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December 2011



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Chantel Atkins… The creator the Rhythmic Lounge

Noctornal: Ohio rapper explains his style of Rap to the world

The CrawPuppies: The Band from Indiana that’s quietly rising to stardom

Colie: CT Rapper Ready to show the world what he can do as an MC

Grumpy Ol’ Man: From New Jersey to your radios ready to hold down the castle that many before him has built

Camilo Bravo: Who says California doesn’t have any more Rap artists wawla here is one

Techtonic Plates: This international group shows the UK its more to Rap than fancy beats and catchy hooks, Versatility my friend Versatility!

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THe Inside

DA Players IAMU Magazine

December 2011


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If you ever took a peep at Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook page, you will notice his favorite quote, "Fortune favors the bold." It is a translation of the Latin proverb "Fortes fortuna adiuvat" which actually means that Fortuna, the Goddess of luck, is more likely to help those who take risks or action. Now, I do believe in luck but I don’t bank on it. If it happens it happens. What I do bank on is hard work and being fearless of taking chances. Life is all about taking chances. That leap of faith into the unknown. It terrifies us all, but where will we ever go in life if we don’t take a chance. The hardest part is finding a balance, knowing when to take the chance and when to take a step back. Knowing when to keep pushing forward in persistence versus when to just let go. Everyone loves the success story of Mark Zuckerberg but only few will ever give a thought to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college just to make sure his passion never dies. That singular sacrifice, that major risk enabled him to make the list of the richest drop out billionaires in the world. The music industry is a tough business and can break down the toughest individual and definitely frighten the weak. It takes extreme sacrifice and be bold to pursue a career in this field. Having boldness means having the guts to pursue your dream no matter what the nay sayers predict. It means standing “frontline’ for your beliefs and sometimes we have to sacrifice or let go of something to follow that belief. When I look back on my own life, I made many choices that some may say were poor decisions. I do not regret a single one of those decisions. They have all taught me lessons, guided me along this journey to where I now stand. And without making those choices, without taking those chances, my life would be consumed by too many “what ifs”. The only regrets I have are the times I didn’t take a chance, the times I felt something and turned my back on those feelings, the times I fought all instinct and never took that leap of faith. It is those times, and those times only, that I

regret. Live life…don’t let life live you.

Jameel Editor-in-Chief

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known for co-creating the social networking site Facebook and as of 2011 his personal wealth was estimated to be $13.5 billion.



“ Doing something creative and unique was my goal and I feel like I did that.”

Chantel Atkins What More Can I say Hailing

From the little town of Manchester, CT Chantel Atkins, owner of The Rhythmic Lounge website has always been inspired by all genres of music and entertainment. In 2006, she started to brainstorm about ways to turn her passion for talent into something significant, so she created The Rhythmic Lounge website. Rhythmic Lounge provides a place for all talented artists, musicians and entertainers to display their talents amongst their community and others as well. The website was officially launched in December 2010 and a

huge re-launch took place in July 2011. “I listened to and enjoyed everything while I was growing up and still do, and I wanted to create something where everyone felt welcomed. Creating a site geared towards a specific genre of music or a specific field of entertainment just wasn't for me. The Rhythmic Lounge is about bringing all types of talent together. Doing something creative and unique was my goal and I feel like I did that.”

Chantel now focuses on expanding The Rhythmic Lounge as well as The Rhythmic Lounge radio and is attending business school at The University of Hartford. I AM Chantel Atkins







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 N

octurnal was born William (Bill) Giaurtis in 1989 in Warren,OH where he was raised in a predominantly female family. From an early age he had music of all kinds blended into his head from the likes of Van Halen, to 2pac to The Doors Billl's influences cease to have limits. When Bill was in 1st grade his cousin introduced him to the music of the Insane Clown Posse which had a huge impact on Bill's life. He would continue to listen to ICP and become a juggalo and live his life by the ideals taught by the Dark Carnival; Love, Respect, Equality,

