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that only by coming from experience, and being totally honest and up front, could I hope to offer you a service, where no matter what or where you have come from, I can help you to make the changes you want to make in your life, whatever changes those might be. They could be personal issues or beliefs holding you back, work related, maybe performance blocks, addictions, phobias, relationship struggles or finances. Whatever they are, I can help you make that powerful positive change. Whatever you may be carrying around like a dark and heavy cloud full of rain, weighing you down and stopping you from seeing the sunshine on your life, holding you back from living the happy and fulfilled life that you truly deserve to live, it can be put right. Like me, you will have your own stories, and they may have seen you go into dark places, just like me. Maybe you are still there, and need help setting yourself free. You may have gone through even more torturous times, perhaps domestically or emotionally, or perhaps in service to your cause or calling, but you too can be set free to live a happy and fulfilling life and achieve the greatness you were born to wear as your crown. You see its never too late to reach out, to get help to make the changes that will have you breathing fresh air and appreciating it like never before, and thinking powerful positive thoughts every day, and leading the kind of life you always dreamed of but left behind, somewhere in your experiences. Through using Life Coaching and EFT on myself, and learning how to offer these wonderful gifts to others, I have changed my entire world for the better and I love life because of it. I have purpose now. Real true and honourable purpose, and that purpose is to help as many people as I possibly can, to love life too. I believe that the will to be set free from something that is holding your life energy up, and maybe the desire to achieve unrealised dreams, has brought you to finding out about me.

Never Too Late  

A Brief Biography of Dan River EFT Coach and NLP practitooner