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Emina Lozo GhostTalk Master Studio Summer Semester 2017 Institute of Architecture and Media TU Graz

Virtual Spaces Master Studio: 16m2 Labyrinths Summer Semester 2017 Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz

# VIRTUAL SPACES MASTER STUDIO The Virtual Spaces Master Studio is an experimental master design class given at the Institute of Architecture and Media of the Architecture Faculty of TU Graz. The 2017 VSMS was titled “16m2 Labyrinths” given the 4x4m tracking space of the HTC Vive Virtual Reality system that was used to develop the projects. The aim of the studio is to approach Virtual Reality as a choropoietic medium, instead of a representational one, and explore from an architectural perspective, the possibility of designing spatial experiences that don’t rely on physical materiality but are however sensible. Our focus of exploring the architectural aesthetic potential of this medium, was pursuit by a wide variety of methods implemented in the student projects, ranging from the design of spatial narratives, to navigable non-euclidean spaces and to more abstract experiences. Starting from the concept of the Labyrinth the studio investigated the geometrical, formal and organizational aspects of labyrinths and mazes, and also through key readings from both architecture and game studies, how such concepts can be applied to spatio-temporal interactive environments, as an intention of approaching the videogame medium with an architectural sensibility. The VSMS module includes besides the studio core taught by Constantinos Miltiadis and Prof. Urs Hirschberg, the electives: “Interdisciplinary Media” taught by Constantinos Miltiadis, and “Digital Form and Motion” taught by the external lecturer Oliver Reischl. The studio projects were developed using the Unity 3D game engine, along with an assortment of multiple low-poly modelling and image editing tools. The VR applications were developed and implemented for the HTC Vive.

Teaching Team Constantinos Miltiadis

Prof. Urs Hirschberg

Assistants Ludwig Grimm

Julian Jauk

Course website: Course blog:

Oliver Reischl


Emina Lozo GhostTalk Contents

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what now! 6

What happens after Pac Man dies?

I know this question bothers the most of us! But what does happen after Pac Man dies? For those who don’t know what or who Pac Man is, here is a short summary. Pac Man is like The Very Hungry Caterpillar! He starts off in an labyrinth where he eats dots for fun and of course for points! But that would be much too easy for a typical arcade game from the 80´s. For this reason there are also ghosts in the labyrinth, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Inky. The four ghosts, each one has a different colour, are chasing Pac Man through the labyrinth and trying to stop him finding and eating all the dots and the bonus points, which in this case are fruits such as cherries, strawberries and so on. ANYWAY! If a ghost collides with Pac Man, Pac Man dies and the game is over. What happens in between the few seconds after Pac Man dies and gets a new life?? Here at this point GhostTalk begins. It shows after his death, that Pac Man becomes a ghost and finds himself in the world behind the labyrinth where every ghost is super friendly and wants to help you! An important fact, you came back with no colour! So you, as the dead Pac Man, visit through teleportation different neighborhoods of this ghost town. On each platform the ghosts are talking to you and you could even hear what they are saying by touching them, but watch out, they speak a different language as we do. So, on every platform you get all the treats from the labyrinth, but now, since you are a ghost, they are for free and your friends are lucky to get rid of them. As a reward they give you their own colour crystal which appears when you collect a certain amount of points. Of course the crystals got points too and at the end of the game the maximum points you can reach are 2600. The same amount you would get as Pac Man when you clear all the dots of an level. As you get further in the game you realize you are on your way back to the labyrinth, because you see the 2D labyrinth above you continuously getting bigger and the image is getting clearer. But this time you come back as a ghost! So when you hit the last platform, a bunch of ghosts are saying goodbye and give you your last crystal to complete your journey through the ghost town. The next thing you see is you are on a cloud moving towards the labyrinth and you hear the “new level” sound from Pac Man.


The whole gaming area is compiled with four by four meter platform.Overall there are ten platforms with eighteen differnt ghosts and many treats to get.