IAM Nocturnal

and that we are all one big Family. In 6th grade Bill's love for music became more than just that of a fan when he joined up with two of his friends to form a metal/rap band called "Energy X". even tho the band never practiced or played a single song; it sparked Bill's love of writing lyrics. before he reached the 7th grade Nocturnal had 3 notebooks full of lyrics. With each song Bill wrote he began to develop his style of dark, real life situation, horrorcore, and comedic rap. A year later Billl began making music with his cousin Anthony and recorded 8 songs using looped beats from "the Xecutioners" and very...goofy, for lack of a better word, lyrics. In the summer of 2003 Bill went to Ozzfest and was so spell bound by the live performances of Korn,Marilyn Manson, and Ozzy that upon returning home he formed a new band who had 8 practices before kicking Bill out so the guitarists boyfriend could become the new singer. Bill was glad to


report the band only had one practice after that and they were done. So, after that experience Bill began to teach himself to play the guitar and recorded two albums of him on a guitar and vocals, using a beat machine for the drums. during the first day of his first album being sold Bill sold 72 copies at 1 dollar each. As the next two years carried on Nocturnal joined up with close to 15 differant bands, performed at his high schools talent shows doing a cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" the first year and original songs the following year.In 2007 Bill attended the Trumbull County Career and Technical Center for Copmuter Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) within a few weeks he made friends, joined a new band and met his future partner in music. During the second year of the class (2007) Bill and his new found friend Brent would decide

to venutre into rap by forming a group inspired by the Insane Clown Posse called "Nightmare Ninjas". There first song

was written and recorded in Bill's bedroom using the built in sound recorder on Bill's computer and had horrible quality but the two saw great potential for growth. The two decided to pick out stage names Nocturnal for Bill and Twilight for Brent (this was before the stupid movie series came out). a few weeks later the two decided to start trying to make their own label under which they could release their music and make money. The label they created is called Zero Zion Records and all right to the name currently belong to them. Near the end of 2007 Brent would have to leave the picture for personal reasons just days before their first show which they put on themselves at the Patio in Middlefield,OH. Nocturnal kept going and made 12 new songs and performed them without flaw at the show which happened to also be his first show as

a rapper. Nocturnal's second show would be a month later at Peabody's in Cleveland,OH where he opened for the Insane Clown Posse! Shortly after that he joined forces with Dirrty Dirrt a raw rapper from Warren,OH. The duo would be called the Dead Body Krew. DBK went on to open shows for national artists Potluck, King Gordy, Hedpe, OPM, DGAF, the Dirtball, and many more. in the start of 2009 Dirrty decided he needed a change of pace and left DBK. Nocturnal pushed on opening shows for Twiztid, Tech N9ne, Wolf Pac, Boondox, Prozak and many many more. He also did collaboration tracks with artists all over the U.S. and Canada and by February 2010 Nocturnal had released 6 full length albums. In early summer 2010 Nocturnal

joined up with Juggalo Family Entertainment which coincidentally Dirrty Dirrt was and is currently signed. While on JFE Nocturnal did shows with Project Born, Awesome Dre and the rest of JFE's artists. In late June of 2011 Nocturnal decided he needed to leave JFE and take things in a new direction. Since then he has released his 7th album "Dark Days" which is currently out for free download and has begun a massive collaboration album which will feature artists from all 50 states and a few outside countries. Nocturnal continues to grow as an artist, a musician and as a person and feels very optimistic and confident about his future in the music industry.

IAM Nocturnal


The newest family member to /iamumagazine

YM Media Company IAMU Urban Cop its Very first issue today! Shouts out to the Cover Girl Shawtee –Re IAMUMAG@

Paul Djsilverdollar Empty Sunday Dinner with DJSilverDollar Starters..DJSilverDollar Main Course...ANTHONY CRUZ Dessert.. 3PM New York & jamaica 8PM UK

Star Straight Talk With Blaquerose(THE BAR) Star straight talk for upcoming artist and entertainers. This is for the ordinary rising to be extraordinary.

