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Aumayr Robert Solitude Master Studio Summer Semester 2017 Institute of Architecture and Media TU Graz

Virtual Spaces Master Studio: 16m2 Labyrinths Summer Semester 2017 Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz

# VIRTUAL SPACES MASTER STUDIO The Virtual Spaces Master Studio is an experimental master design class given at the Institute of Architecture and Media of the Architecture Faculty of TU Graz. The 2017 VSMS was titled “16m2 Labyrinths” given the 4x4m tracking space of the HTC Vive Virtual Reality system that was used to develop the projects. The aim of the studio is to approach Virtual Reality as a choropoietic medium, instead of a representational one, and explore from an architectural perspective, the possibility of designing spatial experiences that don’t rely on physical materiality but are however sensible. Our focus of exploring the architectural aesthetic potential of this medium, was pursuit by a wide variety of methods implemented in the student projects, ranging from the design of spatial narratives, to navigable non-euclidean spaces and to more abstract experiences. Starting from the concept of the Labyrinth the studio investigated the geometrical, formal and organizational aspects of labyrinths and mazes, and also through key readings from both architecture and game studies, how such concepts can be applied to spatio-temporal interactive environments, as an intention of approaching the videogame medium with an architectural sensibility. The VSMS module includes besides the studio core taught by Constantinos Miltiadis and Prof. Urs Hirschberg, the electives: “Interdisciplinary Media” taught by Constantinos Miltiadis, and “Digital Form and Motion” taught by the external lecturer Oliver Reischl. The studio projects were developed using the Unity 3D game engine, along with an assortment of multiple low-poly modelling and image editing tools. The VR applications were developed and implemented for the HTC Vive.

Teaching Team Constantinos Miltiadis

Prof. Urs Hirschberg

Assistants Ludwig Grimm

Julian Jauk

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Oliver Reischl

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Aumayr Robert Solitude Contents

Concept  Storyboard  Mechanics  Visual style  Mood board  Models  Sound design  Trailer  References  Earlier examples 

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Concept My first thought about the task to create a 16m² labyrinth virtual reality game, was to do something scary, some kind of horror game. Before this challenge I was already fascinated by these kind of games and really liked to watch other people playing them, but actually never played one myself. Still the temptation to create some experience like this in virtual reality was too tempting, even more after seeing people play the new Resident Evil game in virtual reality and then going crazy for this experience.

How to make something like that with just 16m²? So my first big question was, how to make something like this work in just 16m²? Well the obvious answer to this question was, to make some kind of teleport system by triggering the doors inside my spooky house. Also as architects we already had some tasks before, where we needed to fit rooms in even smaller spaces. So the next step was, to find out, what kind of horror game i really wanted to create.

What kind of horror game should it be? In order to get my answer to this question, I had no other choice than to start playing these kind of games myself. So after some hours of Outlast, Layers of Fear, Metro., and so on (I totally never screamed or made any breaks, because my nerves were on the edge), I came to the following conclusion: Most the current horror games are set in some huge envirement with rooms way larger than this. But then also almost all had some kind of survival element built into the game, where you have to run away from hostile enemies, or hide from them. Others also have some kind of shooter elements and some Indie pearls then served as some kind of walking simulator, where you can just explore the envirement and therefore also explore the story. And I loved exactly these kind of games and knew, i wanted to make something like this.


Storyboard Characters and general story Lore: After your father got sick, Ann already saw her time coming. She would be the one who gets the fortune. But she also knew, that she could not be the one to find its whereabouts, as she was the only one besides father, that the treasure was indeed cursed and could only be found by his favourite child. Knowing this, Ann startet to contact everyone of his children one by one, telling each one, that he or she is called the true heir of the family treasure by father. As every silbling of yours is selfish, they would not even think telling one of the other silblings about this. But obviously, everyone of them failed and just experienced a horrible fate. Now you are the last one left and Ann called you. Trying to inform the other silblings about this, you only discovered, that they already went to the mansion and have gone missing ever since. So you also went to the house in order to find out anything about their whereabouts and also about this rediculous rumors about the curse.

