and super stylish! First Stop, Topshop, for some skinny jeans. The ones featured here are Moto Skinny Baxter Blue Jeans and cost £40- Not Bad! Next stop, Miss Selfridges For A White Naples Blazer. The one feature costs £48- Worth the purchase as this can be worn with so many outfits. It can be dressed down, like with this look, or dressed up to create an office look!

Next stop along the way, Accessorize! This bag featured is similar to Cameron’s shopper. It’s a Rectangle Pocket Tote and is £35- Bargain! Almost there, Newlook! Basic V Neck Tee £3.99- TOTAL BARGAIN! You simply can NOT go wrong with this purchase.

Final Destination, Here you can find some super trendy animal print like the ones Cameron is trending. They are also the great value price of £25! LOOK COMPLETE!

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Steal The Style Of Scarlett Johansson This look is for all HOUR GLASS shaped ladies that want to steal the style of celebrity Scarlett Johansson WITHOUT breaking the bank!

Image From

To create this simple yet fashionable look styled by Scarlett Johansson you don’t need to break the bank. You can look great without it costing an arm and a leg. This look is so so simple yet it can look briliant and super stylish! First stop topshop to get this very reasonably prices (£25) ultra trendy black midi pencil skirt.

Almost there, shoes like these featured above can be found at office. They are very pretty and classy and can be worn with so many different looks. These aren’t super cheap but don’t break the bank, costing £65

Final stop, topshop for these tights. Bargain at £8.50. Your Scarlett Johansson look is now COMPLETE! You can now confidently step in style with this classy, sophisticated, girl about town look.

Next stop ASOS. com for this blue twisted sleeve pleat front top for £20Bargain!

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Steal The Style Of Catherine Zeta Jones This look is for all APPLE shaped ladies that want to steal the style of celebrity Catherine Zeta Jones WITHOUT breaking the bank!

Image From

To create this simple yet fashionable look styled by Catherine Zeta Jones you don’t need to break the bank. You can look great without it costing an arm and a leg. This look is so so simple yet it can look briliant and super stylish! First stop, Gap for some cropped white wash jeans. These are also very well priced at just, £37.95

Next stop, Debenhams for this super stylish red rose grab bag. The best thing about this bag (other than the fact that it is amazingly glamourble) is that it is only £30- hardly breaking the bank!

We are getting there. This featured Navy/ white tie hem tee to the left can be found at dorothy perkins. It is also very reasonably priced at just £19.50 Almost there! John Lewis for this relaxed blue knitted cardigan, that can be worn with so many different looks, and is a great price of £25.

Final destination, Office, for these white rosemary bow pumps for £25. The look is now COMPLETE!

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Steal The Style

Of Coleen McLoughlin

This look is for all PEAR shaped ladies that want to steal the style of celebrity Coleen McLoughlin WITHOUT breaking the bank! To create this simple yet fashionable look styled by Coleen McLoughlin you don’t need to break the bank. You can look great without it costing an arm and a leg. This look is so so simple yet it can look briliant and super stylish!

First stop, topshop. This dress is super simple but can be dressed up to create so many different looks. This dress is called the white lace flippy dress and costs £48. Not super cheap but well worth it when you consider all the different ways this dress can be worn. This dress really is a must have and is the essential item to create this look styled by Mrs Rooney!

This Ultra trendy bomber jacket is also another Topshop purchase. It may be faux leather but this jacket is very stylish and can be worn with a pair of jeans or like with this look, paired up with a pretty dress. The dress costs £58- not bad for a bomber jacket!

Were Topshop crazy today! This final item is also from Topshop. This super glamourble bag is perfect to finish this look off. It adds a touch of sparkle to finish this look off. Coleen McLoughlin would be proud of this look!

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Makeup Attitude Makeup Confidence

Fascinating Alluring



Glamourble Iconic


Find Your Look Inside....

