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Never Too Late A Brief Biography of Dan Rivers

A story that demonstrates to the world that setbacks, unfortunate events and illness, can be a step on the road to a positive


Let Dan’s story inspire

you to great things.

Never Too Late A Brief Biography of Dan Rivers Foreword When I sat and had a think about what to put in this 'e book' biography, and how to keep it brief, I didn't know where to start or how to go about it. I knew however that once I started writing, I would get into flow, and that everything would fall into place. You see, no matter what life has thrown at me, I knew that somehow, somewhere and some day, it was all going to fall into place. Whatever that might mean to me when it came. As I go on to reveal a bit about myself, you will notice that there is a common theme that resonates throughout the passage of my life as it unfolds in this brief biography. That theme is surely determination. If something has not gone quite right in a particular life, after having trusting that it would somehow, or has continued to be no good, I have moved on to try something else. Always willing. Always trying. Willing to have a go at most anything. As a good friend once said to me, I'm forever the eternal optimist. I hope this comes across to you all. Blessings Dan

The Lives & Times – A Roller-Coaster Ride For the sake of explaining my journey, I have had to write about the tough times, just so you, the reader, can understand exactly what I am about, and where I have come from. It's not all bad you know, however there have been some pretty rough times, and only after hitting a final point in my life, so very very low, and almost expiring myself from this precious gift of life, did I actually awaken to purpose and this time, embraced it and got on doing something about it. It really is a story of triumph, and the story continues day by day, so please stay with it, and maybe something will strike a chord with some of you. So, to the life and times ‌ Where I have come from, to get to the place I am at right now, would probably astound and shock most people. I have had the most eventful life you could possibly imagine. In fact, it would take a very big book indeed, to do the experiences I have been through, some kind of decent service. I will however keep it brief, because that's what this is, a biographical brief. In my years, there have been many close shaves with death, due to varying circumstances within the many varied lives I have lead, within this life. I call them lives, because at the time I was living them, I was not the person I am now. I didn't know it at the time, as I was locked into whatever scenario or comfort zone that was going on at that time, and in truth, I realise now, that for most of my life, I was lost, and without hope or purpose. Like so many others, I came from a broken home, and was brought up in the school of hard knocks, with a crushing belief system, that I was useless, worthless, and would never amount to anything ever. I had to deal with some harsh and abusive scenarios, and this followed me all through my life. My exam time and university plans, were ruined by more personal upheaval, and my path into adulthood, followed a pattern of no self confidence or belief and no direction, and abuse of one kind or another, rejections, failures and negativity, followed me and haunted my entire life since very early childhood.

I was lost. Lost, with no place to live or sleeping in various degrees of squalor. In those bleak times, I certainly never settled anywhere I could or would call home. Lost with no work, or in an unsatisfying job or situation, with absolutely no prospects, roaming around in a vibration of life that was not my own choosing. I was at a different level of being; many many times. In spite of all this, and having kicked my working life off, totally demoralised, clerking, and on the Youth Training Scheme, like so many other lost youth of 1980s Britain, I have had many levels of personal success. I worked in retail management, attaining various positions with different companies, working for a few years in that sector, and then walked away from that life. I moved country and got into the dance music industry and club promotions, and spent over 10 amazing 'up and down' years there. I played and mixed records all over the country and at prime venues in Europe, and made and remixed records as a professional dance DJ. When I started a family, I walked away, just, from that life. I have written and published music, lyrics and verse. I have also written my own true crime biography and co written and edited other titles and been published, in the life that followed music and my journey into fatherhood. I have had more than my 15 minutes of fame and infamy in regard to that last life, and lots of television exposure. There has however, been times when I have been very unwell indeed. Lost since childhood, in a negative and self destructive mental mindset that has seen me involved in some horrendous and very scary situations indeed. Lost on a myriad of highly addictive prescription drugs and other toxins. Lost keeping bad company in friendship and leisure circles, where most of the people lived a dark place, where the murky underbelly of

