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Never Too Late A Brief Biography of Dan Rivers Foreword When I sat and had a think about what to put in this 'e book' biography, and how to keep it brief, I didn't know where to start or how to go about it. I knew however that once I started writing, I would get into flow, and that everything would fall into place. You see, no matter what life has thrown at me, I knew that somehow, somewhere and some day, it was all going to fall into place. Whatever that might mean to me when it came. As I go on to reveal a bit about myself, you will notice that there is a common theme that resonates throughout the passage of my life as it unfolds in this brief biography. That theme is surely determination. If something has not gone quite right in a particular life, after having trusting that it would somehow, or has continued to be no good, I have moved on to try something else. Always willing. Always trying. Willing to have a go at most anything. As a good friend once said to me, I'm forever the eternal optimist. I hope this comes across to you all. Blessings Dan

Never Too Late  

A Brief Biography of Dan River EFT Coach and NLP practitooner