Page 16

Can You Sleep In Your Foundation? We Can! In today’s society we are begining to realize the importance of what we put in and on our bodies and how that can effect how we feel and how we look. This is just one of the many reasons why Natural Mineral Makeup sales have skyrocketed over 60% in the past year. The type of makeup we put on our face does make a difference in how our skin looks not just now but will look in the future as well. If you’ve been searching for a Natural alternative to your regular over-the-counter makeup, something that is actually good for your skin, then Natural Mineral Makeup is your answer. Keep in mind that not all Mineral Makeups are created equal. But a Pure Mineral Makeup, one that contains nothing but 100% pure crushed minerals of the earth show real documented benefits for your skin. First of all, the obvious lack of artificial ingredients, cheap fillers, waxes, parabens, binders, chemicals and animal by-products that is a true indication of a Pure Natural Mineral Makeup, eliminate most of the major ingredients that cause harm, aging, allergic reaction, breakouts and other irritations to your skin. This makes a pure Mineral Makeup hypoallergenic as well. A true Natural Mineral Cosmetic is pure micronized minerals and, therefore, sits on top of the skin. Since it doesn’t absorb into the skin, it doesn’t clog pores causing breakouts and acne like many regular makeups do. An esthetic benefit to this is that it also doesn’t cake up in lines and creases (which can accentuate wrinkles). Because minerals are inorganic, or inert, bacteria cannot grow in them, so a pure Natural Mineral Makeup cannot support bacteria and cannot spoil. Natural Mineral Makeups have an SPF of 15+ due to their mineral content: mainly titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both of these minerals are

most often used in sunscreens formulated for infants and people with the most sensitive skin due to the fact that they are much less likely to cause skin irritation than chemical UV blockers. Zinc oxide is also an antimicrobial and antifungal for the skin. These mineral properties help to make Natural Mineral Cosmetics calming and healing to the skin and, in fact, Mineral Makeup is the only makeup used and recommended by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists following surgical procedures and facial treatments. So, if you’ve been looking for a Natural alternative to your makeup, but worry about how mineral makeup will look on your skin, then stop worrying. Natural Mineral Makeup is very lightweight. It has a silky feeling that really feels like you’re wearing no makeup at all. This light texture contributes to the natural look of your skin which gives you a much more youthful appearance. The coverage you get with Mineral Makeup is superior. It creates a flawless smooth look but completely covers blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and skin discolorations-even spider veins and rosacea. Pure Natural Mineral Makeup is the perfect natural alternative for traditional makeup and not only looks good but is actually good for your skin! Okay, so what Mineral Makeup do we recomend? Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup! It’s AMAZING, it’s flawless and pure. And yes it really is true, WE CAN SLEEP IN OUR MAKEUP! Article By Cherie Litchfield

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Simple Secrets

Little beauty secrets on how to create a beautiful fresh day time look You have instantly created invisible definition and your eyes will look more open. If you are the more advanced makeup wearer, a liquid liner works great as well. A wonderful, eco-friendly liner is NVEY ECO Organic Cake Eyeliner. A liquid liner that I recommend is Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner.

Do you want to be a daytime diva? Are you ready for a look that is great for all of your daytime activities? Well, follow these steps for makeup application and achieve a stunning, yet natural daytime look. This is perfect for everyday wear and will be appropriate from the boardroom to a stroll in the park. Use Tinted Moisturizer. For easy daytime wear, use a tinted moisturizer instead of a crème, powder, or liquid foundation. This is perfect for summer and will give your face a fresh dewy look. To give your face an added punch of color, use a crème blush and get an “inner glow” look. A great tinted moisturizer is LORAC’s ProtecTINT SPF 30 Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, and our pick for a crème blush is NARS Crème blush. Add a Luscious Liner. Many may think that wearing eyeliner will negatively affect the “natural look” that you are going for, but it will only add to the effect if you use this trick. Apply liner to your upper lashes underneath instead of on top. Cake liners are a safe bet if you are new to makeup application. To apply, take an eyeliner brush and add the cake liner. Next, gently push the color up and underneath the roots of your top lashes.