Look AT Me Now 18 year old Vedo the singer is really a great singer And will be a force to wreckon with after listening to his debut mixtape I am Convinced when I say he’s ready. Poised with a natural fearless attitude it exuberates On every track of this project be sure to check it out -Antonio Lewinson


Big Dru and ex-Darkroom Familia member Unknown. Also making an appearance are local new comers Chompz, Jay Da Butcher, Klever, Ley Low, Moe, High Risk Geez and his cousin "J-Pryse" who is already making a Big buzz on the latest Darkroom Familia release "North Pole 4". The albums also feature major recording artist R. Kelly, T-Short, Akon and T-Pain. The latest album "Kush Kommittee Street Kings Edition" has already started the buzz and is making it's way to fans through websites like facebook, myspace,, 2011 is the year of comeback for Young Crayze of DRF with already four albums released since January with a new album set to be release in April titled "Kush Kommitte Vol 4" which will be an exclusive from

Camilo Bravo is his name, but to

many of his fan's he is known as "Young Crayze" of the hardcore Chicano Bay Area underground RAP group "Darkroom Familia" or "DRF". This 27 year old rapper from San Francisco has become the latest buzz on the net. His first musical appearance was on the 2004 album release of "Crooked, Duke & Dyno: Return Of the Living Vets". Since then he has been featured on fourteen (14) Darkroom Familia albums all with nation wide distribution with a following ranging from the San Francisco Bay Area, Central California, Miami, FL all

Camilo Bravo the way to countries like Germany. Many fan's know him as his acting role as "Mario" in the movie's "I Got Five On It" and "I Got Five On It Too". The song "Cuddy What You Need" was featured as a music video on the "I Got Five on It Too" movie and can be found on the DVD special features. It's been over two (2) years since he released any music and this year 2011, he makes his strong comeback with his latest of free album downloads tittled "Kush Kommittee". The albums feature other artist from Darkroom Familia like

I Am Camilo Bravo

The Crawpuppies are a band out of Northwest Indiana and have been in existence since 1995 with 3 of the 4 original founding members. Their critically acclaimed cd’s, “Peaceful Amnesty” in 2004 and " World’s Much Bigger" in 2009 have earned them a reputation as a great original band. The music is considered by critics to be Power Pop. The band’s influences and covers include Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, U2, Wilco, Doors, ACDC, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and so many more.. They have a cover catalog that spans well over 400 songs. Since the band’s formation in 1995, the band only recently released their original works starting in 2004. Since the release of their original albums, they have continued a brisk calendar playing festivals, clubs, and major concert venues opening for Blues Traveler, Live, John Waite, Everclear, Sponge, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Rooney, Hanson and Counting Crows. Northwest Indiana is a hot plate of talent waiting to emerge and be discovered. The future looks bright for The Crawpuppies.


IAMU: I know you been in the business for a while now but how did u guys come up with the name The Craw Puppies? Our name is kind of strange in the sense that it really doesn't say much about us in the literal sense. The band was created at an acoustic jam night at a popular watering hole that Chad Clifford (singer) was hosting with Mike Moore (Original Crawpuppies acoustic guitar player), later replaced by Angelo Cicco, now Mike Curtis since 2003 (lead electric guitar). I, Aaron Hedges (bass player), came into the jam on a regular basis and loved the covers the guys played, i.e. (Zeppelin, Doors, Beatles). Shortly after I joined, Chris Karp (drummer) became the, you guessed it, drummer by my request since I had played with him in my main band at the time. The only thing the band didn't have back in 1995 was a name. We realized we probably needed one, since we started to do shows when our main bands, on a particular night, weren't playing. We used to make fun of a couple things the club we played at did. One was the fact that they advertised the food specials on their marquis and never was there a mention of the bands. At the time, the place was really hot for live music. The other was thing we laughed at was that we were called "Live Band" on their calendar. One night back in 1995, the restaurant next door had a

Puppies We Are CrawPuppies

sign that said something to the degree of, "Now Appearing, Crawpuppies". We jabbed the owner of the club we played at and said that it was great they finally put us on the sign but at the wrong establishment. The name stuck, fortunately or unfortunately because Crawpuppies are a cajun dish and we don't play any Cajun music. We are a rock band. IAMU:Which is your favorite city to play at when on tour? Cities aren't necessarily what makes a show for us as much as the venue or specialness of the show. The best shows have been opening for bands like Blues Traveler, Live, Everclear, Hanson, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and most recently Counting Crows. We are looking forward to a local show at the end of the summer in which we'll open for Cracker at Popcorn Festival in Valparaiso, IN. These shows allow us to play our music, live, for a sea of potential new fans that have similar tastes as our current fans.

