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I was lost. Lost, with no place to live or sleeping in various degrees of squalor. In those bleak times, I certainly never settled anywhere I could or would call home. Lost with no work, or in an unsatisfying job or situation, with absolutely no prospects, roaming around in a vibration of life that was not my own choosing. I was at a different level of being; many many times. In spite of all this, and having kicked my working life off, totally demoralised, clerking, and on the Youth Training Scheme, like so many other lost youth of 1980s Britain, I have had many levels of personal success. I worked in retail management, attaining various positions with different companies, working for a few years in that sector, and then walked away from that life. I moved country and got into the dance music industry and club promotions, and spent over 10 amazing 'up and down' years there. I played and mixed records all over the country and at prime venues in Europe, and made and remixed records as a professional dance DJ. When I started a family, I walked away, just, from that life. I have written and published music, lyrics and verse. I have also written my own true crime biography and co written and edited other titles and been published, in the life that followed music and my journey into fatherhood. I have had more than my 15 minutes of fame and infamy in regard to that last life, and lots of television exposure. There has however, been times when I have been very unwell indeed. Lost since childhood, in a negative and self destructive mental mindset that has seen me involved in some horrendous and very scary situations indeed. Lost on a myriad of highly addictive prescription drugs and other toxins. Lost keeping bad company in friendship and leisure circles, where most of the people lived a dark place, where the murky underbelly of

Never Too Late  

A Brief Biography of Dan River EFT Coach and NLP practitooner