Eye-Brightening Mascara. Touches of mascara can be used as an eye brightener. For women with light-eyes, layering brown mascara over blue will offer an eye brightening and more alert effect in a very subtle manner. For dark-eyed women, layer brown mascara over green to achieve the same effect. If you want volume that is buildable, Shu Uemura Precise Volume Mascara Waterproof is a customer favorite that works well with this technique. Finish with a Natural-Colored Lip. A finishing touch to a natural face is at the center of the face, the lips! Using a lip pencil all over instead of lipstick will look sheer, natural, and be long lasting. You will want to use a natural colored lip pencil all over the lips, apply it in a light, feathering stroke to make it blend and almost disappear into the lips. To seal in the pencil, add gloss without shimmer and you will have a flawless look. Kevin Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil and LORAC Gloss Stick are a dynamic duo that I always use. Use these four tips to achieve the best natural look possible. Please note, as with any makeup technique, practice makes perfect. So after the first few times of trying, you will be able to effortlessly achieve this look and give the cover models on magazines a run for their money! As always, good luck and I know you will be a stunning daytime diva in no time. Saigon is a skincare guru to the Stars and a freelance writer. She has written many articles on the subject of skincare and cosmetics. Visit her website and get the most sought after brands in beauty used by today’s Hollywood insiders at http://www.

Glamourble Night

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Tips & Tricks on how to create a fascinating, attractive, alluring, (GLAMOURBLE) night time look!

Do you want to look like a red-carpet Glamazon? Do you want your makeup to be fabulous and have the staying power to last you through an entire evening? Then, follow these steps for makeup application, paying close attention to the techniques described, to achieve a glamorous evening look. This is a full-proof regimen for being strikingly fabulous at your next evening soiree! Mattify, Mattify, Mattify! As with anything that is meant to last, a sturdy foundation is necessary. On a clean face, begin with a sufficient amount (about the size of a quarter) and even coating of a mattifyier or makeup primer. Simply apply either of these products as you would a moisturizer and allow to completely dry (about 3 minutes) before going any further. A primer I like is Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas Base Primer, it keeps your makeup from feathering or creasing because of its water-gel base. For a mattifyier, Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Mattifying Gel provides great results and helps makeup wear smoothly for hours. *Tip: If you are using a mattifyier or primer, forgo a facial moisturizer to lessen your chances of uneven coverage of makeup later on. Use a Foundation with Buildable Coverage. For effective evening wear, use a foundation with buildable coverage. This technique is useful when a concealer is not used in the application process and some areas of the face need to be covered a tad more than others. For fuller coverage, use a clean makeup powder puff or wedge sponge and work foundation into the face in outward strokes. For lighter coverage, use a loose powder brush in the same manner. For the best results, use both coverage techniques and dab off the excess. My pick for such a foundation is NARS Loose Powder; it works well with this makeup application process. The Infamous “Smokey Eye”. Truly, the most identifiable trait of an evening look is the smokey eye. If you want to achieve this look quickly, but with gorgeous results, use a soft kohl pencil.

Due to its soft and malleable nature, it is easy to build up the intensity to the desired effect. With the pencil, line the lashes, both upper and lower, and inside the eye with black kohl, next you need to gently smudge with fingers to blend. If you are new to makeup application, use a smaller amount at first and build coverage until you are satisfied. Remember, it is easier to put on more eye pencil than to take off excess. Now, continuing in the pursuit of the perfect smokey eye, it is time to address the eyelids. For this, forgo the eye shadow and forge ahead once again with soft kohl pencils in various colors. For women with dark eyes, use a dark green kohl pencil toward the base of the lids and a navy kohl pencil toward the brow line and delicately blend with a sponge applicator. If you have light eyes, use a smokey purple shade on the base of the lids and a navy kohl pencil toward the brow line, blending once again, for the same effect. A product that works well with these techniques is CHANEL Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer. It comes in seven different shades that go well with various complexions and eye colors. Finish with a Matte Lip. Last but not least, is a matte lip in a shade close to your natural lip color. If you want maximum staying power, apply one coat of lipstick, blot with an oil-blotting sheet, then apply a second coat of lipstick. This will give you great pigment with the least amount of oil and wax on your lips. I adore CHANEL Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour for a glamorous, long-lasting lip. So you are now ready to be glamorous for your evening out. Follow these steps and techniques, and with a little practice, you will have a look that is red-carpet ready and lasts for hours without fading, feathering, or creasing. Good luck and I know you will achieve this glamorous evening look in no time. Saigon is a skincare guru to the Stars and a freelance writer. She has written many articles on the subject of skincare and cosmetics. Visit her website and get the most sought after brands in beauty used by today’s Hollywood insiders at http://www.