We Are CrawPuppies

IAMU: with the success of your first and second Albums when can your fans expect a new album from you guys? We're hoping to have, at least, an EP of new music out at the end of 2012. IAMU:do you prefer being indie or signed to a major deal? We've been indie for quite a while since we started releasing our original music in 2004. It's really a different age out there when it comes to a major deal. If the right major deal came along, of course, we would take it.

IAMU:Any shout outs?

We really like to shout out to our families for supporting us all these years. Our fans and friends have been there for us, some, since the very beginning. They make it possible to keep playing music for a living. We couldn't do it without them. Crawpuppies are: Chad Clifford - singer/acoustic guitar Aaron Hedges - bass Mike Curtis - Lead Guitar Chris Karp - drums


olie is the stage name of Fernando Melendez, writer, poet and actor from Bridgeport, Connecticut who instantly became the voice of his city after his success with radio play in various cities and states. Events such as the Music Mansion poetry events continuously are being put together for several causes such as aids research, person to person foundation which helps feed and cloth hungry children and

Colie those in need. Colie not only uses these events to break out artist but also to help those facing the same challengeshe faces such as creating venues where people want to listen perform and appreciate music. He began his career as a writer/artist he says,” as an artist I always had too much to say from many point of views. I always knew I couldn’t sing so Id record my words on the

beat and send it off so it could be recorded feeling sorry for whoever had to bare my voice until the song was memorized.” That mentality caused Colie to be the only unsigned artist on The Wendy Williams Experience to have to songs from two different genres playing back to back to a descent period of time. Colie now features on the

Coast to Coast MixTapes Indie Top 50 selling over 60 thousand units in weeks. " I aim to better myself musically but as a man first, I been through much and sharing my stories alone bring me life". This is definitley an ARTIST to look out for. iemakesmusic203 Coliemakesmusic@twitter

IAM Colie

FOR “BLACKOUT” A.K.A. GRUMPY OLD MAN Blackout, M.O. Sound Group’s Captain takes his post very seriously. As head motivator, he has the steep charge of calling the latest plays. In this quarter, the airwaves are over-run with wanna-be-rappers, anthem songs, and monotonous clatter from anybody with a makeshift studio. Blackout knows it’s time for a full-court-press. Also-known-as the “Grumpy Old Man”, one would think that being in the game for a minute might have worn him down, but Blackout and M.O. Sound Group, part of NJ’s percolating Hip Hop Movement, is warmed up and ready to go. There is something to be said for a tried-and-true artist who got his start as a self-taught dancer at Jersey’s famed clubs, Zanzibar & Club America. Performing came naturally to this Newark-native, and because he did it well, so to did droves of rivals wanting to challenge his abilities. Never one to fall back from a battle, he went in hard. Soon, dance battles, became rap battles, and rap battles turned into street battles. Blackout’s rhyme skills became evident to many, and after one of the countless street battles took a serious turn, rendering him nearly unable to walk, like an agile ball handler, he took to free-styling in rap battles, gaining a reputation for taking challengers on head to head. Though Blackout had been influenced by Hip Hop’s early performers like L.L. Cool J, Melly Mel, Curtis Blow, the Sugar Hill Gang, Fat Boys, Dana Dane, Slick Rick, and Africa Bambatta, he had real-life Hip Hop icons right in his hood! In the early 90’s the Artifacts, Drift, O’ Solo, the Outsiders and Big Govmattic were making noise and leaving their marks. These were people he’d see in and around his city, and who he’d not only come to know, but who he’d eventually come to work with. Steadfast in his quest, and evermore determined to bounce off-of & elevate those with whom he’d find a common bond, he aligned with current partner Push Buttinz, M.O. Sound Group’s dynamo producer and master lyricist. Buttinz not only served up hardedge beats that spoke to the core of who Blackout was, he inspired and helped Blackout step-up his I AM Grumpy Ol’Man

