I AM WOMAN magazine

I AM WOMAN is a digital magazine celebrating and connecting women and their wisdom across the globe. More than a magazine – I AM WOMAN is a community platform for women to connect, collaborate, contribute, create and celebrate! With our monthly issues brimming with ideas, there is inspiration for every woman to design a life filled with beauty, love and laughter. From fashion to family, makeovers to mindfulness, wealth and work, brain science to breakfast, I AM WOMAN is your opportunity to join the conversation. And we’re a little bit SPECIAL. Why? Because we’re different to other online mags – and proud of it. Beyond the gloss and glam, I AM WOMAN is a community of extraordinary people who are energised and empowered to share their knowledge and ideas for a better life. Our aim is to celebrate and shine a light on writers from across the world. You might be our next contributor – so open your hearts and minds to the endless possibilities.