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“Office Chic” To “Girl About Town!” Same you different looks- how to easily create different looks to suit YOUR style (from “Office Chic” to “Girl About Town” we’ll leave you looking simply Glamourble!)

It’s come to that time of year again where parties are in full swing and a ‘superman style’ fast change from office chic to party glam is the order of the day. With so many parties to go to and dresses/makeup/hair-do’s to consider who wants to spend time thinking about the finer art of achieving the look in the 5 minute dash from office to party? Well, fear not my soon to be partying friend, getting the look that takes you seamlessly from the office to the pub is easy to achieve with a few basics so let us take you through our top tips for a graceful transformation. A great base! Keeping your makeup to a minimum during the day gives you a great base that can be quickly topped up come evening. Apply your foundation with a brush and top it with powder and you can guarantee it will still be stuck fast after an eight hour day. Keeping colours nude means you don’t have to remove and reapply your make up, just add a bright eyeshadow or lipstick to instantly freshen up the look. Dress to impress Nothing makes you feel more ready to paint the town red than a change of clothes but who wants to take a full outfit into work in the morning (more to the point, is anyone this organised?)?

Starting with a good set of basics such as a black pencil skirt and a shirt for the office lets you glam it up in the evening simply by changing into a slinky top and accessorising to your heart’s content. Better yet, if you are in a pencil skirt, make it even foxier with some fancy patterned stockings! Rarrg! High maintenance shouldn’t be this easy So, you’re all glammed up and almost ready but what about your hair? A good set of cordless straighteners lets you have a quick straightening fix without having to fight with a pound-a-pop set in the pub’s toilets. The Freedom 24-7 straightener heats up in only 15 seconds and allows 60 mins of usage per charge - so you have no excuse for anything other than the perfect look. The Freedom 24-7 is small enough to fit in most handbags (small clutches aside...) so you don’t even have to worry about being caught in the awful British weather just restyle after each exposure to the elements and laugh in the face of frizz! Tired eyes and sleepy-byes Ok, so an 8 hour stint in the office does not make for the best start to a night out, we’d all prefer to spend a few hours in a nice hot bath having a pamper but you’ve gotta’ work with what you’ve got. For tired eyes try Optrex, it really soothes eyes that have been infront of a computer for a few hours and makes you feel fresh, awake and reaqdy to throw some shapes. Article By Lynne Foster Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/1470460

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Hair Attitude Hair Confidence

Fascinating Alluring



Glamourble Iconic


Find Your Look Inside....

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Hair Care

some little methods on how to leave YOUR locks looking lovely! If you want healthier and more beautiful looking hair then there are some vital tips and tricks that you need to follow. Keep reading to find out what these tips and tricks are…. The best and most important thing that you can do to create beautiful and healthy hair is to take on a healthy diet. If you want healthy hair, then you need to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. If you are eating healthy food then the blood that reaches your scalp is going to be healthy and a lot more nutritious. If the blood going to your hair is nutritious then this means that your hair is more likely to grow stronger and healthier. Okay, so what is a healthier diet. Well the first step would be a diet packed full of vitamins. Fruit and veg is a great start as these are packed full of nutrients and vitamins. The main fruits and veg that you want to concentrate on are ones containing vitamin C. Some great fruits with vitamin C in are, oranges, passionfruit, pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi. As well as having fruit and veg packed full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, you should be eating lots of fish especially salmon. Milk is also great for promoting healthy hair. The final thing that you can do to promote healthy hair growth is to switch your pasta, bread and rice to wholegrain as these contain some very beneficial nutrients for the hair. Finally and perhaps the easiest thing to do is to drink loads of water! What is loads of water? Well you should be aiming to drink 2.5Litres a day! As well as drinking loads of water you need to try and avoid lots of caffeine and alcohol.