writing game. Once the two met, the motivation they shared between them birthed a mission to spread the energy. M.O., which stands for “Motivate Others”, was the perfect designator for the duo. By encouraging each other, they would multiply their impact and set themselves far apart from the rest. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their undeniable talents, lyrical skill, energetic stage presence and comedic agility make for a very entertaining and polished act. While pure talent is what has made them standouts, what binds them is the loyalty and the respect they have for each other. This resonates through an M.O. performance. They run it; handing off lyrics as if going straight down to the paint for the slam-dunk – a play they nail every time! M.O. Sound Group’s undeniable talent attracts some of the best alliances Brick City has to offer. Long-time friend and fellow-lyricist Rhymageddon, also known for his positive, yet hard-hitting lyrical style, has lent his business savvy. Producer, videographer and friend Luckee Lefty has provided a limitless flow of vision, promotional and morale to the group. Still, the M.O. is a conglomerate of fellow artists that stay building and expanding their network. The first-lady of the group, Abyss is a problem and holds her own while mixing it up with the pair. Newly instated M.O. DJ, Rhino CMZ, expands and completes the group, bringing with him experience that spans both the old school & new-school genres. His command of the music, deftness on the tables and overall timing bring the funk and atmospherics, making their performances super-charged and always on point.

Nevertheless, family is key to Blackout’s ability to stay on his path. His daughter and mother provide this full-time motivator the drive he needs to serve as an encourager of others. His family feeds the passion for his pursuits and overall charge. His mission? To change the world, his world; his hood. One step at a time. However, Blackout is a realist. He knows that it will take the same strategy and wisdom that has, in the past, brought him through the fire. He is intent on being an instrument of change by opening schools that will teach music and art -programs missing from his own childhood and many of those of his peers. And though that very hunger was the depravity that served as the catalyst and center of Hip Hop’s ingenuity, he knows that the potential that the next generation has to change the world is even greater. He believes that with a little instruction and direction, today’s youth can take music further and make the message of Hip Hop even more potent.

But for now, his own music and personal truths are what motivates him and his counterparts. Blackout will continue to be an example for young artists and seasoned music lovers alike. His goal is to push the boundaries with his Hip Hop power set, M.O. Sound Group. Their brand of Hip Hop is versatile. The group’s latest CD, “Ya’ll Know the M.O.” ranges from the gritty reality of street sobering sagas, to the lighter side of life – good-times, fun and fan-fair. Their music not only portrays their unique accounts of life in the Bricks, it hits the target the group has honed in on and marked. With the underlying tone and

mission of leaving Brick City's next generation a purposeful legacy, one that inspires and calls the the hood to stand up, their music sets them apart from their predecessors and puts them in a league of their own.

I AM Grumpy Ol’Man

TechTonic Plates

some interesting collaborations in the pipeline.

'Techtonic Plates'

or 'TTP' are a Hip Hop collective from the South West of England in a town called Weston-Super-Mare, formed as a group in 2007 and began writing and recording original material in a friends garden shed, now recording in a bedroom studio using basic equipment. They released a mixtape called 'Ignorance is Bliss, Freedom is Better' which was a collection of material that had built up over a period of time. The group is made up of 2 producers (Kriddi & Matchstick), and 6 MCs (Matchstick, Satch, Bloodshot, Kaos Theory, Reppo & Green Hornet). Each member brings their own unique characteristics making the tracks diverse and versatile in sound and feel, with a wide spectrum of subject matter being brought to the table.

We Are TechTonic Plates

For more info on what’s going down join the facebook group here >>>> icPlates YouTube >>>>> htonicPlatesTTP SOUNDCLOUD >>>>> lates (FREE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE!!) • TECHTONIC PLATES Chris Palmer - Producer Greg Hodge - Producer/MC Mark Murphy - MC Nick Rowland MC Martin Staples - MC Chike Knapp - MC Sean Toman - MC Stu Hodge - MC/Admin

Currently formulating a pre-album EP, which will consist of material built up over the years. Main album is currently still in works, which has been getting put back due to the tracks being deemed 'Not good enough', although production levels and writing skills are highly regarded the group is simply 'too picky' about what gets released, they are currently sat on a large quantity of material, and due to the diversity of content, its hard to distinguish a running concept. They feel that a strong and relative concept is a necessity in their final product. Group members are also working on solo projects with

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