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society, entrenched in drugs and gang warfare, and all its even darker elements, are all too prevalent. I have seen and been through some very dark patches in my many lives within this life, but I have come through it all a very wise man, and all the more stronger for my experiences. Looking back, I acknowledge and appreciate the many lives I have lead. They were all a part of my journey, and I have no ill feelings about any of it, including those tender early years. Indeed I can honestly look back now, and concur with that most wonderful quotation, My last brush with serious, and near fatal illness, was the catalyst for my coming into the wonderful way of life I believe in and lead now. I woke up from the longest nightmare, in the darkest place, and felt totally clear and completely focussed, for the first time in my entire life. It truly was a spiritual awakening. I coached myself off prescription drugs, which numbered over 40 a day, of the most highly addictive poisons on the medical market, and moved myself out of the circle of life that I was keeping, where a leisure drug addiction had also kept me in that bad way of being. Going for a goal at a time, I changed the course of my life and my way of thinking, and I have studied long and hard, and taken in as much knowledge as I can, and continue to do so, to add more and more tools and experience to my therapeutic tool chest, whilst becoming more and more spiritually enlightened on my new path. It is my mission and purpose to help as many people as I can, to find purpose and power in their own lives. People who may have even experienced some of what I have said to you here. On my journey, and search for improvement and development, I came into contact with the most wonderfully energetic and genuine human spirit, in Kathy Temple, and her Lifelong Learning Company. Kath' is a legendary figure in the wellness and personal development world, and her EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques training, would be the focus of my energy from then, right up to now, and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

Never Too Late  

A Brief Biography of Dan River EFT Coach and NLP practitooner