This tip may sound too simple and obvious, but it is surprising how many people do not do this step properly. So what is it? Cleansing the hair thoroughly. Just like your face needs cleansing as well as washing, your hair has the exact same needs! Once you have washed your hair thoroughly and massaged all your shampoo into your scalp and right through your lengths, you should spend about three to four minutes rinsing the shampoo out. Surprising eh!? I’m guessing that you probably spend about a minute or two at most like me! But some of the industries top stylists have been know to tell the secret that it takes about four minutes of rinsing on the average woman’s hair to get ALL the shampoo out. Like me you might be thinking okay four minutes rinsing, I can live with that… but what is going to be the benefit? Well your hair should feel a lot lighter because it is not being weighed down by residue shampoo left in the hair. It should also feel a lot shiner, especially if you rinse the hair with luke warm to cold water as this closes the hair follicles, meaning that the outside elements (like wind, dirt etc) are not as likely to damage the hair. Rinsing all your shampoo out properly will also mean that your hair can take your conditioner a lot better meaning that it will be left feeling properly nourished and refreshed. The final tip that I will give to you concerning cleansing your hair is make sure you find a shampoo that suites your hair. If you hair is very fine then find a product to suite that. If you hair is dry or greasy, again find a product that is suitable for that hair type.

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Hair Care ...Continued

some little methods on how to leave YOUR locks looking lovely! Okay so this little trick for healthy hair is a given, but never the less important to mention and there is a little bit to explain about this step. You need to be using conditioner when you are washing your hair. Obvious? It’s surprising how many people do not actually carry out this step. But even for those of you who religiously condition your hair every time you wash it there are a few little things you need to know… Firstly you need to make sure that you are using a conditioner that is suiting your hair type, so if you have fine hair, find a conditioner that matches your hair type. When applying conditioner start at the roots of your hair and then massage through the lengths. Make sure you then leave your conditioner for at least two minutes before rinsing out as you want to make sure that it has sufficient time to soak into the hair and nourish it. Once you have left the conditioner in your hair to properly soak in and nourish the hair you need to make sure that you are properly rinsing it out otherwise you will get a build up that will cause your hair to become heavy and lifeless. It is suggested that you wash conditioner out for four minutes, just like you should with shampoo. Again when washing the conditioner out make sure you finish by using luke warm/ cold water (but not too cold) as this will close the hair follicles and protect the hair from outer elements. …SO yes this step is an obvious one for most of you but an important one! And there may just of been a few little tips in here that you were not carrying out.

When it comes to having healthy hair an important factor is having the right styling product for your hair. Our first tip when it comes to using styling products, is not to go over board on styling products, when you do it often makes the hair heavy and less easy to style. A lot of what products you use, depends on the length and style of your hair and what look you want to create. Our recommendation would be to not use too much product in your hair, when applying product you only really need a small blob (about 10p piece size) in your hand. Our favourite products are mouse to add volume to the hair (or any volumizing product) and then a blow dry creme to help make a messy hair look. When your applying a new product to your hair keep a little book of what you are applying and how it looks once styled, because if you are anything like us, you change your product often and you loose track of what you have used and how it looked. You might not like the idea but we think it’s just a great way of keeping track of everything that goes into those lovely locks of yours. If you want healthy hair then this step is SUPER important. You’ve heard it all before … protect your hair from heat… but what does that really mean and is it really that important? YES YES YES! If you are not using heat protection products then your hair is very likely to dry out quickly, leading to damaged hair, split ends, static hair. SO how can you protect your hair from heat… well to start with, minimise the use of heat products.