The arrow is the teleporter to each platform. You have to collide with it and it will takes you to the next level.The ghost are waiting for you and have a lot to say! Every platform is the home of one ghost. Some of them need your help or want to help you. Diverse kind of fruits and treats are waiting for you there. Most of the ghosts will help you to define your colour and provide a crytsal for you, which helps you to get your own style.



joying his e to collect n in the

ost Blinky is to see PacMan 10 not in t he is

Pac Man doing his joy in life and eating dots and fruits

Pacman enjoying his challange to collect every coin in the labyritn

The red Ghost B thrilled to se again! But he i the mood for gho

Oh no! Watch out! A ghost!

The red Ghost Blinky is thrilled to see PacMan again! But he is not in the mood for ghosts now!

Ok, you are dead.

But Blinky was very convincing and takes PacMan with him!

But Blinky was v convincing and PacMan with hi

ver sound !!!

ned now

But what happened now? You turned into a ghost? But where s your colour?

!!!Game Over sound !!!

you must be What happened now exhausted!come PacMan turned into a ghost and is very visit your confusedfriends

Pacman enjoying his challange to collect every coin in the labyritn

Blinky now his guide helps h arround and b to his old fi They have a l

The red Ghost Bl thrilled to see again! But he is the mood for gho

A friendly ghost shows up and explains everything to you.

Blinky now his friend and guide helps him to come arround and brings him


who are these guys i think they are trying to talk to you

do you really want this!


you meet your friends and family againfriend all you ever !!! Blinky now his andseeked in the Feed me ! labyrinth is now in surfeit 12

guide helps him to come arround and brings him

So, what a surprise, the ghosts are friendly and want to talk to you and help you. After a while you are getting many treats from them, which are helping you to get well and colourfull again. After you visited the homes of the ghosts, they give you as a thank you a crystal which provides a colour inside for you. On the last platform you will get your last crystal, which is your final colour. Now you are ready for the labyrinth, but instead of Pac Man you come back as a ghost! A cloud, where you were teleported from the last arrow, brings you to the 2D original labyrinth of Pac Man.

Miauuu! Feed me !

you meet your friends and family again all you ever seeked in the labyrinth is now in surfeit


Mechanics How do you move?

The game begins with the typical game over sound of Pac Man. As a player you seek a new level and automatically turn to an object which maybe could help you. So the first indicator for teleportation is the red arrow with the labyrinth text aside. When you hit the next platform you see a blue arrow, which shows you the point where you landed. Now the player nows for moving to the next platform, he needs to collide with the red arrow.

What do you do in the game and how?

Every platform is the home of a ghost. In the game you can collect all the fruits by colliding with your body with them or when you point with a controller towards them and hold a button down, then a sphere will appear which shoots out of the controllers. With this collision you can also collect the fruits and the points. After collecting all the 300 points, for each platform, the ghost will show their crystal to you and you can also collect them.








Every ghost is offering his fruits or treats to help you to get better or they just demand your help. Every fruit has a different amount of points. At the end of the game, if you where a good ghost, you reach 2600 points- the same amount you would receive in the Pac Man arcade game.


Visual style







Platform 1

Platform 2


Platform 3

Platform 4


Platform 5

Platform 6



The edibles





Sound design

Ghost voices Start sound End sound

designed by Antonia Manhartsberger Tu Graz, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics PacMan GameOVer theme PacMan NewLevel theme

Edible sound 8bit video game coin sound Crystal sound 8bit video game pick up sound Backgroundsound Mario Paint for Super Nintendo, run distortion then digital delay then chorus and recored with an sure 57 dynamic microphone


Earlier examples



Virtual Spaces Master Studio: 16m2 Labyrinths Summer Semester 2017 Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz

VSMS 2017 | Emina Lozzo - Ghost Talk  

Documentation of the project "Ghost Talk" by Emina Lozzo for the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017

VSMS 2017 | Emina Lozzo - Ghost Talk  

Documentation of the project "Ghost Talk" by Emina Lozzo for the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2017