Father: Your father was an mysterious and old-fashioned man. He always expected the best of his kids in order to find a worthy heir. You all know he has some kind of fortune, with which he got rich overnight, but he has never talked about it, not how he got it, or where he has it hidden. Rumors also say, it is kind of cursed. Anna / Lawyer: You all just know her as the right hand of your father. But she has never told anything special about her private life. What you did not know, is that she was the former lover of your father. Also she lusted for the fortune, as she was the only other person to know what it really was. And for this fortune, she would go over corpses. David: Your older brother. As the eldest son of your father, he would be best suited as his heir. He is also the one runnning the family business. He is an experienced, but also selfish person. Also in the childhood he was kind of a bully. Sophie: Sophie is your older sister.Although she knew, that your father is pretty old-fashioned, she always thought she was best suited for running the family business, because she always tried her best to make up for just being the daughter. Also she always was the direct rival to David and it also was she, who always defended you against David. You: You are the one, who was never really interested in the business or the riches of your family. You tried to live your own life, and build something for your children by yourself. Lukas: Your younger brother. Steve also was not really that interested in the family business, but still always clearly lusted for fathers riches. Still he was one of your best friends and defenitely would have shared the heir, if he got it. Or so you thought. Jakob: Your adopted little brother. Although his bloodline was not the same as your fathers, he still treated him as he was hos own blood. He was the youngest of you all, but still always eager to learn everything. He wanted to get a seat in the leadership of the family business as well. You did not get along very well with him, but in secret Sam always looked up to you.


Chapter One

Chapter One serves as the Introduction to the game. There the player will learn why you are here and will already experience some scary things. Your silblings have apparently also came to this house, but have gone missing since. The player will find out, that they have not gone missing, but have undergone a horrible fate. They also try to contact you, in order to either help you, or trying to convince you to something. In this part of the game, the rooms are still arranged logical and the task is, to find the will in the bedroom. You will have to find keys in order to proceed to the next rooms.


Chapter Two

Chapter Two starts after you find the will, or rather just some massege from your father. In order to find the real will and to reveal the curse, which is connected with the fortune, you have to proceed through the rooms, which are now even more dull and weird. Also you will have to solve some puzzles, in which you well get some hints from your silblings. So be sure to uncover all storyelements in previous rooms, so that you find out, which one of your silblings you can trust and which one will try to damn you. In this part of the game the arrangement of the rooms is pretty random and their shape will also change. The only way here is forward, the player will need to solve puzzles and will need to undergo some scary events.


Mechanics HTC Vive VR gear

The HTC Vive Headgear is used for the virtual reality experience

In order to activate the triggerables, the player also need to use one Controller


Teleport Mechanics For the teleport mechanics I used a script that teleports the whole virtual room with the player in it. This system allows the player to end up in the next room exactly at the same spot (in front of the door) where you left the previous room. Because of that, the player needs to turn around after changing the room.

Game events In the game there are pretty much two types of events: - The first one uses the controller to trigger them. For example in the litchen, if you stand in front of the pot, you need to trigger it to open it. - The second one operates by its own with the command OnTriggerEnter / Exit. If you met specific conditions and step then into some areas, you automatically trigger these events. For example if the player found the first key, you will see, that the rooms you previously visited have changed a bit.


Visual style

The Visual style for my game is mostly a dull ambience: - the interior is very old - fashioned - the colouring of the textures is are mostly the same throughout the game, with rather dark wood or vintage patterns - the lighting of the rooms is kept pretty bad / gloomy - chapter two gets even more dull, with a lot of dirt overlays of textures, in order to represent the real crazy nature of this house



Mood board



Models The Models for my rooms are made with 3ds Max. Most of the interior are downloaded from the site as free models. They got edited with new textures to fit together. Some of them got also slightly edited with their shape.



Sound design

Suitable for the dull ambience of the visual style, a horror game is of course in need of some sounds. Some rooms are mostly kept silent, while others are full of sounds due to the ghosts that inherit these rooms. All the events that you can experience in this game are supported by sounds, to imrpove this experience even further. For example: - The doors creak like ones, that have not been oiled for some time - The ghost of your sister is crying in the stuff or the ghost of your younger brother has some fun in the bathtub The source of these sounds is




References It should be not surprising, that my game got inspired by a lot of the current horror games, especially by the game Layers of Fear, which is made by the polish Indie Studio “Bloober Team�. The plot of this game is about revealing the secrets and story of a painter. If you have not played this game and are somewhat into this genre, i can dearly recommend this game! Also the system of chapter two of the game is somewhat similar to the film Cube. The house itself wont let you go anymore.



Earlier examples The following pictures are of my first version of the game, where I mostly tried some interesting scripts and functions. Sadly none of these have made it into the current version of the game, as they would have been placed later in chapter two. The first picture shows an overview of the rooms i had anticipated so far. An example would have been objects that would constantly stare on the player, or walls that would come closer. The second picture is a candle puzzle. The player would have to light the candles in the right order.


16m Labyrinths 2

virtual spaces master studio

Master Studio Summer Semester 2017 Institute of Architecture and Media TU Graz

VSMS 2017 | Robert Aumayr - Solitude  

Documentation of the project "Solitude" by Robert Aumayr for the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017

VSMS 2017 | Robert Aumayr - Solitude  

Documentation of the project "Solitude" by Robert Aumayr for the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017