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Hair Care ...Continued

some little methods on how to leave YOUR locks looking lovely! Give your hair a break have a day or so when you don’t straighten it, curl it, hair dry it.So that’s the obvious one of how you can help you hair, but you can also help the health of your hair by using heat protecting products. These create a layer between the hair and the heat and really act as a shield. When using heat protection products make sure that you use enough product and work it through all the hair (lengths and roots). If your heat tools come with instructions to care for your hair, make sure you also follow these. Just like your body needs a good old detox every now and then to get rid of all the rubbish in your system- so does your hair! Sounds a bit new age? So what does detoxing for the hair look like? Good Question! You can get special shampoo’s that are stronger than normal shampoos that are specifically formulated for stripping out the in toxins. My favourite product is ‘Lee Stafford Hair Rehab Detox Shampoo’ and this should be used about once a month. But how often you detox your hair really depends how much products you apply in-between detoxing. If you tend to use very few products you may only need to detox your hair once every six weeks. Just make a discussion based upon your own product usage. But it is vital that you do detox your hair. When you use detox products you are stripping your hair of all the product build up and taking it back to it’s original state. You might be quite surprised at how amazing your hair will look after a good detox! If you have hair that is a little dry you can also team up a good old detox with a deep treatment conditioner, these are often left in the hair for a longer time than usual conditioners and really nourish and moisturise the hair leaving it silky soft!

An important factor in having healthy hair is protecting it from the outside elements of the weather. This can be damage from the sun. Extreme temperature change from cold outside in winter to going into a warm house. Salt from the sea when on holiday. Whatever it may be there are so many different elements that can damage your hair and in order to maintain or gain healthy hair you must protect it from these outside elements. SO how do you protect it? Easy! Make sure that you use hair products that are specifically for protecting the hair, so in summer use UVA protecting shampoo and in winter use one to protect against harsh weather. You can use extra conditioner when you hair is particularly struggling with the weather. If you follow these seven tips for healthy hair you should notice the difference and see the amazing results. Try it for yourself.

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Face Shape

Hairstyles to suit your face shape. You’ll look and feel Glamourble First Step What’s YOUR Face Shape? “Everyone is talking about face shape, but I don’t know what mine is… Help!” Okay this is a problem we all encounter and we are going to share with you the easy steps that helped us to find out what face shape we were. We found it a nightmare because we saw all these tips to suit different face shapes… But we were always frustrated because there weren’t any tips to help us find our face shape!!! So after being red in the face, we decided to work it out and now we want to share our simple easy tips so that you can find your face shape. We hope it helps. Okay so for this your going to need a mirror that is attached to the wall and get a board pen (one that is going to wipe off! This is vital) Now what you need to do is to tie your hair back, make sure it is all out of your face and pulled back so all of your face is clearly on display. Next get fairly close to the mirror and with the reflection of your face that you see draw around your face with the wipe off board pen. Now walk back from what you have drawn around and look at what shape it is closest to: Round, oval, square, diamond, oblong and heart. If you are not sure what shape your face is still, go back to the mirror and with your reflection try and draw one of the shapes around your face, for example a heart and see if your face fits that shape.

Round Face Do’s - Simple cuts- mid length bobs with little volume Don’t’s - Centre partings. Volume can often make your face look too full Square Face Do’s - Soft flowing hair cut with volume at the roots Don’t’s - Heavy fringes and scraped back hair Oval Face Do’s - Simple up do’s- this is a beautiful face shape and having an up-do emphasizes this Don’t’s - Hair styles that are close to the face and fussy and heavy fringes are a NO! Heart Face Do’s - Simple bob- chin length with volume and the roots. If you are going to go for bangs- go for narrow ones Dont’s - Revealed foreheads and volume at the sides Diamond Face Do’s - Soft bangs and sweeping lines Dont’s - Too much volume on the top and on the sides Oblong Face Do’s - Long bangs and sweeping cuts Dont’s- Straight bangs and straight sidesthis further lengthens the face