society, entrenched in drugs and gang warfare, and all its even darker elements, are all too prevalent. I have seen and been through some very dark patches in my many lives within this life, but I have come through it all a very wise man, and all the more stronger for my experiences. Looking back, I acknowledge and appreciate the many lives I have lead. They were all a part of my journey, and I have no ill feelings about any of it, including those tender early years. Indeed I can honestly look back now, and concur with that most wonderful quotation, My last brush with serious, and near fatal illness, was the catalyst for my coming into the wonderful way of life I believe in and lead now. I woke up from the longest nightmare, in the darkest place, and felt totally clear and completely focussed, for the first time in my entire life. It truly was a spiritual awakening. I coached myself off prescription drugs, which numbered over 40 a day, of the most highly addictive poisons on the medical market, and moved myself out of the circle of life that I was keeping, where a leisure drug addiction had also kept me in that bad way of being. Going for a goal at a time, I changed the course of my life and my way of thinking, and I have studied long and hard, and taken in as much knowledge as I can, and continue to do so, to add more and more tools and experience to my therapeutic tool chest, whilst becoming more and more spiritually enlightened on my new path. It is my mission and purpose to help as many people as I can, to find purpose and power in their own lives. People who may have even experienced some of what I have said to you here. On my journey, and search for improvement and development, I came into contact with the most wonderfully energetic and genuine human spirit, in Kathy Temple, and her Lifelong Learning Company. Kath' is a legendary figure in the wellness and personal development world, and her EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques training, would be the focus of my energy from then, right up to now, and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

After her Level 1 & 2 Practitioner training workshop in July of 2010, I knew that this miraculous meridian energy tapping technique , would be my lead therapy, and a huge part of my pans from here on in. It was this amazingly powerful energy tapping work, that fixed the issues I still had outstanding in my life, that needed deeper probing than the wonderful life coaching had delved into up until now, and I am truly honoured and so very grateful for the opportunity to have learned this truly remarkable tapping therapy. During my early EFT work, I would find my own niche, with accelerated tapping techniques, that came to me through my intuition. I also found myself tapping on a particular client, right back to them being a very young infant, after questions during a session had taken me many times to points in their childhood. I had no idea what was going on, but I just went with my gut feeling, and the results were absolutely astounding. This work, which I would come to know as Matrix Re-imprinting, a specialist form of EFT, has helped me work through over half of this particular clients life, and has seen me relax medical conditions that they have suffered with since their 20's. Affording them freedom of movement and pain relief that they never thought would be possible. I have worked with clients in taking the painful feelings attached to memories away, including PTSD, and cured phobias and addictions. Sometimes in a matter of minutes. Such is the power of EFT. I did my Level 3 Advanced EFT training in April 2011 and the boost I got from the work and the new learning was phenomenal. I am now ready to take my energy and these magnificent new treatments, out into the world, to help as many people as I can and to bring about release, empowerment and positive change into the lives of all I meet and work with. These wonderful therapeutic tools have helped change my life, and with my driven and determined mindset, and my intention and belief in positivity and love, I am set to do my part in raising the energy vibration of our beautiful planet. Now, some of this short biography are indeed, very candid and very powerful. Some might say, a little too much so. However, I truly believe

that only by coming from experience, and being totally honest and up front, could I hope to offer you a service, where no matter what or where you have come from, I can help you to make the changes you want to make in your life, whatever changes those might be. They could be personal issues or beliefs holding you back, work related, maybe performance blocks, addictions, phobias, relationship struggles or finances. Whatever they are, I can help you make that powerful positive change. Whatever you may be carrying around like a dark and heavy cloud full of rain, weighing you down and stopping you from seeing the sunshine on your life, holding you back from living the happy and fulfilled life that you truly deserve to live, it can be put right. Like me, you will have your own stories, and they may have seen you go into dark places, just like me. Maybe you are still there, and need help setting yourself free. You may have gone through even more torturous times, perhaps domestically or emotionally, or perhaps in service to your cause or calling, but you too can be set free to live a happy and fulfilling life and achieve the greatness you were born to wear as your crown. You see its never too late to reach out, to get help to make the changes that will have you breathing fresh air and appreciating it like never before, and thinking powerful positive thoughts every day, and leading the kind of life you always dreamed of but left behind, somewhere in your experiences. Through using Life Coaching and EFT on myself, and learning how to offer these wonderful gifts to others, I have changed my entire world for the better and I love life because of it. I have purpose now. Real true and honourable purpose, and that purpose is to help as many people as I possibly can, to love life too. I believe that the will to be set free from something that is holding your life energy up, and maybe the desire to achieve unrealised dreams, has brought you to finding out about me.

And now that you see what I am about, maybe you can relate to some of what you have read here, and want to make the necessary moves to free and empower yourself onto a better way of being. Energy Psychology and Life Coaching has changed my whole outlook on life, and given me the chance to lead a happy, fulfilling and purposeful existence. If you would like some of the same, then please get in touch via some of the details below, or through the hyper-links on my web site. Let me set you free to be the best you can be! Thank you for reading. Wishing You Life's Great Joy And Abundance Dan Rivers – Tapper Coach Dan

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Never Too Late  

A Brief Biography of Dan River EFT Coach and NLP practitooner