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Cute & Quick Hairstyles Perfect for you super women who are ALWAYS busy! Did you ever wonder how to get some of the most popular, desirable, sexy hair looks that you’ve seen in the magazines and on the runways, or in your favorite guilty-pleasure tabloid, on the biggest stars? I know I have, and you can almost always mimic the look at home, you just have to have the right tools, the right products, and of course the right skills and direction to be able to mock the look in your own home rather than sit in a salon for a few hours, which is precisely what some of these stars do. While it is true that the right professional can give you these looks, and believe me, not even all professionals are good at giving you exactly the look you are requesting - it takes a special stylist to do that, you can definitely do it yourself as well with a little practice and patience. The look I’m talking about today is the much coveted mess, beach wave, tousled look that has a piecey texture to it, and tends to look sexy because it alludes to the thought that you just rolled out of bad, or you just had a roll in the bed, if you know what I mean. It may look like you’ve just been on a windy ride in a convertible with the top down, or perhaps that you were just doing a photo shoot in front of a fan. You get the picture, now let’s talk about how to get this magnificent, and deceptively easy look. First, start off with washing your hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner. I personally don’t think that the shampoo and conditioner you use matter, the success is really more in the products you use after you wash your hair.

Once out of the shower, completely towel dry your hair, first applying a leave in spray conditioner. This helps to make the hair easier to detangle and more soft and shiny, which is the first part of the look, because you don’t want hair that has tons of texture and body but looks dried out and dull, it sort of defeats the purpose. Then, when you have combed through the leave in conditioner, you will want to apply either a spray wax or a texturizing cream. Either one will work, you just have to find which one you like better in terms of how it makes you hair feel and look. For instance, if you can’t stand the way a spray on wax hair product feels, then try a texturizing cream, one that advertises it will give you a great tousled, wavy and texture-rich look. You can also try one of the sprays that advertises it gives you beach waves. I know a few brands that offer sprays that contain “ocean water” salt or some sort of texturizing agent like that, those may work also. Don’t be shy, use the product generously, as this is what will contribute to that piecy, healthy wavy look you are going for. Now that you have the two products I recommend in your hair, take your blow dryer and blow dry your hair until it is only slightly damp. You do not want any major wetness leftover, you just don’t need to blow it dry completely so it’s straightened and smooth, just get most of the moisture out of it. I prefer a good ionic hair dryer that uses tourmaline technology, coupled with ceramic plates to dry the hair, no matter what style you’re doing since it imparts a beautiful, bouncy and weightless shine and great texture, but of course you can use whatever hair dryer you have as well, you just may find you get superior results with a salon quality dryer.

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Cute & Quick Hairstyles... Continued Perfect for you super women who are ALWAYS busy! Now, once you have most of the moisture dried out of your hair, take two long, curved bobby pins. I like to use the kind that are meant to be used as hair clips, not as curler holders, since the curved ones stay in the hair all night without budging, whereas normal long bobby pins always fall out at some point. You are going to put your hair in a very high bun. You can either do one bun at the top of your head, twisted French style, or you can do two buns, one on each side of your head like Princess Leia in Star Wars. Just make sure you twist the hair as you roll it into a bun, that’s the secret to getting the waves you want. When you wake up in the morning, you can shake out the bun and you will see that you have a TON of volume, and your hair will most likely look very curly. Don’t worry, the curls will die down but the volume and the waves will stay. I use a large 2 inch barrel curling iron to get any kinks out and to add a few more strategically placed bouncy curls and waves, and then I am done. I usually will finish it off with a spritz of shine spray or some sort of silicone polymer shine boost to add a little more interest and depth to the look. Danna Norek is the owner of several well being, health and beauty related websites where she writes about new trends, her experiences and personal reviews of products in the beauty and health arena, and informational articles about these subjects. You can find information on products for hair growth in men and women here at Hair Growth Products for Men and also you can read about hair growth vitamins for thicker, healthier, shinier and more resilient hair here Vitamins for Hair Growth.

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